What is HBO Max?

Rolled out in May 2020, HBO Max is the on-demand streaming service by WarnerMedia. It includes 13,000 hours of premium titles, comprising the complete HBO library. The streaming platform also has TV series and movies from New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, and Turner Classic Movies, in addition to even more content from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, Crunchyroll, Looney Tunes, DC, TBS, Rooster Teeth, truTV, and TNT.

In addition to this, some of the samples from the HBO library comprise Mare of Easttown, featuring Kate Winslet; News of the World, featuring Tom Hanks; Sex and the City; and The Sopranos. The DC catalog provides Aquaman, featuring Jason Momoa, and Wonder Woman, featuring Gal Gadot.

The Sesame Workshop offers users Sesame Street and the other favorites from the Sesame Street world. From Turner Classic Movies, users will find such top-rated films as The Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane, All the President's Men, and Gone with the Wind. Looney Tunes offers users its library of cartoons, along with the original Space Jam, with venom 2 streaming service.

Apart from this, HBO Max provides tons of features that make it an easy-to-use streaming platform for your family. Users can make almost five profiles, so every family member can customize their experience. In addition to this, HBO Max can be seen on most devices, along with a series of tablets, computers, streaming sticks, and gaming consoles. In addition to this, users also get concessions and deals such as Hulu HBO Max

Hulu HBO Max Bundle


When users select the HBO Max Hulu bundle, they get full HBO streaming access for on-demand shows through HBO, HBO live channels, and exclusive HBO films. Users can also view MAX Originals via the HBO app, which users get access to via including the HBO Max service inclusion.

While users can opt for HBO Max apart from the Hulu and HBO Max bundle via HBO’s platform, users will not have the convenient streaming advantages that HBO Max provides via the platform, such as a seven-day free trial and single-platform streaming before committing to the add-on. HBO Max Originals are added via the HBO Max app when users select to view HBO max via the Hulu plan add-on. Apple TV does not yet have this chance, leaving many users to enjoy Hulu with HBO Max.

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How Much Does HBO Max Cost Individually?

The individual cost of the HBO Max streaming platform differs by the plan users select and the frequency of their payment. The base plan comes with commercials and a price tag of $10 per month, while the ad-free plan comes with a price tag of $15 per month.

Apart from sparing users from ads, the ad-free plan also comes with a few other special features. The major advantage of the ad-free plan is the capability of watching new Warner Bros. films 45 days after they air in cinemas. For instance, with an ad-free subscription, users watched The Batman, featuring Zoë Kravitz, Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, and Paul Dano, 45 days after its theatrical release.

A second user-friendly advantage of the ad-free subscription is the capability of downloading shows and movies to watch offline. Lastly, TV shows and movies in the ad-based plan are available in HD, while specific content in the ad-free plan can be streamed in 4K Ultra HD, offering users an enhanced viewing experience.

How Much Does Hulu HBO Max Bundle Cost?

How much is HBO Max on Hulu? The add-on comes for an additional price tag of $14.99 per month on top of the price of the Hulu base plan. It is a slight upgrade to bundle HBO Max with the Hulu HBO Max add-on plan rather than watching content via the HBO platform. The most affordable ad-based plan on the HBO app comes for a price tag of $9.99 per month, but HBO will need users to access two different apps to stream.

While the Hulu HBO add-on offers users in-platform access to HBO on-demand shows, live channels, and films, users can also view MAX Originals via the HBO Max app for no extra price. On the other hand, there are some restrictions with this plan.

If users select this add-on, they will not be capable of using the recording feature of Hulu to record shows. Users can only see them live as they air. That is one of the reasons why a number of current Hulu users select to add HBO Max via the HBO Max on the Hulu add-on plan on their streaming platform subscription.

hulu hbo max:How Much Does Hulu HBO Max Bundle Cost?

How To Download Hulu Videos for Endless Offline Fun?

Even though the HBO Max Hulu plan seems worthy, it is too costly for some users. In addition to this, even though Hulu has a great variety of content available for streaming online on its platform, it is too pricey for some users to spend such a hefty amount.

In addition to this, sometimes the content can be in the form of needless buffering or sometimes pop-up ads in an ad-based plan of the streaming service. To have a binge-watch interruption-free session, users need to have their favorite content from Hulu downloaded and saved on their device for offline viewing.

StreamFab Hulu Downloader is the best Hulu video downloader for Hulu since users can have access to Hulu and other content without any ads. StreamFab Hulu Downloader allows users to enjoy the offline viewing of their favorite series and movies without having to be concerned about poor internet connections.

