1. Is this a 100% safe procedure?

If you follow this guide or the interface of the tool indications you should be fine in most cases. Of course, don't do silly stuff like allowing your laptop to go in Sleep mode or Powering off.

When on battery, make sure you have it charged. And stay nearby for the flashing part, it won't take too long.

If your flashing goes bad, your drive is not working, for some reason, you'll find help in the Troubleshooting section.

If the whole process makes you uncomfortable, start by reading the Troubleshooting section. Then decide if you want to proceed or ask a friend’s help, someone who's a bit more tecky.

  1. What happens if I run out of my License Authorizations?

If a licensee has used up all the authorizations his/her license grants, then he/she cannot authorize DVDFab 10 on more computers. But, he/she can deauthorize any computer anytime to make way for another computer.

  1. How to manage the media files of the Movie Server via Windows explorer?

Aside from managing the media files directly from the Movie Server, users can also manage them from their PC. Here is how:

1.    In the address bar of Windows explorer, enter \\Your Movie Server’s IP Address\share;

2.    Among the six folders there, the one named sata is actually where all your media files copied by DVDFab 10 are stored, if you want to manage your previous ISO files made by DVDFab 10 with the Poster Wall feature, you need to copy them to sata\sata1\DVDFab ; and the one named sdcard is the built-in memory of the Movie Server, where all the system data are stored.

  1. Can DVDFab 10 continue to function when internet connection suddenly gets lost?

DVDFab 10 can partly function without internet connection. Since DVDFab 10 needs to access internet for registration/authorization info and need valid internet to open DVD/Blu-ray/UHD movie discs, internet connection is strongly recommended for using DVDFab 10.

  1. What currencies are acceptable?

For VisaCard/MasterCard holders: currently accepted billing currencies are US dollar, Austrilian dollar, European dollar, Great Britan Pound, Hongkong dollar, and Russian Ruble; 

For JCB (from Japanese market only) holders: currently accepted billing currency is Chinese RMB only.

The exchange will be automatically done by the VisaCard/MasterCard issuing bank without additional costs.

  1. Can I use "Nero" or "Imgburn" to burn?

Yes, you can make your own configuration at Common Settings->Drives->Write->Burning Engine,  currently, there are two options available: DVDFab Burning Engine, and ImgBurn. Nero is not supported, but you can use DVDFab to copy and save the movie to the local hard drive, and then use Nero or other burning tools to burn the copy to blank media.

  1. Can DVDFab Blu-ray Copy remove BD copy protection for copying?

Yes, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is capable of remove Blu-ray copy protection. 

  1. Which software is free in your company? Where can I get it?

Here is a list of freeware from DVDFab: DVDFab HD Decrypter, DVDFab Virtual Drive, DVDFab File Transfer, DVDFab Inspector, DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader, DVDFab Region Set, Passkey Lite and Video Converter Lite for Mac, DVDFab Remote. They can be found at https://www.dvdfab.cn/free.htm.

  1. Is the new DVDFab Downloader free if I’m a DVDFab Prime user?

Yes, the new DVDFab Downloader is also included in DVDFab Prime service like DVDFab Player 5 and Passkey. 

  1. Does this void my drive warranty?

If you take the drive out of the USB enclosure, then yes. It's your call.

If your drive is internal, then no. The firmware that you replace with are also official, only better.