Have you heard of any Xhamster downloader, both offline and online apps? There might be occasions when you stream Xhamster videos online to relax or just kill time. Compared to online streaming via bandwidth or traffic, it's much more convenient and cost-efficient to download Xhamster videos free for offline viewing. Read on to find the reliable solutions that enable you to download from Xhamster.

PART 1. What is Xhamster?

Xhamster is a third popular pornographic media and social networks today, after the XVideos and Pornhub, which is headquartered in the Cypriot city of Limassol. This porn website serves user-submitted pornographic videos, webcam models, erotic literature, and something else. Instead of streaming free hamster porn videos online, you shall know how to download Xhamster free and easily for better play whenever possible, especially when you are in a weak network environment.

Xhamster downloader for Free Xhamster downloads


PART 2: How to Download Xhamster Videos with Desktop Xhamster Downloader

In this part, you will be recommended several Xhamster downloader software to access Xhamster downloads on the desktop. On top of that, DVDFab Video Downloader is second to none due to its feature highlights. 

DVDFab Video Downloader

Download xhamster videos with software

DVDFab Video Downloader has a very clean and navigational interface where you can easily figure out what to do. Being a customer-oriented software, this best video downloader assures you high-quality videos as well as fast downloading speed. Do you want more? How about downloading a whole playlist at one time? Sounds unbelievable? But this is 100% true. You can download multiple videos and even a whole playlist simultaneously with it. Usually, the more features a tool has, the more difficult it might be used. But not this one. Even though this Xhasmter video downloader software owns so many features, only a few steps are needed to use it.

Let's summarize the flagship features of this superb Xhamster video downloader.

  • Available on Windows & Mac with a 30-day free trial
  • Download online videos/audios from 1000+ sites like Xhamster, Pornhub, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion…
  • Download videos (720p/1080p/4k/8k) or audios (320kbps) of the highest quality
  • Batch (single/playlist) and fast download supported by GPU hardware acceleration
  • Background playback and download for Mobile version
  • Auto-download from subscribed YouTube channels
  • Create new playlists or add Liked Songs
  • Support Browser Extensions like Chrome and Firefox

Actions speak louder than words. Now let's check how to download Xhamster videos free for offline playback.

Step 1: Free download and install DVDFab YouTube Downloader

Please start everything with the FREE DOWNLOAD and installation. You can get this Xhamster downloader software free on both Windows and macOS computers.

 i  Free Download          i Free Download  

Small Tips: When this Xhamster downloader is prepared, you can head to the right upper side to preset it. As you can tell from the screenshot, there are many options that can be set up.

How to download xhamster videos

Step 2: Click the Xhamster icon and find the video to be downloaded from Xhamster

There are two possible methods for you. One, open the Xhamster.com website with your browser and search on it until you find you wanted Xhamster downloads. Then, copy the URL(s) of this (these) free hamster porn video (s). Next, past the URL(s) onto the searching bar of the DVDFab YouTube Downloader to locate and play it. 

Xhamster video downloader

Alternatively, use the built-in explorer to find the Xhamster website. How to find this website? As all the social websites have been classified by letters. So please find and tap on the X letter and you will find the Xhamster website easily. Then, open it to find what you want. Next, click this video to play it.

Best porn video downloader

Step 3: Start to download Xhamster videos free

While your selected video is playing, a downloading button shows up on the left side of the interface. Click it. Then you are asked to opt for a video resolution. Your video will start the Xhamster video download only when you have done that.

Xhamster video downloader

Small Tips: If you prepared multiple videos to download, then take advantage of the + Paste URL button to paste all the URLs onto the text file line by line. You are also required to select a video resolution. In this way, you can download videos from Xhamster in batch.

Download Xhamster videos for offline watching

In case you are curious about the downloading process, a Downloading tab on the left column is designed to show you the real-time process of Xhamster downloads. When the downloading is finished, go and find the videos downloaded from Xhamster from the default local drive. 

WARM TIPS: If you aim to download Netflix movies for offline viewing, you shall resort to Netflix Downloader, the best streaming video downloader that enables you to download streaming video in 1080p and 5.1 audio channels from Netflix. You can enjoy THREE titles download for free.

 i  Free Download  

The above has demonstrated how to download Xhamster videos free with easy clicks. Now let's take a quick glance over another alternative Xhamster downloader program.

Xhamster Video Downloader

Save xhamster videos for offline watching

This Xhamster video downloader software is a free application available on PC, iPods, and even on iPhones. It provides multiple video formats for you to choose from while downloading, such as AVI, MPEG, FLV, WMV, etc. Most importantly, no extra player is needed if you need to play the videos downloaded from Xhamster.


  • Safe to use
  • Support multiple video formats


PART 3. Download from Xhamster via Online Xhamster Downloader

While you are enjoying videos on it, an idea may cross your mind that is how to download Xhamster videos for offline viewing. No doubt that getting these videos down and save them on your computer is so much better and convenient than online watching. Unfortunately, the Xhamster doesn’t provide a downloading service. Well, you got lucky! Because we will show you some methods to download Xhamster porn videos with online tools.

There are lots of tools for you to download videos from Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube. If you don't want to install any software on your computer, an online video downloader is a good option.


Download Xhamster porn videos with online tool

Tubeoffline.com can be used to convert and download videos from Xhamster for free. One of the biggest advantages of this online Xhamster downloader is that the tool allows you to select video formats and video resolution. To save Xhamster porn videos on your device, you just need to copy and paste a URL of the Xhamster video onto the Tubeoffline Xhamster downloader. It is super easy to use, right? 


  • Select a video quality
  • Simply to follow


How to download xhamster videos?

Locoloader.com is the second choice for you to save from Xhamster. Chances are that you have found it bothering to download Xhamster videos one by one if you have tried the first Xhamster online downloader. Don’t worry. Because if you do, you are on the right part. The most remarkable feature of Locoloader.com is that it lets you download porn videos from Xhamster in batch. Besides videos, photos and galleries are also reachable with this Xhamster video saver.


  • A batch of Xhamster video downloads
  • Download videos, images, and galleries


How to download porn videos in Xhamster

Like other online Xhamster downloaders, this one also needs only a URL to save your preferred videos. But this one is better than the above two if you have to say. First, this online tool allows you to check the hottest classified porn videos people downloaded. Besides, you can even watch them online with this Savido tool by selecting your favorite type. Second, it also lets you choose video quality before having these videos downloaded.


  • Help you find and download the most-watched video
  • Let you select video qualities per you like


Xhamster porn video downloader

Are you searching for a tool to help you convert Xhamster videos to MP4 with ease? If the answer is Yes, then this online Xhamster video download tool is the right one for you. In addition, offmp3.com not only allows you to downloaded videos but also gives you an opportunity to edit them, such as trim, crop, etc. But some more steps might be taken to finish it. In case you have videos from other websites to download from, this online Xhamster downloader offers you a button to add other websites so that you can download videos from them.


  • Edit the downloaded Xhamster videos
  • Add other websites to download videos


Wrap Up

While streaming videos at Xhamster.com saves trouble, you shall rethink whether it is feasible to save from Xhamster. When you come across some wonderful titles, you might want to download Xhamster videos free for offline playback. Among all the mentioned Xhamster downloaders, DVDFab YouTube is second to none. With this desktop Xhamster download software, you can seamlessly launch other modules like YouTube to MP3 and other streaming downloader series. That will bring you much more unexpected results. By the way, if you download a porn DVD for the private view with this DVDFab video downloader.