Upscaling video from SD (480p) or HD (720p) to 1080p or 4K or even 8K is possible. Is there a way to enlarge a video while retaining its fine details? How can you raise the quality of a video while maintaining the quality? In recent years, video-editing enthusiasts have often asked the questions outlined above.

Fortunately, AI video upscale is a ground-breaking innovation. Videophiles don't have to wait for firms to generate high-definition content; they can do it themselves. AI video upscaling software is expected to become increasingly popular in 2022.

Read this post and learn how to use the AI video more upscale to make your SD films seem as good as those on your 4K TVs, tablets, and smartphones. There are AI upscaling video solutions that can make it possible for you to submit high-quality video clips to social media sites.

What is AI Video Enhancement?

Upscaling enlarges a low-resolution image to fit on a larger screen without sacrificing quality. To provide an HD image on a 4K display, you'll need to add 6 million pixels to the original image. Each new pixel must be determined depending on its pixels, and the upscaling software has to do this (interpolation).

AI upscale video is something you may be curious about. A low-resolution image is used in traditional upscaling, and the goal is to boost the image quality by resizing it to higher resolutions. The technique for AI video upscaling is different. A deep learning model predicts a high-resolution video that would downscale to seem like the original, low-resolution movie given a low-resolution video.

The Best AI video Encoding Software

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

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It is hard to beat DVDFab Video Enhancer AI for AI upscale video software. In addition to a simple and user-friendly interface, it provides a wide range of video upscaling capabilities. If you have a video or movie with a low-res quality like 480p (SD) or 1080p (Full HD), you may use this tool to upgrade the quality of the video automatically. No additional configuration is required.

ai video upscale:DVDFab Video Enhancer AI


  • Enhanced AI capabilities are constantly being improved.
  • An easy-to-use UI
  • Enlarge videos to 4K quality.


  • Currently only available on Windows
  • Limited alternatives for scaling up

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

How to ai upscale videos? The video enhancement software AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI stands apart from the rest of the competition. An AI-based video is an upscaling program and robust detail-preserving tool that enables users to automatically upscale low-resolution and blurry homemade videos or vintage films from 480p, 710 to 4K, or even 8k. It uses sophisticated algorithms to increase video resolution while maintaining the delicate information that can only be obtained by stitching together many frames. In addition, it aids in removing video noise and blur and the optimal balancing of video brightness, contrast, and saturation. You don't require to be an expert in video editing to do this.

You can always expect the most outstanding results from AVCLabs because the models are constantly being updated with the most recent breakthroughs in Deep Learning.

ai video upscale:AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI


  • Low cost and simple to use for the vast majority of customers

AVI (Uncompressed) and MP4 (H.264) are both supported for exporting the upscaled video.

Upgrade low-resolution videos to 4K and 8K without sacrificing quality.

  • Users' privacy is protected.

It is possible to get a lifetime subscription for a low price.

  • Available on Windows PC and Mac


  • Needs a lot of configuration work on the machine
  • Only the first three videos are available for free in the trial version of the software.

Topaz Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI and Topaz Video Enhancer AI are excellent software for upscale video AI. This video upscaling tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert low-resolution videos into ultra-high-definition (8K UHD) files while maintaining the original information. An intuitive user interface and built-in video-enhancing capabilities make it straightforward to use. With this video air upscale application, users can also gain lossless scaling of video pictures up to 600 percent.

ai video upscale:Topaz Video Enhancer AI


  • Using powerful processors, the ability to upscale low-quality videos to 1080p or 4K, even up to 8K.
  • A 30-day free trial period.
  • Support for a variety of video formats.
  • Windows and Mac computers are supported.


  • Extensive specifications for computer setup
  • It is not created to run on a computer's processor.
  • A single lifetime license is all that's available to users.
  • The pricing is too high for the majority of users.
  • Watermarks appear on upscale videos using the trial version.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

With dozens of intelligent devices at its disposal, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a multifaceted video upscale AI. With this versatile tool, you may upscale the quality of your video as quickly or easily as you like. Upscaling your video to 4K resolution is simple with this AI-powered program. 5K and 8K resolutions are also supported without any issues. The brightness and contrast of your video can be adjusted freely to produce an excellent work of art if you want it to be that. In addition, you may use this software to lessen the look of video shaking or remove background noise from your video.

Mastering video editing has been made easier with this program. As well as upscaling videos to 4K on Android and other devices, it features a slew of capabilities for improving the overall quality of videos. A few of its significant features include the ability to alter the color of your video, crop the unnecessary and redundant content, modify the loudness of your movie, and many others.


  • It has a 30-day free trial period.
  • A wide range of options.
  • An enormous number of editing functions have been incorporated into it.
  • A one-stop-shop.


  • The free edition has a limited number of features.

Neural. Love

Use to AI upscale video free on Android and other mobile devices using artificial intelligence (AI). It is possible to boost the quality of your video to 1080p and up to 4K using this online AI video upscaler. Intuitive features like motion smoothing, restoration of face expression, colorization, and slowing make this online tool stand out from the crowd. This is a great tool that can be used everywhere.

ai video upscale:Neural. Love


  • There is no charge for the services.
  • The app is user-friendly.
  • It's compatible with nearly all electronic gadgets.


The colorization process contained a small mistake.


Clideo is another AI-powered web-based solution that can quickly and easily upscale video. This video enhancer tool can rapidly answer any inquiry about how to upscale video on Android and iPhone for free. You'll only have to use your mobile web browser to access it. You may then use your complete control to change anything from the video's brightness to its contrast to its saturation and hue. Decide on a video format and resolution before you begin filming. Finally, you can download the upscaled video. Using this AI-powered program, enhancing a video's quality is a breeze and a time-saver.

ai video upscale:Clideo


  • Free of charge.
  • In addition, the interface is very user-friendly.
  • Color enhancement is the best.


The web version has a limited selection of file formats.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

AI upscale video online Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is among the best. Artificial intelligence is used to create an all-in-one solution for improving video quality. It can enhance your videos, upscale DVDs to UHD, and more.


  • Improved video quality by the application of AI.
  • Playback of 8K, 5K, 4K, and HD videos.
  • Almost all video formats can be supported.
  • The timeline can be used to edit videos.
  • DVDs can be ripped into mp4 files.
  • Suitable for both PC and Mac platforms.


  • Large videos may take some time to process.


The cost of AI video upscale software is well-known. Because it is open-source, Video2X can be used without charge.


  • Boost the resolution to a whopping 4K.
  • It is open-source software that anybody can use without paying a fee.
  • Playback formats such as MP4, MKV, and others.
  • Upscale images and animated gifs.


  • It does not have any video editing capabilities.
  • The UI is a mess.


To summarise, how to ai upscale video, any of these AI video upscaling technologies discussed above can effortlessly upscale films from 4K up to 8K. You can only convert HD videos to 4K with DVDFab Video Enhancer AI for Windows. For non-professionals, Topaz Video Enhancer AI is a tad pricey.


Is it necessary to Upscale video quality every time?

Upscaling sounds fantastic, but it's not necessarily the best option to improve a video's quality. In some cases, upscaling a video on Android or any other device can make the clarity of the images on the video appear less distinct.

What is the difference between upscaling and downscaling videos?

When you upscale a movie, the images will be stretched depending on your resolution. As a result of this procedure, the video's images appear softer than they are. While upscaling a video increases the quality of the visuals, downscaling accomplishes the opposite.

Upscaling video with AI is what it's all about?

AI technology is used to enhance the quality of the video intelligently. Using AI-powered software, high-quality videos can be upscaled to a higher resolution without sacrificing the original clarity of the images on the video.