Being one of the world's largest employment-oriented social media platforms with 828.1 million active members and $10 billion in revenue LinkedIn has become a default setting in the devices of almost 10.4% of people all over the world. With the primary optimization of career building and professional networking, Microsoft-owned Linkedin has come up with the new orientation of LinkedIn video to project professional prospects to the targeted audience with an audio-visual feed.

download video from linkedin:Introduction

So, let's have a quick look at how many types of LinkedIn videos are there and what are the primary advantages of any LinkedIn video feed.

Types of LinkedIn videos

1) Embedded Videos: This is a kind of video that initially has been uploaded on any other video hosting platform and later the link of the video has been uploaded to Linkedin to promote the video content.

2) LinkedIn Native Video: This kind of video has been created or uploaded directly to the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn Native Video is comparatively more attention-grabbing than Embedded video with its autoplay in-feed feature. This video length is 3 second-10 minutes long with a file size of 75 KB-5 GB.

3) LinkedIn Video Ads: These are company-sponsored videos to target a larger audience. These videos occur in the LinkedIn feed and these sponsored video ads campaigns have a higher potential to increase brand consideration, awareness, and lead generation. This video ads length could be 3 second-30 amenities with 75 KB-200 MB file size.

Advantages of linkedin video

  • To grow your brand awareness, worth, and loyalty.
  • Build and strengthen connections with professionals.
  • Access and evaluate the impact of your video campaign.
  • With the KML video marketing strategy, the engagement of the audience increases.
  • The LinkedIn video ad program is cost-effective and helps your video to stand out to the mass.
  • Sponsored video content programs help to target LinkedIn audience networks. "Direct Sponsored content" is there to customize video ads to target specific audiences.
  • The video views completion rate helps you to access your video ROI.

So, when you have a highlight of the LinkedIn videos, get straight to the point of how to download streaming video from LinkedIn to make the most out of this professional audio-visual movement. Here, you go with the three simple methods to download from LinkedIn.

Method 1: Download video from linkedin using StreamFab All-in-One 

download video from linkedin:Method 1: Download video from linkedin using StreamFab All-in-One 

Downloading any LinkedIn video with StreamFab All-in-One Downlader on any Windows or Mac PC needs only a few clicks. To get inspired and creative with your own LinkedIn video venture the device-independent, internet-free, repetitive offline watch of any of your specific LinkedIn video downloads would give you a constant boost for your career aspiration.


  • Built-in browser option.
  • Download videos via link to mp4 from over 1000 websites.
  • Video resolution 720p to 1080p.
  • Audio quality AC3 5.1, EAC3 5.1, & AAC 2.0.
  • Mp4 format saving.
  • Ads skipping option.
  • Download imported to Blu-ray Disks.


  • Downloads can be watched on any device.
  • Automatic & Simultaneous download of multiple videos.
  • Download the longest video in the shortest time.
  • Metadata saving for offline video customization.


How to download video from linkedin with StreamFab video downloader?

Step 1: Download & Install

After downloading & installing the software on your PC, go to the "Streaming service" option shown in the left side column of the page.

download video from linkedin:How to download video from linkedin with StreamFab video downloader?

Step 2: Find a Video Hosting Site

Under the "Streaming Service" platform you need to scroll through the website list shown on the right side of the page and locate LinkedIn to click on the icon.

Step 3: Sign in & Locate the video

Next, you have to log in to your account with your authentic credential & find the specific video to download.

download video from linkedin:How to download video from linkedin with StreamFab video downloader?

Step 4: Play & Customize

After selecting the video, play it & start selecting customizable features for the output file.

Step 5: Finalize Download

download video from linkedin:How to download video from linkedin with StreamFab video downloader?

Once you are done with customization, you must hit on the "Download Now" option to complete the downloading process while watching the video. 

By the way, OnlyFans videos can also be downloaded via the same way if you have an OnlyFans downloader.

Method 2: Download video from linkedin with KeepOffline Downloader Online

download video from linkedin:Method 2: Download video from linkedin with KeepOffline Downloader Online

KeepOffline is one of the most convenient online downloaders for free download videos from LinkedIn. With this KeepOffline downloader, you can download videos from LinkedIn on any Android or iOS platform. With the simple URL Copy-paste method, you can download any video from any website.


  • Supports all common file formats like Mp4, Mp3, etc with a user-friendly interface.
  • No need for installation or registration of this tool.
  • The super-fast downloading process with bug-free & safe interface.
  • Download video from any social media platform.
  • Unlimited download.


  • Free downloading tool
  • Hassle-free download with few clicks.
  • Don't need separate software to download.
  • No need to have an official account for any website to download video.


  • Virus & malware are vulnerable to devices.
  • Only public videos can be downloaded.

How to download video from linkedin using KeepOffline?

Step 1

download video from linkedin:How to download video from linkedin using KeepOffline?

Copy the URL of the LinkedIn video link while opening the video on any of your devices.

Step 2

download video from linkedin:How to download video from linkedin using KeepOffline?

Paste the copied link in the given URL input box of the KeepOffline & select your desired format for the output profile.

Step 3

download video from linkedin:How to download video from linkedin using KeepOffline?

Once you are done with your format selection, just click on it, and the video will be downloaded instantly.

Method 3: Free download video from linkedin with ExpertsPHP 

download video from linkedin:Method 3: Free download video from linkedin with ExpertsPHP 

ExpertsPHP Linkedin Video Downloader is one of the most popular free online downloaders to have the best answers on how to download videos from LinkedIn messages. Along with the LinkedIn video, ExpertsPHP would allow you to download files, media, and resumes. It can be used as a VK video downloader to save videos from VK or other sites.


  • Fully free & no extra charges.
  • Download videos in Mp4/Mp3 format.
  • Download video in 720 resolution.
  • Compatible with Android & iOS devices
  • No installation registration.
  • Unlimited video download option.


  • Supports all devices from desktops, and mobile phones to tablets.
  • Fully safe & secure tool with a privacy policy.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • 24×7 free customer support.


  • Security is vulnerable for any device.
  • Limited output file customized feature.

How to download video from linkedin with ExpertsPHP ?

Step 1

Go to the LinkedIn website and by opening the homepage you can find the LinkedIn video and images to download.

Step 2

After selecting the video, go to the "three-dot menu" option and then click on the "Share via Link" option > "Copy to clipboard" > video link will be copied.

Step 3

Next, you need to paste the downloaded link onto the downloaded box of ExpertsPHP and then click on the "Download" option to complete the download process.

So, when you have the most adequate and appropriate three options to download video from LinkedIn, it's your turn to pick the most convenient one according to your specification. However, since customization is the key to meet up any of your specific requirements of downloading LinkedIn video, StreamFab All-in-One would give you the maximum customizable and flexible features to get your download that can be accessed and used on any device with your specifications.


What is the minimum age limit to have a LinkedIn account?

People at the age of 18 or above are eligible to have an account on LinkedIn. 14.9% of people of this age have accounts on LinkedIn all over the world.

What are the top three LinkedIn users' countries?

  • The USA with around 190 million registered members.
  • India with 87 million registered members.
  • Brazil has 54 million registered members.

Is there any copyright issue in the LinkedIn video?

It's not applicable in the case of downloading videos from LinkedIn. But the authority could take strict action if you post a copyrighted video without a disclaimer.

Last Word

When LinkedIn is your first choice to pursue your career aspiration with perfection and satisfaction, it's high time to download a video from LinkedIn to make the most out of this promising platform with its day-to-day new video venture. To make your own LinkedIn video or to get inspired by any of your required ones, a LinkedIn video download would give you the most useful opportunity and freedom to grow with your aspiration.