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DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy

As 4K broadcasting gains popularity and 4K recording devices keep rushing into markets, recording 4K broadcastings to Blu-rays also becomes a trend. As a result, the demand on tools capable of copying recorded 4K Blu-rays is mounting, too.

DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy, both a 4K BDAV decrypter and backup software, can decrypt recorded 4K Blu-ray discs (aka 4K BDAV discs), and then make backup copies to blank Blu-ray discs or computer HDDs in three backup modes.

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  • 4K Recording Gets Popular as 4K Broadcasting Advances

    As 4K broadcasting technologies, such as BS4K channel of NHK, CS4K channel of SKY PerfecTV and others alike, keep advancing day by day, the sales of 4K recorders capable of recording 4K Blu-rays from those broadcasting stations, are also going up rapidly.

    Also seeing a growing demand is the 4K BDAV backup software that can be used to make backup copies to those recorded 4K Blu-ray discs. This is when and where DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy kicks in to help consumers decrypt and then backup 4K BDAV Blu-ray discs, with Clone, Full Disc or Main Movie copy mode.
  • Support 4K BDAV Discs Made by Major 4K Recorders

    Different from commercial 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs that are produced based on standard specifications, the specifications of recorded 4K Blu-ray discs largely depend on the 4K recorder manufacturers, each may have its own standard that might be slightly different from one another.

    That being said, with DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy, users don't have to worry about the specification thing, as this 4K BDAV copy software has them all covered, including the m2ts format from Sharp devices, the mmts format from Panasonic devices, and more.
  • Clone the 4K BDAV Discs in a Lossless Manner

    DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy allows users to clone the recorded 4K BDAV Blu-rays in a lossless manner, whether directly to blank Blu-ray discs or computer HDDs as ISO files. What's more, another two backup modes, Full Disc and Main Movie with compression and BDMV conversion features are already in the works, and will be available in the future update.
  • Playback Compatible with Major 4K Recorders

    When choosing to burn the output to blank Blu-ray discs, the resulting 4K discs can play back normally on the original 4K recorders, regardless of the manufacturers.

    When choosing to save the output to computer HDDs as ISO files or BDAV folders, the backup can be played with 3rd party BDAV media players, such as PlayerFab.

Supported 4K Recording Devices

4B-C40AT3, C20AT3
4B-C40BT3, C20BT3, C10BT3
BD-UT3100, UT2100, UT1100
BD-UT3200, UT2200, UT1200, UW2200

Information on 4K Broadcasting Services

Channel NameRemoteHomepageStatus
NHK BS 4K1(BS4K101)NHK BS 4Kon air
BS朝日 4K5(BS4K151)BS朝日 4Kon air
BS-TBS 4K6(BS4K161)BS-TBS 4Kon air
BSテレ東 4K7(BS4K171)BSテレ東 4Kon air
BSフジ 4K8(BS4K181)BSフジ 4Kon air
BS⽇テレ 4K4(BS4K141)BS⽇テレ 4Kon air

How To Guide

DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy can copy 4K Blu-rays recorded from 4K broadcastings to blank BD discs, computer HDDs as ISO image files or 4K BDAV folders.

How To Guide

DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy can copy 4K Blu-rays recorded from 4K broadcastings to blank BD discs, computer HDDs as ISO image files or 4K BDAV folders.

System Requirements

  • ★ Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • ★ Intel Core 2 or above
  • ★ 2GB of RAM or above
  • ★ 100GB free storage space
  • ★ A 4K UHD drive
  • ★ Live Internet connection required for product authorization and disc decryption

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