Why Do You Need to Convert DVD to Digital File?

There are several reasons why you may want to convert DVD to USB or digital files:

  • Digital files are much easier to manage and organize than physical discs. 
  • Digital files are widely supported by media players across brands and online as well as offline.
  • DVDs can get scratched, damaged, or lost over time, which can lead to a loss of your favorite video.

Overall, digitizing your DVD collection provide you with more flexibility and control over your entertainment experience. Let’s move on to the next parts which show you how to convert DVD to digital copy for free in easy steps.

1. Convert DVD to Digital With DVDFab DVD Ripper

💻Compatible systems: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit) & macOS 10.10 - 13

DVDFab DVD Ripper is a widely recognized application designed for Mac and Windows PC, aimed at converting DVD to digital. It possesses the ability to decode diverse DVD discs, even those protected by intricate encryption and region-specific codecs. Users highly recommend this DVD to digital converter for its exceptional capability to decrypt DVDs, fast speed in ripping DVDs, delivering top-notch output quality, and providing a vast selection of output formats.

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper

This best DVD Ripping software allows you to rip and convert any DVD/ISO file/Folder to 1000+ video and audio formats and 260+ ready preset devices. 
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Main Functions:

  • Remove the protection from the latest copy-protected DVDs
  • Rip any DVD to multiple digital video & audio formats or preset devices
  • Set video and audio parameters with the Advanced Settings and Video Edit option
  • Work with Enlage AI to upscale the digitized DVD video from 480p to 1080p
  • Support batch conversion at hardware-accelerated speed

How to Convert DVD to Digital File with DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Step 1: Launch DVDFab DVD Ripper and select "Ripper" module first. Then load the DVD source and you will see the main interface.

:How to Convert DVDs to Digital With DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter Free

Step 2: Click "Choose Other Profile" and "Format" to rip your DVD to MP4 or other digital formats. Or, you can click "Device" to directly digitize your DVD to a mobile device.

how to transfer dvd to digital

Then customize the output video via "Advanced Settings" and "Video Edit", such as cropping, trimming, merging, rotating, adding watermarks, subtitles, and adjusting brightness and contrast. 

:How to Convert DVDs to Digital With DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter Free

Step 3: Select an output directory and click the “Start” button. And then, you can find the converted digital file on your computer in a few minutes later. 

:How to Convert DVDs to Digital With DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter Free

2. Convert DVD to Digital on Mobile Using Vudu

📲Compatible systems: Android & iOS

Vudu is an online streaming service that allows users to rent, purchase, and watch a wide range of movies and TV shows. It also allows you to convert your physical DVD movies into digital copies.

  • Convert DVDs to digital effortlessly using your mobile device
  • No requirement for a DVD drive to perform the conversion
  • Not cost effective for a large DVD collection
  • Vudu's library may not contain all movies or TV shows, limiting your options
  • You can only convert 100 DVDs per year
  • Regional restrictions: It is only available in the United States and Mexico

How to Transfer DVD to Digital Using Vudu?

How to Transfer DVD to Digital Using Vudu?

Step 1: To begin, you will need to download the Vudu app on your smartphone or tablet or purchase the Vudu disc to digital conversion software for your computer.

Step 2: Choose your DVD title: Once you have the software or app, simply use the app to scan the barcode on your DVD case.

Step 3: After identifying the DVD, you'll have the option to select the conversion quality. You can choose between SD and HDX quality, depending on your preferences.

Step 4: Once you've made your selection, the software or app will convert your DVD into a digital copy. This digital copy will be stored in your Vudu account.

3. Convert DVD to Digital Using Online Platforms

Some online platforms offer DVD to digital conversion services. You can mail your DVD to these services, and they will convert it into a digital format and provide you with a download link or store the files in your cloud storage account.


Convert DVD to Digital Using Online Platforms

YesVideo provides a mail-in DVD conversion service where you can send in your DVDs, and they will convert them into digital files. You can choose between receiving the converted files on a USB drive or having them uploaded to an online storage account.


Legacybox offers mail-in DVD conversion services along with other media conversion options. You send in your DVDs, and they convert them to digital format (MP4 files). You can choose to receive the digital files on a USB drive or have them uploaded to the cloud.


iMemories allows you to convert your DVDs to digital format through their mail-in service. Once they receive your DVDs, they convert them to digital files (MP4) and provide you with the option to download the converted files or create DVDs/Blu-rays.

  • You don't need to do it yourself to convert dvd to digital
  • You can choose the service that best suits your requirements
  • Converting DVDs to digital format by mail typically involves a fee per DVD
  • Mailing DVDs can take time, especially if you live far from the conversion service provider

4. Transfer DVD to Digital Using Free Converter Software

DVD Shrink

Transfer DVD to Digital Using Free Converter Software

💻Compatible systems: Windows 10

While DVD Shrink is primarily designed for burning videos to DVDs, it can also be used as a free DVD ripper Windows 10. It can compress DVDs to fit on smaller capacity disks or hard drives and gives users control over which parts of the DVD (like specific audio or subtitle streams) they want to include in the copy. This DVD to digital converter is also effective in removing DVD copying protection, particularly for Region Code and UOPs. 

  • Convert DVD to VOB, MP4, AVI, FLV format
  • Digitalize protected DVDs with CSS, RC, RCE
  • Rip the whole or parts of a DVD disc
  • Complete automatic compression during DVD ripping
  • Allow you to watch DVD videos on Zune, iPod, QuickTime, Windows Media
  • Unable to handle new copy-protected DVDs
  • It is no longer supported or updated
  • Cannot rip DVDs to other popular formats
  • No video editing features and advanced options


Convet DVD to Digital File Free with Handbrake

💻Compatible systems: Windows 10 and later & macOS 10.13 and later & Linux

HandBrake is also an open-source and free DVD ripper and video transcoder that's designed to convert DVDs into digital formats such as MP4, MKV, and WebM. This makes the content compatible with a wide range of devices like Android, Apple, Roku, among others. HandBrake also offers advanced settings for customizing file outputs including selection of video encoder, frame rate, bitrate, audio track, subtitles etc.

  • Able to read any DVD and Blu-ray files
  • Support MP4, MKV, WebM and 60+ profiles
  • Support batch scanning for DVD videos
  • Embedded DVD editing software: deinterlace, denoise, crop
  • Requires .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.1 (x64) installation on Windows systems
  • Cannot rip encrypted DVDs or Blu-rays 
  • Large file conversions can take hours or longer to complete


What are the hardware requirements for converting DVD to digital?

For hardware requirements, you will need a computer or laptop with a DVD drive. In case you don't have it, you can rent a portable DVD drive that can be attached to the computer via a USB port.

On the other hand, you can have some external hard drive or use the computer's own hard disk for the desired location of saving the copied files. The ripped DVD video is best saved on an external drive.  

How much does it cost to convert DVD to digital on Vudu?

The cost for this service depends on the type of conversion you opt for:
SD (Standard Definition) Conversion:

  • DVD to SD: $2 per title
  • Blu-ray to SD: $2 per title

HDX (High Definition) Conversion:

  • DVD to HDX: $5 per title
  • Blu-ray to HDX: $5 per title


In conclusion, converting DVD to digital is a useful and practical solution for managing and accessing your media collection. Whether you want to preserve your favorite movies and TV shows, or have greater flexibility in terms of playback options, digital files offer numerous advantages.

By following the above-mentioned ways outlined in this article and choosing the right DVD to digital converter like DVD Ripping software, you can easily and effectively digitizing your DVDs for a more modern and convenient entertainment experience. So, don't hesitate and enjoy the benefits of digital media!