Even though there are many who love to watch digital videos and movies online, there is nothing that can beat the experience of watching the excellent visuals and sound quality that is produced by the DVDs. With the latest Blu-ray DVDs and Ultra Blu-ray DVDs, watching movies at home with the movie-theater-like experience is always loved by movie buffs. The creation of any movie DVD or video DVDs is possible only by making use of proven DVD authoring software like DVDFab DVD Creator. By using the DVD authoring software for Mac and other OS, you can convert, transform, create or store all the favorite movies and videos on compact discs. They can be played on DVD players and enjoy them on the big HDTV screens for ultimate movie watching experience.

If you are looking to buy the best DVD creating software that is easy to use and also have loads of quality DVD creation features, then check out the details of the top 7 DVD authoring software discussed below.

Section 1. Top 7 Best DVD Authoring Software

In this section, we'll show you the top 7 best DVD authoring software that you can use either on macOS or Windows operating system to burn all types of your personal videos to blank DVD discs to make home DVDs with excellent quality.

1.1 DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator
Want to copy videos to DVD? DVDFab DVD Creator, the best DVD authoring software available, can burn all sorts of videos into DVD discs or be standard DVD ISO files/folders.

DVDFab DVD Creator is the software to use for creating high-quality DVDs. This DVD authoring software offers a wide range of features and tools to make DVD creation a very easy job. This is the best DVD authoring software that allows the users to burn the copies of the DVD movies exactly the same. The DVDFab DVD Creator will combine all the different kinds of video into a single disc of high quality. This way you get the chance to mix the camera recorded videos and the downloaded videos to create unique DVDs using this DVD authoring software.

Best DVD Authoring Software

  • The DVD Creator has the capacity to burn any type of video to the DVD disc. It is fully customizable and you have the option of creating a personalized disc using this DVD authoring software.
  • This is the best DVD authoring software as it can easily convert the ISO files and DVD folders apart from burning the videos to the discs.
  • As one of the best DVD authoring software, it supports all the different DVD disc formats, and hence creating a DVD from any video or mixing different videos of different formats into one master DVD will not be an issue.
  • The DVD creation software can process different videos at a given time. The converted videos can be arranged by you in the order of your choice for playback through this DVD authoring software.
  • The inbuilt menu templates offer plenty of options for the user to customize the DVD menu according to their needs and preferences.
  • As it uses the latest hardware acceleration technology, multi-threading, and multi-core CPUs, the movies can be converted to DVDs at lightning speed.
  • The professional DVD maker ensures the high-quality of the videos it converts despite converting them at blazing speeds.

1.2 CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLinkPowerDirector is a powerful, easy-to-use, and non-linear DVD that can create professional DVDs. This tool carries more or less the same features that are offered by the DVDFab DVD Creator.

DVD Authoring Software

  • It is very easy to use for novices despite having advanced features in it.
  • It can easily work on any file format and codec to create the best quality DVDs.
  • It can convert the videos shot on any device to a quality DVD and also saves the final video in any digital format.
  • There is a wide menu of templates offered by this DVD authoring software application to burn your disc the way you want to.
  • The DVD project can be divided into different chapters for chapter-wise viewing.

1.3 DVD Styler

DVD Styler is a decent free open source DVD author that allows users to create quality DVDs with the right video clips and audio tracks. It offers a host of features but does not match up to the DVD quality standards offered by DVDFab DVD Creator.

Best DVD Authoring Software

  • It is very simple and easy to use and even novices can create a DVD using their personal videos.
  • It supports most of the popular video and audio formats.
  • The users can create a stylish and attractive menu by using the extensive templates that the DVD creating tool offers.

1.4 Corel VideoStudio X8

Corel VideoStudioX8 DVD authoring software allows you to create great videos and also share them. This DVD creation software offers quality discs in a matter of hours.

