When the compelling content of American subscription-based streaming service Hulu forced you to go for its subscription plan, you probably have tried out all the convenient signup steps to get into the service. However, when you want to take a break from this service or change your entire Hulu billing method by Hulu cancel subscription, you have come to the right page at the right time. Since Hulu allows you to make your payment through different third-party services, you would get the proper steps to cancel your Hulu subscription on the various service platforms.

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How to Cancel Hulu under Different Circumstances?

How to Cancel Hulu When Charged Through Hulu/Roku/Sprint

Since getting into the Hulu world through the Hulu service is the easiest option, canceling Hulu through the same service would surely be the simplest.

Step 1: While using any Web browser on your PC or mobile phone, you can open your Hulu account and log into it.

Step 2: Move to the subscription section & opt for the "Cancel" option. You have two options: "Pause your subscription" or "Continue to Cancel." You must cancel Hulu subscription.

Step 3: Tab on the "Cancel Subscription" to ensure your Hulu cancellation. To check your Hulu subscription status, go back to your "Hulu Account" page, where you will get the "Your subscription will be canceled" information. You will also get a cancellation confirmation email.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

If you are an Apple device & service fan, your Hulu must be billed through Apple. So, to cancel your Apple-billed Hulu subscription, you need to follow the three options below, including the steps.

Option 1: On iPhone/iPad/iPod
Step 1: After opening the Hulu app on your iOS device, head to the "Settings" option & select your Apple ID.

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple
Step 2: Head to the "Subscription" option & select "Hulu Subscriptions." Next, move to "Cancel Subscription" while scrolling through the page.  

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

Step 3: If there is no "Cancel Subscription" option, you will see a Hulu subscription expiration message of "Subscription is already canceled" in the red text.

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

Option 2: On Mac

Step 1: Select your name while opening the "App Store" application on your Mac computer. You must go for the "Sign in" option if your name is not there.

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

Step 2: Next, move to the "Account Setting" option & start scrolling through the page to reach "Subscription," & then select "Manage."

Step 3: Under subscription, move to the "Edit" option. Next, you need to opt for the "Cancel Subscription" option.

Option 3: On Windows Computers

Step 1: Log in to the "Hulu Account" and tap on your profile icon in the screen's upper right corner. 

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

Step 2: Head to the "Account" option from the drop-down menu and select "Manage Your Account." 

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

Step 3: Scroll down the page to pause/cancel your Hulu subscription; click the "Cancel Your Subscription." 

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

Step 4: You must add a reason for cancellation and select "Continue to Cancel" to finalize your Hulu cancellation.

cancel hulu:How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Apple

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription When Charged Through Disney+

Since Hulu Disney plus bundle comes with a bundle plan of Hulu+Live TV now with Disney+ and ESPN+, you must know to cancel Hulu subscription; you have to cancel the whole bundle plan. However, you can not cancel them separately. After canceling the entire bundle plan, you can take separate subscription plans individually.

Step 1: While visiting www.disneyplus.com on your computer or mobile, you must log in to your official Disney+ account.

Step 2: Select your "Profile" & then head to the "Account" section to reach "Subscription."

Step 3: Under the "Subscription" tab, select the "Disney Bundle" option. Next, move to "Cancel Subscription." To confirm cancellation opt for the "Complete Cancellation" option.

How to Cancel Hulu Account When Charged Through Amazon?

While using your Amazon subscription, if you have added a Hulu subscription plan with Amazon's add-on service, you can quickly go for a Hulu cancel account through the Amazon billing service.

Step 1: While opening "Amazon Pay," opt for "Sign in" & move to "Check your Amazon Pay Orders." Now, start signing in to your Amazon account using your Amazon credentials.

Step 2: Move to the " Merchant Agreements'' option. Under this tab, start scrolling through "Manage Merchant Agreements/ Manage Merchant Settings" to know the status of your current payment & subscription agreements that you have done with the "Merchants."

Step 3: Go to the "Details" option to know the specific agreement, account information, & payment history.

Step 4: Under the "Manage Merchant Agreement" on the "Details" page, select the "Cancel Agreement" option. You will get your cancellation confirmation through email notification.

How do I Cancel Hulu When Charged Through Chromecast Xfinity?

