Drawing different types of faces evoking numerous emotions is one of the most creative and relaxing pass-time. So, drawing a girl with your favorite expression could be a treat to your artistic talent since girl drawing is always very attractive; this article will teach you how to draw easy steps with different colors, shades, shapes, and emotions.

What do you need for a drawing of a girl?

Before starting with the process of any of your favorite girl drawings, you must have all the essential materials beforehand. All these materials will help you to get the right shape, lights, colors, and shades for your girl's drawing. So, let's see what you need for a girl drawing easy steps.

  • HB Pencil for sketching the outline.
  • Ballpoint pen for coloring purposes.
  • Marker pen for highlighting shades.
  • Eraser for correcting mistakes.
  • Sharpener for sharpening blunt points of the pencils.
  • Derwent coloring pencil to add some special light & shade.
  • High-quality art paper with 200g/m or 250g/m to get the right texture for your girl drawing.

How to do girl drawing step by step

Whether you want to do a cute girl drawing a face or any attractive black girl drawing a face, you must follow the methodical steps to get the basic sketch right. Since the sketch is the foundation of any drawing, you must follow all the steps carefully to make every line perfect. So, adding colors and shades will bring out the best facial expression from your favorite girl drawing. If you find it difficult to draw any girl face for the first time, you can take help from the internet and select any particle face for drawing a girl face.

Step 1: You should start making a rough circle on the paper and then draw one vertical line at the center of the circle and two horizontal lines to create the demarcation of eye level and nose area. Next, below the circle, make a common jaw shape from one side of the horizontal line to the other side. Then draw three horizontal lines with equal gaps in the jaw area.

Step 2: While drawing any face with a certain angle, it must have some specific dimension in different features of the face. So, you must start with the eyes through the horizontal line drawn in the circle. While making eyes, be careful that the closest eye is slightly larger than the other eye.

Step 3: After the eye shape, you have to go for the nose portion with the vertical line, which will start from the eye level to the near bottom line of the circle. To give a feminine appeal to the drawing, make the nose shape a little petite by making the ridge slightly subtle and smooth with comparatively smooth nostrils.

Step 4: Next, you should go with the eyebrows, and while balancing the symmetry with the eyes, you can make it busy, thin, or long as you like. After that, while working with the lip portion on the top horizontal line of the jaw area, try to add some voluptuous appeal in perched lips for any cute girl drawing.

Step 5: For drawing girl face, the shape, size, and dimension of the lip should be very prominent. The distance from the nose to the upper portion of the lip has to be subtle and small. Next, you should draw the lower lip comparatively bigger than the upper one with the third horizontal line on the jaw with a slightly open mouth and draw a few teeth between the gap.

Step 6: To balance out the different features of the face, you can use a trial and error method by erasing other portions of the face and continuing with your sketch until you get the perfect shape and size.

Step 7: Once satisfied with your basic sketch, you should move on with the color. You should start with the eyes using light shades of pink or yellow, according to your choice. You must select the three basic color combinations, pink, red & orange, to highlight different shades of the face. If you are going for any black girl drawing, you can choose another dark shade color combination.

Step 8: You can also use these same color combinations to create shadows in the face by using them from dark to lighter shades around the features. You must use the white color of the drawing sheet to highlight the colored shades and shadows. While using color around the eyes and nose ridge, you can highlight them. You must use the red and orange color to create the undertone of the face. Later you will use more color to blend the undertone to create light and dark layering on the face.

Step 9: To balance light and dark shadow, you must maintain the difference between the indented and protruded part of the face. Use color very carefully in subtle areas like eye creases, eyelids, nose edges, etc., to add some expression. For example, with the subtleness of orange, you can use blue or purple to contrast the face.

Step 10: While using contrast color, you must try layering color on the face to pop out features like lips with red appeal and eyes with blue vibration. You can go ahead with the dark blue shade for eyebrow, eyelash, and hair stings.

Step 11: While drawing the hair and neck, you must follow the facial angle and start drawing the hair lines inside the circle of the face. Now, while using the ballpoint pen, you can give more detailing to the refined lines of the features like eyes, hair lines, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. However, while working with a pen, you must not overuse it. Instead, the pen should be used to darken a few lines of the features. You can also use markers to highlight and add density to the hair lines.

Step 12: At the final stage, you can use darker shades in different parts of the facial features to give a refined look to the face. Feel free to give a final touch of creativity and complete the process of girl drawing.

Can you do anime or cartoon girl drawing?

After following the step-by-step instructions, you can do any black anime girl drawing or cartoon girl drawing. The basic steps of anime girl drawing are the same as drawing any other girl face mentioned above. To enjoy anime girls drawing easy steps, you can also follow any online tutorial from the internet. Otherwise, while downloading any anime girl image, you can follow the above steps according to the specifications of the image to get the best black anime girl drawing or any of your favorite cartoon girl drawing.

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Last Word

If you want to try your drawing talent for the first time, the detailed step-by-step guidance on drawing a girl will give you confidence in your creativity. So, while going through the girl drawing process, you must share your experience with the rest of the world while making the best quality video with the assistance of UniFab Video Upscaler AI.