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Common Types of 4K Blu-ray Burner You Need to Know

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   Posted by Starry

2020-07-22 23:20:41


Summary: How many types of 4K Blu-ray Burner do you have in mind? This article aims to give you a full picture of common types of 4K Blu-ray burner that are used for personal use, especially the most professional and best 4K Blu-ray Burner, DVDFab UHD Creator.

The Most Complete DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video Solutions

DVDFab 11 offers the world's best services related to DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video. It can copy, convert, or create DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs and remove their cinavia protection if they are protected. Their original qualities can be preserved or even enhanced under the help of an AI-powered enlarger tool of DVDFab 11. Additionally, DVDFab 11 allows you to change video formats and as well as remove DRM protection.

If you are a 4K media buff, you must have heard of a 4K Blu-ray burner? Do you anticipate burning 4K UHD Blu-ray from high-resolution videos to be playable on your standard home 4K Blu-ray player, professional 4K media player software, or 4K HDR TV? However, look around, you might find professional 4K Blu-ray burner is rare due to its high cost. You might as well read this post to have a better understanding of the 4K Blu ray burners.




1. Can You Burn 4K to Blu ray?


Normally, if you have lots of 4K resolution video clips or 4K movies, you can burn 4K to Blu-ray for better playback on standard 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. After all, everyone yearns for watching 4K Blu-ray movies with a grand home theater system at weekends. Meanwhile, burning 4K to Blu-ray helps you store 4K videos or movies for a longer time. To achieve this aim, you need to resort to 4K Blu-ray burners such as professional 4K Blu-ray authoring software, 4K Blu-ray copy program4K UHD Blu-ray external drive, and 4K UHD Blu-ray internal burner drive, which function as 4K Blu-ray burner to write 4K data for personal use. With 4K UHD discs, you can enjoy stunning 4K content on the 4K home theater system.



2. Common Types of 4K Blu-ray Burner


Technically, for one thing, a 4K Blu-ray Burner refers to 4K Blu-ray authoring software or 4K Blu-ray copy program that can burn 4K videos into a blank 4K Blu-ray disc or copy 4K Blu-ray to a blank 4K Blu-ray disc for better playback or backup. For another, a 4K Blu-ray burner might involve 4K UHD Blu-ray external drive or 4K UHD Blu-ray internal burner drive that helps users write 4K data into a hard drive on the computer or save data information.


4K Blu-ray Burner Software

Typical examples of 4K Blu-ray burner software are DVDFab UHD Copy and DVDFab UHD Creator. These two programs are developed by DVDFab as the world’s best 4K UHD solutions favored by 4K home theater loves. Detailed information on these 4K Blu-ray burner programs will be discussed later.


4K UHD Blu-ray External Drive

As for the best external 4K Blu-ray burner, Pioneer 4K UHD Blu-ray Burner outranks similar products. This external 4K Blu ray burner (with BDR-211UBK model) is a nice solution to building system and editing video with fast writing speed and wide bland media support, whose BD-R writing speed reaches up to 16X able to read/write sing and dual-layer BD-R discs, DVD and CD format. Besides, this 4K Blu-ray burner for PC works as a Quickplay that enables movie discs to be ready faster, and Auto Quiet mode to fit in with optimal speed, and Peak Power Reducer to suppress power consumption at peak operation.

• Faster burning speed up to 16x2 on BD-R single-layer discs, 14x on BD-R DL discs and 8x writing on BD-R triple-layer discs

• Support Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback bundled CyberLink software

• Amazing data storage capacity

• Smooth movie playback driven by PowerRead



Nevertheless, if you want to watch 4K UHD movies with this external 4K Blu ray burner, it can only work with Windows 10 and one Intel processor. With this external 4K Blu-ray burner, you can enjoy burned 4K Blu-ray content on 4K HDR TVs.


4K UHD Blu-ray Internal Burner Drive

When it comes to 4K UHD Blu-ray internal drive, LG WH16NS60 shall come at the top of this list. This Blu-ray internal drive, bundled with CyberLink Software and SATA Cable, can be used to read and write data, thus acting as a Blu-ray burner. Have a quick look at its features.

•  Write and Read Quad, Triple and Double Layer BD-R discs with 16x BD-R writing speed

•  Silent Play technology automatically controls disc read speed for optimal noise reduction

•  Jamless Play technology automatically skips past damaged parts of a disc and maintain smooth playback

•  M-DISC (DVD) Supported and 4K Ultra HD playback



Aside from being a 4K UHD internal Blu-ray burner used to read and write 4K media data, it can deliver life-like and accurate colors with 4K resolution playback. But remember it is only available on Windows.



3. Best Professional 4K Blu-ray Burners


Currently, professional 4K Blu-ray burner programs are a scarce resource, though numerous movie buffs are keen on the home theater system. Here we mainly introduce the world’s first yet best 4K UHD solution provider DVDFab whose flagship 4K Blu ray burner programs are DVDFab UHD Creator and DVDFab DVDFab UHD Copy.


DVDFab UHD Creator

Available on: Win, 30-day free trial

 i  Free Download   


•  Burn 4K videos (with/without HDR10 or Dolby Vision) to 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays

•  Retain premium HDR10/Dolby Vision quality

•  Multiple output options to meet specific needs

•  Lightning-fast burning and conversion speed



This most professional 4K UHD Blu-ray burner enables users to create cinema-equivalent 4K UHD Blu-rays (discs/ISO files/folders) that can be played on standard 4K UHD players like 4K Ultra HD TVs, Xbox One S and DVDFab Player 6.


