Whether you love classic Christmas movies, or you are looking for something new, there are plenty of Christmas movies to watch on Paramount Plus this season. Some of the titles include A Christmas Carol re-imagined by the Muppets, Reno 911's It's A Wonderful Heist, A Loud House Christmas, and Holiday Rush.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Streaming services have a lot to offer in the run up to the Christmas holiday. The streaming service Netflix has fast tracked A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding on its platform, making it available to viewers on December 5.

The sequel to the 2017 breakout hit follows Amber McAlpin, a writer and blogger who is in love with Prince Richard. Amber and Richard are destined to be king and queen of a small European country called Aldovia. But the country is facing an economic crisis, and Amber wants to investigate the cause. She works with her friend Simon, who wants to help her.

The movie's major gimmick is a Christmas tree, and Amber gets to witness the magic of the holiday season when she is swept up in the festivities. She finds herself in the midst of a frenzy as the royal family prepares for the big day.

It's a fun movie to watch, but it's not all fun and games. The plot can get bogged down and there are too many characters. There are a lot of plot holes and the movie is too slow.

The movie's other major gimmick is the most interesting, but it doesn't come to light until much later. It's a centuries-old treaty that has to be signed on Christmas Eve, and it prevents a curse on the firstborn.

The movie also mentions the old-school realm of the palace. But it also makes a few uninspired choices.

The best thing about A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding on Netflix is that it's a fun movie to watch, especially if you're looking for wholesome Christmas cheer. The movie doesn't have all the glitz and glamour of a real royal wedding, but it's still an enjoyable, if cheesy, holiday film.

A Loud House Christmas

Earlier this year, Paramount Plus picked up a live-action version of "The Loud House". The live-action series will air on Paramount Plus later this year. The live-action version will be based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series. With a Paramount Plus download tool, you are free to enjoy it offline at any time and anywhere.

"The Loud House" is an animated series that follows the adventures of Lincoln Loud, an eleven-year-old boy who lives in a loud and chaotic family. The Loud family includes ten sisters.

A Loud House Christmas is a holiday-themed spin-off of the popular Nickelodeon animated series. The film follows the Loud family as they prepare for a traditional Christmas at home. But as the family prepares for the holiday, they find out that most of their sisters are going elsewhere for the holidays.

A Loud House Christmas will be on Paramount Plus beginning November 26. The show will focus on Lincoln and his best friend Clyde as they try to keep the family together. This Christmas film will give viewers an inside look at the chaos that surrounds the Loud family.

The live-action series will be directed by Jonathan Judge, who will executive produce the show. The show will also feature a number of returning cast members. These include Ella Allan as Lola Loud, Sophia Woodward as Luna Loud, Mi Allan as Lana Loud, and Catherine Ashmore Bradley as Luan Loud.

The Loud House will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The series will feature production in June, followed by a pilot episode. In addition to the live-action series, Paramount Plus will also air some holiday-themed episodes. These episodes will include a revival of Rugrats, as well as a Chanukah-themed episode.

The Loud House is currently in season six. It's also produced a spin-off series called The Casagrandes.

A Christmas Carol reimagined by the Muppets

'A Christmas Carol' is a Christmas classic adapted by Charles Dickens. It has been re-imagined several times over the years. Probably the best of these is the Muppet version.

Brian Henson directed the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol. It was released in 1992. The script was written by Jerry Juhl. It featured songs written by Paul Williams.

The Muppets version of A Christmas Carol is a merry, magical movie. The script was surprisingly faithful to the book. However, several minor characters were omitted. For example, the allegorical children Ignorance and Want are missing.

The Muppets version is a bit different from Dickens' original novella. For example, in the novella, Ebenezer's sister Fan is shown in a vision of the past. But in the Muppet version, Fan is completely omitted.

Also, the film omits Dick Wilkins. Dick Wilkins is a co-worker of Ebenezer Scrooge.

There are also other omissions. For example, in the novella, the Cratchit family includes six children. The Muppets version of A Christmas Carol only includes the twin daughters. In the film, the twins are Betina and Belinda. The Muppets version of A Christmas Carol also omits Dick Wilkins.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is not available on Netflix. However, the film is available on Disney Plus, which is a free streaming service. Disney Plus has a lot of Christmas content.

The full movie will be available on December 11, 2022. It will also include the songs "When Love is Gone" and "Bless Us All".

Brian Henson, Jim Henson's son, is directing. Henson was working on the film while he was grieving the loss of his father. Henson said he read Dickens, and decided to give it a go. Henson said he was unsure whether his father would have liked the project.

Reno 911's It's A Wonderful Heist

Several of the members of the cast from Reno 911! are returning for a special. The cast includes: Thomas Lennon, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cedric Yarbrough, Niece Nash-Betts, Danny Devito, John Landgraf, Christian Hoffman, Carlos Alazraqui, and Peter Principito. They also star as Reno Sheriff's deputies. This mockumentary series features the fictional Washoe County Sheriff's Office, which is distinct from the real Sheriff's Office in Reno, Nevada.

The show was created by Robert Ben Garant, who is also the director. It was a spoof of the cops reality show Cops. It is a fun, entertaining, and a very humorous show.

The show features comic actors playing police officers. The cast frequently improvises their lines. The show has been nominated for several awards, including the Emmy Awards for best shortform series. The show was also released on DVD, which includes several extended outtakes. The DVD also includes commentary with the cast. It also includes Easter Eggs and deleted scenes.

The show was originally a sketch show from the Upright Citizens Brigade. The group had their own sketch show on Comedy Central from 1998 to 2000. The show also featured Amy Poehler, who is the only member of the group who has never appeared on the show.

The show was revived for a seventh season, which was released in two parts. The show received two Emmy nominations. The show was cancelled by Comedy Central, but was revived by the Quibi streaming service. The show was released in two parts, which was shut down in 2013.

The show will be released on Paramount Plus on December 23, 2009. Paramount Plus is a new streaming service from Paramount. It features many different types of content, and costs about $4.99 per month.

Holiday Rush

Earlier this year, Paramount+ launched its holiday spectacular and expanded its library. The company is offering twice as many movies and shows, including two Christmas specials and a new movie. The ad-free premium service starts at $9.99, while the basic ad-supported service costs $4.99. Paramount Plus has nearly 33 million subscribers.

The company's latest holiday movie, Holiday Rush, is a romcom. The premise is a bit thin, but it's a heartwarming movie that should appeal to a wide range of ethnicities. It's a comedy about a widowed New York D.J. and his four kids. The kids aren't coping well with the news that their mom died.

When a corporate giant buys their local radio station, Rush and Roxy Richardson must move back into the family home that they've lived in for years. While their kids struggle to adjust, their new relationship is revealed. But they're betting against their ex-boss to get the new station up and running.

The movie features a solid cast led by Romany Malco as Rush and Sonequa Martin-Green as Roxy. The chemistry between the two actors is uncanny. The movie is heartwarming and has a few great moments. It also contains a few mild swearing scenes, although they are not obtrusive.

Holiday Rush has a few uneven performances. Rush and Roxy's relationship is more romantic than the traditional two-hander. But they still flirt with each other throughout the movie. The characters are great, and the performances are good. However, the storyline isn't all that original. It's more like a traditional Christmas movie.

The movie also has a bit of a formulaic story about corporate greed. But that's not the reason to watch Holiday Rush. It's about the meaning of coming together through tough times.