In this era of modern technology, the Blu ray has become significantly popular since it is claimed to be the latest and modern invention for watching high-definition movies. The Blu-Ray discs, which cannot be played on your regular DVD players, can be played on these Blu-Ray players and allow you to watch high-definition shows and movies with the best possible sound effects and highest possible picture quality. Blu Ray player and Blu Ray discs undoubtedly bring a significant change to your home theatre, and this change is something you would love.

Currently, the only high-definition disc format available throughout the globe is Blu-RAy. There is a massive variety of Blu Ray players in the market. This article will find out which features you should look for while buying a Blu-ray player for your home entertainment system. Plus, 6 best blu ray players available out there.

Important Features of a Blu-Ray Player

Before exploring the market and selecting a Blu Ray player for your home setup, you should be aware of multiple things and features related to a Blu Ray player. Let's briefly discuss those features below:

3D Blu-Ray Movies

As 3D movies are gaining popularity, you should be looking for a Blu-ray player with 3D capability. This way, you can enjoy the 3D movies in the comfort of your home. Yes, you will need a 3D TV and 3D glasses too.

Disc Formats

While looking for a Blu-ray player, you should choose the 'Universal' models. These models are capable of playing high-resolution SACD as well as DVD-audio discs.

4K Upconversion Capability

Look for a future proof Blu Ray player. This means that your 4K Blu Ray player should have the ability to scale and output your digital content at 4K.


While purchasing a 4K Bu-Ray player for your home theatre system, make sure an HDMI cable is included. An HDMI connection enables you to transmit high-quality video and audio signals from BLu-Ray player to HDTV or Home entertainment setup.

Video streaming

When buying a blu ray player, select the one which supports the apps like youtube, Netflix, Vudu, and pandora.


There are multiple purposes for having USB ports on a blu ray player, such as attaching a thumb drive, connecting network devices, playing digital media files, etc. Make sure the Blu Ray player you select has enough USB ports.


Having a Portable Blu Ray player is a plus point. You can easily carry it around in a bag and take a portable blu ray player wherever you travel.

6 Best 4K Blu Ray Players of 2022

So, are you looking for a theatre-like movie experience? A Blu Ray or a 4K Blu Ray player is the device you should go for. Let us help you choose the right one for you by presenting a list of the 6 best Blu ray players of 2022.

PlayerFab Ultra HD Player

blu ray player

With PlayerFab Ultra HD Player, you are free to play any 4K Blu-ray movies from all over the globe. This Blu-ray player allows you to enjoy DVDs, Blu Rays, and 4K Blu-rays along with menus. Moreover, you can skip all extras and commercials and jump straight to the main movie. This amazing Blu Ray player can play ISO files without any hassle.

PlayerFab Ultra HD Player supports High-resolution audio and video support so that you can enjoy a theatre-like experience in the comfort of your home. The best part is that this device supports all kinds of 3D movies. Isn't that exciting?


  • Supports Blu Rays movies from any region or country.
  • Supports all kinds of 3D movies.
  • Provide High-resolution video and high-quality audio


  • May cause buffer rendering while playing videos from the LAN server.

Samsung Blu-ray Player

blu ray player

The Samsung Blu ray player allows you to stream movies wirelessly through its built-in wifi connectivity. Whether you want to stream live TV shows, movies, or any video from social media entertainment sites like Netflix, youtube, pandora, Vudu, or Hulu Plus, the Samsung Blu Ray DVD player allows you to do that easily. This unique Blu-ray DVD player features advanced audio formats, a remote control, full HD 1080p upconversion for DVDs, and most importantly, a quick start mode.


  • Samsung Blu ray player allows you to watch web quality videos on your TV
  • Has a built-in wifi
  • that Allows full web browsing


  • Sometimes this Blu ray DVD player is slow in responding to commands.

Sony Blu Ray Player

blu ray player

The Sony Blu Ray player is the next level 4K Blu Ray player that allows you to enjoy a theater-like movie time experience at the comfort of your home. The Dolby vision makes the picture quality crystal clear and highly detailed. Moreover, this device supports high-quality sound through Dolby Atmos.

The Sony Blu Ray player also allows you to browse and stream the latest TV shows and music videos through its built-in wifi. Furthermore, it also supports video streaming sites like Netflix, youtube, Pandora, Amazon Prime, etc.


  • The Sony Blu Ray player is great for its price.
  • Has built-in wifi
  • Can play all SACDs


  • Allows for only limited streaming.

Panasonic Blu Ray Player

blu ray player

Have fun-packed movie nights with your friends and family with the fantastic Panasonic Blu Ray player that can create vivid 4k signals through luminance and chrominance by using upscaling technology. This Blu-Ray player features separate HDMI terminals for audio and video outputs so that you experience a fantastic picture and sound quality.

For incredible image processing, there are different technologies incorporated in this system. You can enjoy fantastic depth and details through the tone mapping option that enables your TV to display brightness at its peak.


  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Flawlessly plays 4K UHD discs


  • App support for Spotify is lacking

LG Blu Ray Player

blu ray player

The LG Blu Ray player has a very attractive interface and is popular because of its affordable price range and unique features. The Dolby vision allows for a natural and vibrant video display. The user-friendly interface allows quick and easy access to firmware updates, streaming apps, and network settings.

The LG Blu Ray player allows you to enjoy your movies in state-of-the-art sound effects through high-resolution audio support. Moreover, you can easily access popular online platforms like youtube and Netflix through this amazing 4K Blu-Ray player.


  • Available with clear instructions
  • Dolby's vision is provided


  • May lock or hang up sometimes

Tojock Blu Ray DVD Player

If you are looking for a blu ray player with almost every premium feature, you would want without being heavy on pockets, the Tojock Blu ray player is the one for you.

The Tojock blu ray player allows for smoother, detailed, and realistic images by using progressive scanning rather than interlaced scanning.

The best feature of the Tojock Blu ray player is that it quickly remodels any distorted image due to a scratch on your disc, allowing you to enjoy your movie time smoothly. A versatile heat dissipation method and a cooling chip included in this Blu Ray DVD player make sure that the device reads the disc at optimum conditions. The Built-in progressive scan technology allows for a better reading speed.


  • Highly affordable
  • Compact
  • Great video and audio quality


  • Wifi is not included
  • Clear instructions are not included


Playing discs for watching movies never got out of fashion. Do you know why? This is because of the unmatchable image and audio quality it offers. A reliable 4K Blu Ray player is something that you might need to enjoy a memorable and fun-packed movie time experience. But you should know which features are most important to you while getting a Blu Ray DVD player, whether you want perfect audio and video quality or is it streaming and wifi that you are looking for. The Blu-ray players mentioned above are some of the most sought out ones and will definitely fit your bills as well as your needs. Good luck!


Yes, a Blu-ray player can play almost all discs, including the Blu-ray discs and the regular ones, whereas the DVD player can not play Blu-Ray discs.

Yes, especially if you are obsessed with perfect sound and video quality. Blu-ray players are the best source for enjoying your movies in the best audio and picture quality possible.