Below are some features of the tool:

  • Top-notch quality of downloads
  • Compatibility with almost all types of devices
  • Offline playback
  • Batch mode to save time and energy
  • Subtitles in the required language
  • Elimination of irritating ads to make binge-watching hassle-free and smooth
  • MP4 downloads
  • Metadata to help you organize your media library

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Hulu Downloader.

Step 1: Install and launch StreamFab Hulu Downloader.

StreamFab Hulu Downloader is available for free download on its official website. So users just have to download the tool and install it on their PC. Both macOS and Windows devices are supported. Next, users are supposed to launch StreamFab Hulu Downloader and go to Hulu which is accessible from the main interface of the tool.

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Step 2: Find Your Desired Video on Hulu

The next step is to sign in to your Hulu account in the built-in browser of StreamFab Hulu Downloader. Users will be capable of browsing any videos as they would do on a browser. Find the video that users want to download on Hulu.

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Step 3: Select Subtitles and Audio Tracks

As soon as users play the video they wish to download, the download window will appear. Verify the audio and subtitles tracks to see whether they are what you wish. If not, select those as per your needs.

Step 4: Download the Video

Now users are free to go with the download feature. After selecting the audios and subtitles, users can click Download Now to get the Hulu videos offline.

hulu hbo max:How To Download Hulu Videos for Endless Offline Fun?

Is Hulu with HBO Max Worth It?

When you opt for the subscription via Hulu, users will unlock complete platform streaming access via a sole source, immediately offering the users the viewing experience an upgrade. This add-on is an ideal option if users are seeking more intense and immersive content featuring award-winning shows and global talent. For dual platform access and the ease of streaming, selecting the HBO Max plan is worth the cost, providing a more streamlined option for your weekend watching experience.

While users can opt to buy the HBO Max plan via the app, it is easier, faster, and offers an overall more solid viewing experience to do it via Hulu. For the quality of your viewing experience individually, it is worth shelling out the additional $5 via the Hulu plan rather than the base subscription price for HBO Max.


How Much Is Hulu + Live Sports?

Since Hulu has been very much considerate and thoughtful about its viewership and viewers, it has ensured to charge little with more benefits to its users with live streaming and quality shows on multiple devices. Therefore, Hulu provides the New Sports Add-on inclusive of RedZone, and NFL games such as Fox, CBS, and NBC with other 5 networks for live sports broadcast completely for just $9.99/month.

It also comes with Disney and ESPN with football Hulu live+ free trial 30 days of coverage for all seasons in the afternoon every Sunday, beginning at $69.99 per month with over 75 live television channels available. Last but not least, an option of more than 20 channels of free Hulu programming (No Ads) is also accessible for $76 per month.

How do I sign up for an HBO Max free trial?

There is no free trial for HBO Max available for new users, even though some providers, such as YouTube TV and Hulu, provide a 7-day free trial. Users have a couple of options when logging up for an HBO Max free trial via a different streaming service, including:

  • YouTube TV: New users can get a week of free trial to HBO Max before it gets back to its $15 per month rate.
  • Hulu with HBO Max: Hulu provides a 7-day free trial to HBO Max. Post this, it is $15 per month.
  • Verizon: It provides a 7-day free trial of HBO Max, post which it will cost $15 per month.
  • DirecTV Stream: New users can get HBO Max free for 3 months with the Choice and Ultimate plans. After this, it is $15 per month. HBO Max is already added to the Premier package.

By the way, if you wonder does Peacock have a free trial, this passage will provide a detailed introduction.

What are other HBO Max deals and bundles?

Due to the popularity of the platform, such as Amazon and HBO MAX bundle, there are very few deals accessible on HBO Max. On the other hand, users can save 16% by making a yearly payment as compared to monthly payments. This brings the price of the ad-based plan down to $100 per year, a savings of $20. The ad-free plan is $150 per year, a $30 savings. HBO Max does not have any bundles of its own. On the other hand, there are multiple providers that have produced bundles that comprise the HBO Max service:

  • Cricket Wireless: Users of the services $60 per month plan get the ad-based version of HBO Max.
  • AT&T Wireless: HBO Max is added to the Unlimited Elite package, which is $50 per month for four lines.


Having said that, we just had a look at almost all the details about the Hulu HBO Max bundle. We saw the advantages of opting for the bundle as well as the price of the bundle. It seems that the bundle is much more cost-effective and worthy as compared to a standalone HBO Max subscription. In addition to this, we also saw how to download videos from Hulu. StreamFab Hulu Downloader allows users to enjoy the offline viewing of their favorite series and movies from Hulu without having to be concerned about anything.