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  1. Can I burn Blu-ray movies to DVD disc?

Yes, you  can. There are two options to do that:

1. Blu-ray Copy - Main Movie mode: Choose DVD/Blu-ray writer as Target, set the Output as BD5 or BD9 in the Advanced Settings window.

Choose "BD5", DVDFab will compress the movie to make it fit on one BD5/DVD5 disc;
Choose "BD9", DVDFab will compress the movie to BD9/DVD9 disc.

Note: The created DVD disc cannot play on standalone DVD player, since Blu-ray Copy won't transfer Blu-ray format  to DVD standard,  files on this burnt DVD disc are still in .m2ts format.

2. Blu-ray to DVD Converter: This option will generate a DVD-video disc in standard DVD format, which can play well on standalone DVD players.

  1. Do I need to buy the additional authorizations if I want to use DVDFab Downloader on multi-mobile devices?

Yes, you can only authorize 1 mobile device default with your license. If you want to use on multi-mobile, you need to order 3-Moblie or 5-Mobile license.

  1. What is a firmware downgrade?

Downgrade is strictly related to the firmware version here, going from newer version (higher number) to older. It's not about the features set.

  1. Where to buy Multi-Computer License?

The Multi-Computer License is only available at DVDFab Member Center, and only those who already purchased DVDFab 10 can log in there to buy extra licenses.

  1. Why can't the Movie Server find my SATA hard drive?

There are cases that the Movie Sever can find but not be able to identify your hard disk drive, especially when it is a brand-new HDD. When this happens, the Movie Server will pop up an alert and ask you to format the HDD first, you can just follow the guide to format the HDD into EXT4 file system. You can also format the HDD at Settings>Disk Manager. Be aware: do not power off the Movie Server or extract the HDD from the cabinet during the formatting process, otherwise, your HDD might get damaged.  

In very rare cases, the Movie Server even might not be able to detect your HDD at all, when this happens, you need to get the HDD formatted on your PC, and the following steps tell you how to do that:

1.     Connect the SATA hard drive to your PC via a USB to SATA converter;

2.     Right-click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management, find the connected hard drive, which should be marked as Not Initialized;

3.     Initialize the HDD using the GPT method.

4.    Right-click the hard disk and select to create a new volume, format the disk is necessary.

Also, you can format the HDD into EXT3 or EXT4 with other professional tools.

  1. How can I transfer the registration information from DVDFab 9 to DVDFab 10 in order to use DVDFab 10?

As DVDFab 9 users, you can use DVDFab 10 for free. You just need to login our Member Center to register DVDFab account with the email account you used to purchase DVDFab 10 products. If you already have account in Member Center, this account is good for using. And with your DVDFab account, you can activate/authorize the products you have in DVDFab 10 products. Our Member Center can be accessed at:

  1. Can I use my DVD burner to burn Blu-ray movies?

No. DVD writer does not support Blu-ray format. You need a Blu-ray writer to copy and burn Blu-ray movies.

  1. What does "require an internet connection" mean when I copy Blu-ray movies?

DVDFab Blu-ray related products, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray 3D Ripper included, need access DVDFab server to decode AACS and BD+ copy protections. That means the computer you are runing DVDFab on has to be internet connected.

  1. Do I need to order DVDFab Downloader again if I’m a current user of YouTube to MP3 and Video Downloader?

No, all the old users of YouTube to MP3 and Video Downloader can upgrade to Music Downloader and Video Downloader in the new DVDFab Downloader at no cost.

  1. Is this a 100% safe procedure?

If you follow this guide or the interface of the tool indications you should be fine in most cases. Of course, don't do silly stuff like allowing your laptop to go in Sleep mode or Powering off.

When on battery, make sure you have it charged. And stay nearby for the flashing part, it won't take too long.

If your flashing goes bad, your drive is not working, for some reason, you'll find help in the Troubleshooting section.

If the whole process makes you uncomfortable, start by reading the Troubleshooting section. Then decide if you want to proceed or ask a friend’s help, someone who's a bit more tecky.