Everything You Need to Know About Netflix Download Limit

What Is Netflix Download Limit?

Netflix permits users to download shows and movies for offline viewing, but it also sets a Netflix download device limit which stops users from downloading too much content and how long does netflix download last. It also restricts the device users can download and sets an expiration time for the downloaded videos.

netflix download limit:What Is Netflix Download Limit?

Why Does Netflix Have a Downloads Limit?

In recent times, Netflix has spent too much on original content and has made a solid portfolio of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, and the streaming service still has a lot of videos that it licenses from other creators.

Limit on the Number of Devices for Downloading

  • Basic with Ads: does not allow downloads and costs $6.99/month
  • Basic Plan: download on one device and is priced at $9.99/month.
  • Standard Plan: downloading on two devices and costs $15.49/month.
  • Premium Plan: downloading on four devices for $19.99/month.

The Netflix yearly download limit

The Netflix yearly download limit is something that is managed by these license holders and it differs from content to content. Netflix does not reveal the download limit set on every title and users are only alerted about the limit when there is just one last download left.

The download expiration of Netflix

The downloads on Netflix remain accessible for a period ranging from 7 to 30 days, but they may expire in only 48 hours. The download expiration of content managed by other creators is also something set by the creators themselves. There is no way to know the actual expiration date for the content, which is certainly quite inconvenient, particularly if users are not able to view the title within the limit of expiration.

Unable to download all videos

some Netflix videos don’t have a download option because the copyrights of some movies and original series don’t entirely belong to Netflix. Additionally, once users have extended the number of times they can download a specific video, they may have to wait a long while before they are capable of downloading the same video again. 

How to Fix General Netflix Download Limit Errors?

If you are a huge fan of downloading tons of Netflix TV shows and movies, then you may have encountered or noticed some download-limits-related issues. Once getting the error, it nidificates users got trouble downloading more videos.

Below are some common issues that users might face when they download Netflix content to view offline. We have also provided some solutions to get around the Netflix download limit. By the way, if you wonder about account settings Netflix, click this guide to find more information.

1. Netflix “You have too many downloaded videos” Error

One of the Netflix download limits issues is the quantity. Users can save a max of 100 titles on one device at any given time. If users exceed the number, they will get a notification “You have too many downloaded videos” on the Netflix app.

Solution: In order to download any more movies and shows from Netflix, users need to remove the older downloads from their devices. For instance, users can delete 10 videos from their devices, they can download 10 new videos for offline viewing on their devices.

netflix download limit:1. Netflix “You have too many downloaded videos” Error

2. Netflix “You have downloaded on too many devices” Error

If users get the “You have downloads on too many devices” alert, it indicates they have downloaded movies and TV shows on as many devices as their plan permits. It occurs when they download Netflix videos on a new device but they do not have sufficient space or their account plan is not supported.

Solution: There are two solutions to get around it. Firstly, users can delete downloaded movies from an existing device (delete all downloads or delete the single file). Or, users can upgrade their Netflix plan to Premium or Standard.

netflix download limit:2. Netflix “You have downloaded on too many devices” Error

3. Netflix "You have reached the yearly download limit for this video" Error

Some videos have a cap on how many times they can be downloaded every year. If users get the “You have reached the yearly download limit for this video” alert, it indicates that they have reached the utmost number of downloads for this particular movie or TV show. The number of downloads relies on the licensing deal Netflix has with the content creator.

Solution: There is no way to overcome this download limit and users will have to wait for a specific time period before they can download the video again. This is when you need the help of Netflix downloader.

How to Avoid Netflix Download Limits and Save Permanently?

Netflix Video Downloader online

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

StreamFab Netflix Downloader is a reliable and solid solution to download Netflix to MP4, which is the best method to get away with Netflix download limits set by Netflix. 
  • Download ad-free Netflix videos from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited Netflix videos with 1080p HDR & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track based on your preference.
  • Download Netflix videos with H.264 or H.265 codecs to save space.
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to Netflix downloads on any device.
  • Get Netflix with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.
  • Scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded.

How to use StreamFab to aviod Netflix Download limit?

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Netflix Downloader.

Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left. Now, on the right, open the Netflix website from the supported services.

netflix download limit:Bonus: Avoid Netflix Download Limits Complexly With StreamFab Netflix Downloader 

Next, log in to your Netflix account and search for your favorite movies.

 netflix download limit:Bonus: Avoid Netflix Download Limits Complexly With StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Once you click on the movie, the tool will analyze the content. As soon as the analysis is done, the tool will offer you different options to download the movie.

netflix download limit:Bonus: Avoid Netflix Download Limits Complexly With StreamFab Netflix Downloader 

Select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as per your requirement to download the movie. Once everything is adjusted, click on the Download Now option.

netflix download limit:Bonus: Avoid Netflix Download Limits Complexly With StreamFab Netflix Downloader


What devices support downloading of movies and shows from Netflix?

Can you download Netflix movies on laptop? Downloading content from Netflix needs the Netflix app present on your device. And users have to ensure that the Netflix app is always of the latest version. Following is the list of supported devices:

  • Android phone or tablet operating on Android 4.4.2 or later
  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad operating on iOS 9.0 or later
  • Windows 10 computer or tablet operating on Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or later
  • Amazon Fire tablet operating on Fire OS 4.0 or later
  • Select Chromebox models and Chromebook

How many movies and shows can you download on Netflix?

There is a cap on the number of videos you can download on Netflix for offline viewing. As per the support page of Netflix, a user can download a max of 100 titles at any given time on a single device. What will happen if download more than 100 titles on Netflix? If that happens, users will get an error that stops them from downloading any more titles on that device.

What is the expiration of movies and shows that are downloaded?

You might find some of your movies or show on Netflix downloads are gone surprisingly. The downloaded videos also have an expiration time, but that differs from video to video relying on the licensing deal Netflix has with the creator of that video.

Users are only alerted about an expiring download 7 days prior to the expiration date and in case any downloaded video is deleted from the platform, the download expires instantly. In addition to this, some titles have a cap on how many times they can be downloaded every year.

How much storage is needed to use Netflix download feature?

It depends on the Netflix video. The longer the video, the more storage memory is needed. HD version will suck up even more memory, at times reaching double the size required for the SD versions.

As for the “Downloads for You” feature launched by Netflix in 2021, If ​​users turn on the feature, the Netflix app will download suggested movies and TV shows to user's mobile phones on the basis of their taste automatically, saving 5 GB, 3 GB, or 1 GB.


All in all, we just had a look at different details related to the Netflix download limit. In addition to this, we also some workaround to get rid of these limits. The best solution is to use StreamFab Netflix Downloader to get away with the download limits set by Netflix on your favorite TV shows and movies. The wonderful Netflix video downloader helps in downloading movies and shows easily without any trouble.