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All-Around Upgraded

DVDFab UHD Drive Tool

Downgrade the UHD-Unfriendly Firmware
Present You a Backup-Friendly UHD Drive

100% Safe & Clean
  • Downgrade UHD Unfriendly Firmware for Normal Backup

    The existing firmware inside 4K UHD drive (also called 4K Blu-ray drive), either 4K Blu-ray internal drive or external 4K Blu-ray drive, might be unfriendly for reading UHD disc data and further copying UHD discs to hard drive or onto computer, or ripping UHD disc to digital formats for playback on multiple devices. Here comes a firmware downgrading tool, DVDFab UHD Drive Tool, which is designed to help you downgrade the current firmware on your 4K UHD drive, so that you can make legal backups of your 4K Blu-ray discs with 4K UHD backup tools, such as UHD Copy and UHD Ripper.

  • Support All Types of 4K Blu-ray Drive and USB Drives

    As an UHD drive tool, it is fully compatible with almost all UHD drives on the market, including 4K Blu-ray internal drive with SATA interface, and external 4K Blu-ray drive or USB drives. In addition, whether your UHD drive is using AHCI or IDE interface, both are supported to be downgraded.

    Downgrade my drive now
  • Truly ‘One-Click’ Mode Made it Easy for Everyone

    This handy firmware flash utility is easy-to-use with intuitive interface. No profound knowledge or special skill is required to perform the downgrading process, whether for novices or experienced users. Whatever kinds of 4K Blu-ray optical drive you have, all you need to do is start up the interface and click one button to finish the downgrading process.

    Downgrade my drive now

Supported 4K UHD Drive List

As of now, nearly a dozen of popular 4K UHD drives produced by major manufacturers, such as LG and Asus, have been supported.

BDXL drives:

  • LG UH12NS40 (internal, SVC code: NS40) Tested
  • LG BP55EB40 (external, SVC code: NB50, USB)

UHD friendly drives:

  • LG WH14NS40 (internal, SVC code: NS50) Tested
  • LG WH16NS40 (internal, SVC code: NS50) Tested
  • LG BH16NS40 (internal, SVC code: NS50) Tested
  • LG BH16NS55 (internal) Tested
  • LG BH14NS58 (internal) Tested
  • LG BH16NS58 (internal) Tested
  • LG WH16NS58 (internal) Tested
  • LG BE16NU50 (external, USB) Tested
  • ASUS BC-12B1ST b (internal, manufactured 2015+)
  • ASUS BC-12D2HT (internal, manufactured 2015+) Tested
  • ASUS BW-16D1HT (internal, manufactured 2015+) Tested
  • ASUS BW-16D1H-U (external, USB, firmware version starts with letter A, manufactured 2015+)

UHD official drives:

  • LG BU40N (slim, USB or laptop: Fujitsu, Dell, Nec)
  • Buffalo BU40N (external, USB) Tested
  • Archgon MD-8107S-U3-UHD BU40N (external, USB) Tested
  • HP HLDS BU40N (internal, laptop: HP)
  • LG BU50N (internal, laptop: Lenovo)
  • HP HLDS BU50N (internal, laptop: HP)
  • LG WH16NS60 (internal, recommended) Tested

We will support more drives in the future.

How UHD Drive Tool Works

Here are three simple clicks to downgrade unfriendly firmware on 4K UHD drive for the purpose of smooth 4K UHD backups.

System Requirements

  • ★ Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (64 bit)
  • ★ Core 2 Quad and above
  • ★ 2GB of RAM
  • ★ 10GB of free hard disk space
  • ★ A live Internet connection

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