In the hurly-burly of everyday and routine activities, we often tend to ignore ourselves and our needs and compromise on our favorite movies or TV shows to watch them anytime later at 'free' time. While many OTT platforms stream such movies, you may again miss the opportunity of watching them in your 'comfort.'

So wouldn't it be a better deal to download such videos than cribbing over the loss? Our view may leave you thinking: Can I download Amazon Prime Movies?

So let us decode the answer and find some practical ways to catch on the lively entertainment at any expense!

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Can I Download Movies from Amazon Prime to my Computer

Amazon Prime lets its users stream unlimited madness and get their dose of entertainment without any hassle. For this reason, the platform also allows users to download selective titles and keep them for a limited period, viz. 30 days and enjoy the offline downloads on your terms. So here's how to download Amazon Prime movies and enjoy them with your loved ones, solo or while traveling and commuting.

Step 1: Get an Amazon account and ensure you are subscribed to Amazon Prime.

Note: Amazon Prime Video app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Fire devices, but you can get it for Windows and Mac OS as well.

Step 2: Sign in with your credentials to the Prime account once you successfully launch the app.

Step 3: Select a movie, show (TV), or individual series (single episodes or entire seasons) and view its details.

Note: Only specific titles are available for download in particular areas (like the U.S.)

Step 4: Choose a download quality - Good, Better, and Best, depending on the amount of data you wish to spend.

Step 5: Proceed to Download.

Step 6: Browse and view the downloaded videos using the Downloads button at the bottom. Play the one you wish to watch.

How to Download Movies on Amazon Prime

BlueStacks Android Emulator

The Amazon app is compatible with smartphones and Fire tablets. But there's a way to trick it and access the app on a laptop with an easy-to-use and reliable Android Emulator like BlueStacks.

You can install the BlueStacks on your laptop and sign in to access Google Play Store, then browse and use it casually as you would do on Android devices.

Though the option appears to be a friendly escape from the clutches of certain limitations, it is not devoid of drawbacks. For instance, the videos can be accessed in BlueStacks itself and cannot be transferred to other devices. And unfortunately, Android emulators cause glitches when working on Mac.

Online downloaders like are actually powerful entertainment sources

regardless of device compatibility. Amazon Prime subscribers can avail of the free opportunity of downloading their chosen videos and movies using this online downloader.

Simply open the website to access and select any movie from Amazon. Then, copy its link or enter the keywords in the Search box of and proceed to download. In addition, it will search for the best Amazon videos that can be downloaded and display the available formats.

While online downloaders offer convenience, there's always a risk involved in privacy due to malware and spyware. Additionally, ads can direct you to suspicious links that can pose a threat to your privacy.

Nothing beats the official streaming platform when it comes to viewing your chosen entertainment. However, problems arise when the platform fails to serve the users or stand on their expectations leading to disappointment. For instance, the downloaded videos expire after a month or 48 hours if you start watching. Moreover, only some of the video titles are available for download; even if somehow you get access, only mobile users are benefitted.

The saddest part is that it is tough to believe that the downloaded titles are non-transferable to other devices.

But fortunately, StreamFab Amazon Downloader is here to curb these limitations and uplift the offline-video-viewing experience without effort and hassle.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader

StreamFab Amazon Downloader is the effort of developers to provide high-quality videos and stay forever even if the producer's license agreement terminates with the OTT platform. Though the software was initially launched to fulfill the loopholes of Amazon, with constant updates, it ensures that you never compromise on your entertainment needs.

StreamFab lets you download music, movies, TV shows, series, anime, documentaries, and everything Amazon holds. It replicates the OTT platform with the advantage of preserving saved titles until you delete them. The program works seamlessly on Mac OS and Windows PC and transfers downloaded video titles to laptops, smartphones, tablets, or even game consoles.

Besides blessing with ample benefits, StreamFab Amazon Downloader has many other features to be your best bet.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader

With this  downloader, you can effortlessly download videos from Amazon Prime.
  • Supports saving titles from all the regional sites of Prime Video
  • It enables choosing the desired quality of audio tracks and video
  • Saves storage by assisting video codecs of H.264 and H.265
  • Compatible with all devices through MP4 format
  • Eliminates ads when downloading videos from IMDB TV
  • It takes your UI language to select audio and subtitles
  • Keeps subtitles as SRT files or directly remux into the video
  • It lets you schedule time for auto-downloads
  • Enables downloading bulk episodes simultaneously at a blazing speed
  • Preserves metadata information for media library management
  • Imports videos and converts them to Blu-ray for a home theatre experience
Win Download
100% safe&clean
Mac Download
100% safe&clean

Let's check how StreamFab Amazon Downloader works.

Step 1

Tap twice on the StreamFab and choose DRM Downloader service from the left window screen.

Step 2

Select and play any movie video from Amazon Prime.

Step 3

As you play the video, set the output parameters and download it at the backend while watching your chosen movie.

The Final Thoughts

So now, if you ask: Can I download Amazon Prime Movies? We have suggested detailed answers with their essential highlights, steps, and loopholes. Of course, nothing comes in comparison to the original platform, but when it fails to deliver expected or satisfactory results, it is better to switch to a reliable and user-friendly downloader like StreamFab Amazon Downloader. It provides professional expertise even to novices and caters to unlimited and upgraded offline viewing experiences.