Suppose you have been enjoying your Hulu world with a theatrical experience on your TV through the Chromecast Xfinity media player. In that case, you don't need to overthink the Hulu cancel option once you follow the given steps.

Step 1: While going to the "Settings" options on the Xfinity Flex TV box or Xfinity X1, you must locate the "App & Subscription" option. Then head to the "App & Subscription Management" menu. You can also use the Xfinity voice remote to locate the "Manage Hulu" option.

Step 2: You will see the present Hulu subscription details on the left side of the page. Hit the "Down Arrow" button to reach the "Unsubscribe" option & then opt for "Ok."

Step 3: A window will appear with two options, "Back" & "Unsubscribe." You must opt for the "Unsubscribe" option. A page will open to confirm your Hulu cancellation plan. 

Step 4: Going back to the "App & Subscriptions Management" menu, you can check your current Hulu subscription status and cancellation date on the left.

How to Cancel Hulu Account When Charged Through Verizon?

If you have been accessing your favorite Hulu library with the Disney+ bundle plan through Verizon mobile networking plan, to cancel Hulu, you need to cancel the entire Disney+ bundle plan. Once you cancel it, you can't add on the plan again. Here, you go with the cancellation steps.

Step 1: Head to your "Verizon" subscribed account & opt for the "Add-ons and apps" section.

Step 2: While scrolling through the open page, reach the "Disney+ bundle plan with Hulu" option to select "Manage add-on." Next, go for "Cancel My Subscription."

How to Hulu Cancel Subscription When Charged Through Spotify?

Being a passionate music-loving student, if Spotify is the platform through which you are paying for your Hulu with Spotify Premium student subscription, you can also cancel Hulu plans through the Spotify service only.

Step 1: Visit the spotify.com/account and sign in to your Spotify account. Go to the "Your Plan" option to select "Change Plan."

Step 2: While scrolling through the open page, you need to reach the "Cancel Spotify" option & then select "Cancel Premium."

How to Cancel Hulu Free Trial?

During your Hulu+ live tv free trial 30 days, follow the steps below if you want to discontinue your subscription.

Step 1: Open your Hulu account page on your phone or PC through a web browser. Head to the "Your Account" section to choose the "Cancel" option.

Step 2: Once you complete your Hulu free trial cancellation process using the instructions, you will get a cancellation confirmation email.

How to Download Hulu Content: With StreamFab Hulu Downloader

When you are looking for options and methods of how to cancel Hulu subscriptions, it is clear that you want a temporary break from this platform. So, before making your final Hulu cancellation move, you can back up the entire Hulu library of your existing Hulu subscription plan with the exclusive Hulu video downloader of StreamFab Hulu Downloader. Let's begin with the features of this software to get your customizable downloads.


● Get Hulu downloads with 720p HD video EAC3 5.1 or AAC2.0 audio.

● Unlimited ads-free downloads with subtitles & metadata.

● Simultaneous downloads of multiple videos in one go.

● Get all device-compatible downloads with MP4/MKV file format.

● Get multiple videos in a few minutes.

● You can convert videos to Blu-Ray format.


These customizable features are available at $39.99/month, $69.99/year, or $ 89.99-lifetime subscription plan with the thirty-day money refund policy.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: VIP Service to begin with:

cancel hulu:Downloading Steps

Open the software on your system by clicking twice on the downloader icon. Next, move to the left side column to select the VIP Service option.

Step 2: Website log-in for video selection:

cancel hulu:Downloading Steps

Once you have located the Hulu website through the right-hand side list of websites, you must log into your account. Next, choose the Hulu content to download.

Step 3: Play a video to finish the download:

cancel hulu:Downloading Steps

When you start the video by playing it, a "Download Now" option appears on the screen. Therefore, you must select the option to complete the downloading process.

Last Lead 

After going through this article, you probably understand that you must follow specific steps to cancel Hulu when billed through any third-party platform. There are no general Hulu cancellation steps that are for all platforms. So, before proceeding with the Hulu cancellation steps, make sure you have chosen the right one. What's more, if you are fond of the content on Hulu but not satisfied with its service, StreamFab Hulu Downloader is a wonderful choice to assist you to solve the problem of "can you download on Hulu" and save your favorite videos on your computer.