Above all, you can choose to preserve HDR10 and Dolby Vision image quality of the original content for the purpose of quality playback on 4K UHD TVs. To satisfy your personal needs, you can select output quality as BD-25 2160p, BD-50 2160p, and BD-100 2160p and save the output 4K Blu-ray as ISO file or folder saved on computer HDD, or burn 4K videos to a blank disc.



Available on: Win & Mac, 30-day free trial

 i  Free Download           i  Free Download   


•  Compress and Burn 4K Blu-ray ISO/folder to a blank BD-25/50 disc

•  Clone 4K Blu-ray disc as ISO file with 1:1 lossless quality

•  Copy Full Disc/Main Movie titles as ISO file/folder with BD-100 2160p quality

•  Retain High HDR10 and Dolby Vision image quality

•  4K Hardware Acceleration technologies used to ensure fast copy process



This 4K Blu-ray burner software is intended for home 4K UHD Blu-ray players and 4K UHD TVs by means of copying 4K Ultra HD movies from original 4K Blu-ray discs, thus saving them as lossless or compressed ISO files/folders, or burning them to blank BD-25/50/100 discs with retained Dolby Vision and HDR10 video quality. Up to till now, most 4K UHD titles are fully supported as long as you have a compatible 4K Blu-ray drive, turn to our supported drive list.



4. How to Burn 4K Blu-ray with DVDFab Software


As mentioned above, DVDFab has two master cards to burn 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Now let’s get down to checking how to burn 4K Blu-ray with DVDFab UHD Copy and UHD Creator.


How to Burn 4K Blu-ray with DVDFab UHD Creator

Step 1: Launch DVDFab 11 and go to UHD Creator module

Note that only the 64-bit version of DVDFab 11 contains the UHD Creator module.


Step 2: Load 4K video source and customize output 4K Blu-ray

Add or drag & drop 4K video source with or without HDR10/Dolby Vision contents onto the main UI. Then go to 'Advanced Settings (Wrench icon)' to set parameters for the output 4K Blu-ray: Menu Mode, Volume Label, Output (BD-25 2160P, BD-50 2160p, and BD-100 2160p), Processing Mode, and Video Quality.



Step 3: Start to burn 4K Blu-ray

Set file destination to save the output 4K Blu-ray. Hit the 'Start' button to burn 4K Blu-ray. Detailed processing information will be shown on the progress bar.



How to burn 4K Blu ray within 3 simple clicks? This 4K Blu ray burner makes it! With this 4K Blu ray burner, there is no need to purchase expensive physical 4K Blu-ray discs for home players. Every penny shall be spent wisely. Never keep your HDR10/Dolby Vision 4K video contents stored on HDD for years.



Burn 4K Blu-ray with DVDFab UHD Copy

Step 1: Launch DVDFab 11 and go to UHD Copy

Note that only a 64-bit version of DVDFab 11 contains the UHD Copy module.


Step 2: Choose Clone/Burn copy mode and customize output 4K Blu-ray

Add or drag & drop 4K Blu-ray ISO file or folder onto the main UI, and choose 'Clone/Burn' from the 'Copy Mode Switcher'. Then customize output via 'Advanced Settings (Wrench icon)': BD-25 2160p, BD-50 2160p, BD-66 2160p, BD-100 2160p.



Step 3: Start to burn 4K Blu-ray

Insert blank 4K Blu-ray disc into the external 4K Blu-ray drive. Hit the 'Start' button to burn the 4K Blu-ray disc.


How to burn 4K Blu ray fast and well? This 4K UHD Blu-ray burner ensures you high-quality disc and fast burning speed. Above all, it allows for three copy modes to suit all your personal needs with considerate and customized settings.



Final Thought and Best Pick


Now you have gained a better understanding of the common types of 4K Blu ray burners and mastered how to burn 4K Blu ray with the world’s only professional 4K Blu-ray burners: DVDFab UHD Creator and DVDFab UHD Copy. These two best 4K Blu ray burners can meet all your personal needs to create stunning 4K Blu-ray content playable on the 4K home theater system. By the way, if you encounter an unfriendly 4K Blu-ray drive when burning 4K Blu-ray, remember to downgrade unfriendly firmware on 4K UHD Blu-ray drive with professional UHD Drive Tool so as to ensure a smooth backup task.


Actually, the aforementioned 4K UHD Blu ray burner external drive, namely, the best external 4K Blu ray burner, Pioneer 4K UHD Blu-ray Burner BDR-211UBK, can suit your simple needs so that you can play the written data on 4K UHD TVs. As to 4K UHD Blu-ray internal burner Drive, LG WH16NS60, is a superb internal Blu-ray drive that suits Blu-ray burner needs. In a sense, it is not a 4K Blu-ray burner. Anyway, hold firmly it will upgrade to 4K Blu-ray burner one day.

Produce 4K UHD Blu-ray movies free and easily

DVDFab UHD Creator is able to make terrific 4K UHD Blu-ray movies out of 4K videos including or without HDR10/Dolby vision contents. It is the best 4K UHD authoring tool in the market, works fast and provides multiple output choices to meet your specific needs.

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