Adult video stores are not for the faint of heart. R-rated images are prominently displayed on the walls and television screens, and an entire nightclub is hidden behind a mysterious curtain. And, yes, it is true - there has been a robbery at an Adult's Only video store in New York City.

Adult video store

If you're looking for a good adult video store near you, there are a few options to choose from. There are sleazy establishments and more discreet ones, so you'll be able to find what you're looking for without having to leave your neighborhood. However, if you're not sure which one to choose, here are a few things to keep in mind before visiting an adult video store.

If you're looking for a sexy video store in a quaint town, there are several options available in New York State. For instance, in Syracuse, you can find an adult video store with a large selection of adult videos. Alternatively, you can choose a more urban area where there are plenty of stores in close proximity.

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Security threats at Adult's Only video store

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Robbery at Adult's Only video store

Robbers struck the store's 63-year-old clerk twice this week, taking cash and merchandise. One of the suspects swung a baseball bat at the store owner, causing injury and causing the man to flee. The suspects fought with police officers and fled on foot, leaving the store owner and employee with minor injuries.

The store is located at 2923 W. 65th Street, near Interstate 30. The robbers wore red hoodies and intimidated employees. One robber even threatened to shoot the employee and his dog, the employee said. Police are still investigating the incident and have yet to release the suspects' names.

The Houston Police Department's Robbery Division is searching for a suspect in the armed robbery of an adult video store. The suspect is described as a white man wearing a hooded windbreaker, dark sunglasses, motorcycle gloves, and a black bandana.

The suspect grabbed a variety of adult novelty products from the store and left the store without leaving any money. The suspect, believed to be between forty and 50 years old, fled the scene of the robbery, and police are seeking him. He has a dark complexion, dark hair and dark eyes, and is wearing a blue shirt. Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call the police immediately.

Location of Adult's Only video store in New York City

Despite a growing number of new adult video stores popping up across New York City, there are still a few remaining in the heart of Times Square and Penn Station. With rents increasing and customer numbers dwindling, it is difficult for them to survive. In fact, the Drama Book Shop was recently forced to relocate due to rent increases. Currently, there are nine adult video stores in the area.