Top 7 Best DVD Authoring Software

  • This DVD authoring software can offer you the option to add intro videos, create a customizable menu, add chapters, subtitles and also do more to the disc. These are all the features that you get in the DVDFab DVD Creator also.
  • When developing the DVD disc, the DVD creating software also creates the ISO image or ISO file. This is what the DVD authoring software Mac tool uses to burn the video content onto a blank disc.
  • It comes with an extensive list of video editing tools that can make raw video footage look like a high-quality DVD video.

1.5 MoviePlusX6

The MoviePlusX6 is a pro DVD authoring software with excellent tools to create an entertaining video from the video footage you have on your smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.

Best DVD Authoring Software

  • This DVD authoring software offers all the professional editing tools used to make TV shows, commercials, movies, etc.
  • It has over 200 different effects and transitions to convert the DVD video from being a novice to a professional-looking one.
  • It is also a flexible software like the DVDFab DVD Creator with similar advanced features but does not have high-quality video authoring modules.
  • The converted videos into DVD discs do not have the best quality like what is seen in the DVDFab DVD Creator. The video does show some pixelation, grains and motion blur.

1.6 Bombono DVD

Best DVD Authoring Software

This is another DVD authoring software that you shouldn't miss out on. People may be fooled by its name, but the fact is Bombono DVD is powerful as other DVD authoring software. It is available on both Windows and Linux systems. But the Windows version requires to be paid if you want to get its more limited features. This DVD authoring program features an outstanding video viewer with a timeline and monitor. With this tool on your hand, you can not only create DVDs but also ISO files, or you can even burn ISO files to disk. Other features, such as motion menus, subtitles, are also remarkable.

1.7 DVD Flick

DVD Authoring Software

DVD Flick is also regarded as one of the best DVD authoring software. That's because this program is loaded with many features. It allows you to convert video files to a DVD so that they can be played on a DVD player. And it supports more than 45 file formats, 40 audio codecs, and 60 video codecs. But DVD Flick is not satisfied with these. Because it is also designed to be highly customizable by offering users a chance to add an additional menu and subtitles. In other words, you have full control over your video. The only shortcoming of this free DVD authoring software is that it can only be used at the Windows system.

Section 2. Steps to Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Before you start burning your videos to DVDs with this DVD authoring software, you first need to install it on your computer. Depending on your OS, choose the correct version for the installation.

                        i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 1 > Launch DVDFab 12, choose the Creator module and load the videos you want to burn to DVDs. Or just drag those videos into the main interface per the on-screen instructions.

Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 2 > Go to the mode switcher at the top left corner to choose the DVD Creator mode to make your own adult DVD movie.

Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 3 > Now you can customize your DVD to your flavor. You can click the Advanced Settings button to customize your settings, including DVD Title, output size between DVD9 and DVD5, Quality Level, TV Standard between NTSC and PAL, Aspect Ratio between 16:9 and 4:3, also the way you want to playback the final disc.

Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 4 > By clicking the Menu Settings button, it opens the window where you can freely curate the menu flavors to your own taste: click on the texts to directly edit the font, size, and color; click on a certain decoration widget to relocate and resize it or click the Image Edit button to change the background image for the selected menu.

Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 5 > At the bottom of the main interface, you can select an output destination. To burn the resulting DVD movie to a blank DVD5/DVD9 disc, select your optical drive in the drop-down list box; to make a DVD folder on your hard drive, click the Folder icon to select a directory; to produce an ISO image file, click the Image icon to select a directory.

Burn DVDs with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 6 > Click the Start button to start the process of burning the SpankBang porn videos to a DVD.


There is no doubt that the DVDFab DVD Creator is a cut above the rest. This best DVD authoring software helps in burning quality DVD movies, no matter it is saved in a compressed mode or a non-compressed mode. The other striking feature of the DVDFab DVD Creator is that it is offered in 9 or more different languages. This makes it the most useful and the best DVD authoring software for making DVDs. The DVDFab DVD Creator works efficiently without any lags on both Windows and the Mac systems. It has the capacity to process multiple videos at a time and thereby saves a lot of the DVD creation time. As the DVDFab DVD Creator carries out multiple core CPU processing, the DVD creation process is done at lightning speeds without any system hanging problems and issues.

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