How to download music from SoundCloud? SoundCloud is one of the biggest platforms for music artists and music lovers to upload, promote and record their lyrics. But people desire more than listening to such music, they also want to download favorite tracks for an offline viewing. So is there a safe way to download SoundCloud music? YES. You need the assistance of the music downloader.

Table of Contents:

1. The Best SoundCloud Downloader

What is the best SoundCloud downloader? In order to help you download SoundCloud music smoothly and safely, there is the best SoundCloud downloader - DVDFab YouTube to MP3, meriting your attention. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by such outstanding features below. And it is also a safe SoundCloud playlist downloader, supporting batch download.

SoundCloud Music Downloader

(1) Compatible with Several Operating Systems

No matter you want to download SoundCloud music on Windows, Mac or Android, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 can satisfy your demand. It is compatible with such three operating systems, making it easy and convenient to download SoundCloud songs. You can install this SoundCloud downloader APK or get it launched on your computer.

(2) Support 1000+ Websites

Besides SoundCloud, if you are also passionate about music on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, this SoundCloud downloader helps as well.

(3) Download SoundCloud Music in Batches Fast

In order to save your time spent in SoundCloud music download, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 works fast to extract your favorite songs, about 10 times faster than the normal speed in batches. Many people choose this SoundCloud playlist downloader for this reason.

(4) Download SoundCloud Music with Metadata

Together with Turbo-Speed download, there is no quality loss in music download with DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Instead, you will experience metadata download with this SoundCloud downloader Chrome.

(5) Download SoundCloud Music with Album Cover

If you want to download SoundCloud songs with an Album cover, ask for this SoundCloud artwork downloader for help. It displays your download music with an album cover. So we also call it SoundCloud album downloader.

(6) Easy to Use

To provide users with a good user experience, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is very easy to use. There are clear instructions navigating you to download SoundCloud songs and playlists. Most importantly, you can use this SoundCloud music downloader for batch downlaod. 

Download your favorite songs from SoundCloud

2. How to Download SoundCloud in Batches on Windows/Mac/Android

Now, let’s get down to how to download SoundCloud music on PC and Android. I will choose Windows and Android as examples to tell you how to use this SoundCloud downloader.

(1) How to download SoundCloud music on Windows

  • Download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to your Windows
  • Load your file by “Paste URL” or “Search the name of your file”(batch download)
  • If you choose “Paste URL”, download the file as “Audio” and set its Quality
  • If you search the music name, click the option of “Download” when this button pops out
  • Locate your file through “Downloading” on the left

Then you can transfer the downloaded SoundCloud songs to your iPhone or other portable devices for an offline viewing. So DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is an indirect SoundCloud downloader iPhone.

The Best SoundCloud Music Downloader

(2) How to download SoundCloud music on Android

  • Get this SoundCloud downloader APK launched
  • Paste the SoundCloud music's URL or search its name
  • Click the arrow of “Download
  • Select Preferred audio quality ranging from 320kbps to 192kbps and 128kbps
  • Click the button of “Download

Almost following the same steps you can get your favorite music with this excellent SoundCloud audio downloader. I hope you can wander in the world of music with this SoundCloud playlist downloader.

SoundCloud Downloader

Till now, are you familiar with how to download SoundCloud music? It is very easy after you choose DVDFab YouTube to MP3 as your assistant. So hurry up to download the latest version of this powerful SoundCloud downloader. When this software updates, you will be informed and enjoy its fresh services.

3. How to Download SoundCloud Playlist

Occasionally, you may come across your favorite songs in a SoundCloud playlist. Then it is a good chance to take them for yourself. Now, let me show you how to download a SoundCloud playlist with DVDFab YouTube to MP3, the best SoundCloud playlist downloader.

Steps on SoundCloud Playlist Download:

  • Paste the URL of the your favorite SoundCloud playlist to DVDFab YouTube MP3
  • Keep one of the songs in the playlist playing
  • Click the “Download” arrow when it appears
  • Choose the option of “Playlist
  • Select “Music” and preferred audio quality
  • Start downloading your playlist with this SoundCloud downloader
  • Locate your file from the option of “Downloading” on the left

If you have learned how to download a single lyric from SoundCloud, it will be very easy for you to download a playlist from the same website with this SoundCloud playlist downloader. Empowered by Turbo-Speed download, you will get your favorite playlist quickly with an album cover. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is the best SoundCloud cover art downloader.

SoundClond Playlist Downloader

4. Offline vs. Online SoundCloud Music Downloader

When it comes to SoundCloud music download, you will find a wide range of online SoundCloud audio downloaders in the market. Which one will you choose as your assistant? Now, let’s make a comparison between offline SoundCloud music downloader and online SoundCloud song downloader.

(1) Advantages of an offline SoundCloud music downloader

If you choose an offline SoundCloud music downloader, you can download as many songs as possible from more than 1000+ websites. During this process, the download speed is fast and the output music is the same as the source in quality. And DVDFab YouTube to MP3 can help You save your file in order after they are downloaded. Then you can listen any preferred SoundCloud music offline beyond the limit of Network. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy a SoundCloud playlist anywhere on your cellphone. So many benefits with an offline SoundCloud song downloader.

(2) Drawbacks of an online SoundCloud music downloader

However, if you choose an online Sound Cloud audio downloader, you have to take such things into consideration. First, do you have enough time to wait for SoundCloud music download, especially there is a lot of lyrics on a list. Second, an online SoundCloud song downloader has a limit of the file number you are going to download. So, you may be enabled to download few of your favorite songs. Third, during music download, what if frequent ads appear or your Network doesn’t work? For some SoundCloud download websites, you have to tell your e-mail before using a SoundCloud downloader Chrome. Are you willing to disclose your personal information? So, Download SoundCloud music to MP3 with an offline SoundCloud music downloader is the safest and wisest way, all things considered.

5. Conclusion

Have you made a decision to download SoundCloud music with DVDFab YouTube to MP3? This is the best SoundCloud playlist downloader compatible with Windows, Mac, Adroid and supports batch download. With its upgradation, it will become more powerful to meet your increasing needs in music download. If you are also interested in Jamendo music download, review another article.