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Blu-ray Copy

  1. Should I install third party driver for Blu-ray reading?

No. DVDFab software includes internal UDF 2.50 parser to read Blu-ray, so there is no need to install third party driver.

  1. Why can't I use CUDA acceleration on my computer?

You have CUDA-enabled Nvidia Graphics Card on computer, but you still cannot enable CUDA acceleration while copying or ripping blu-rays, in this case please go to PhysX settings which is available at Nvidia control panel, then disable PhysX to see the result. Sometimes, with the PhysX enable you may  have a slower speed.

  1. How long will it take to copy or compress Blu-ray movies?

Normally, the resulting ripping process ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, compression process ranges from 60 minutes to 150 minutes. That all depends on your computer configuration, the size of source blu-ray disc(bd50/bd25), the output target (bd25/bd5/bd9) you chose, compression involved or not, etc.

If you have NVIDIA or ATI's graphics card, which will make possible hardware acceleration when ripping/compressing blu-ray discs. CUDA and DXVA technology will enable you rip/compress Blu-rays in a much faster speed.

DVDFab integrated Intel Quick Sync technology in Blu-ray Copy make it a much faster video conversion. If you have DVDFab Beta (or later version)  installed on your computer, and you have supported hardware (Intel Sandy Bridge(SNB)CPU; Intel G45/GM45 Express Chipset; Intel HD Graphics) on your computer for Intel Quick Sync, then you can enable this high tech in DVDFab for a crazy fast conversion. For more information

  1. How does DVDFab deal with forced subtitles?

DVDFab DVD Ripepr, Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray 3D Ripper can deal with Forced Subtitles. Users have the options whether or not to display the forced subtitles while converting. 

  1. What does "task_1 Error=1000" mean?

Error 1000 means "DVD_Error_BD_MainMovie_Common". There would be some numbers behind it, please note and send us the log file to check. You'd better check if you still get the same error when you copy with Full Disc mode.

  1. What does "task_1 Error=700" mean?

This Error 700 means you are copying an Blu-ray movie folder to another folder without any compression. To DVDFab, this process is meaningless. You can add this Blu-ray movie folder as source to output an ISO file or burn the movie folder to blank media to avoid this error. If you need to copy the movie folder from one location to another, you can just use the "Copy & Paste" method.

  1. Why does the burner ejects the blank disc automatically and pop up this error" it is not writable" ?

It is probably a drive/media compatibility problem. Nowadays, there are many writer/media compatibility problems, and our suggestion is that you'd better try different brands of blank discs or change another writer to see which can work for you. Please use quality media to burn.

  1. Can I change the writable media (BD25/BD50) size?

You go to DVDFab "Common Settings > Drives > Blu-ray Write" panel to adjust the writable media size for BD25 or BD50 to smaller/larger size. We do not suggest a larger size, as burning to the disc edge may cause unpleasant burning issues.