Protection schemes applied to the commercial Blu-ray discs are being constantly updated by movie studios to make sure the contents on the disc can survive all kinds of Blu-ray decryption tools. Some of their recent attempts, such as the Screen Pass technology, have really made quite some obstacles for certain decrypters to cope with.


The inability to tackle such obstacles, in other words, to remove the Screen Pass protection, Region Code, etc, will thus cause certain serious playback issues, such as black screen, or picking up the wrong playlist, when trying to playback the Blu-ray ISO files or folders made by those decrypting tools.


However, with Passkey for Blu-ray, this playback issue can be fixed by the BDFix feature in around one minute, actual speed may vary on different sizes of the sources and your internet speed. All users need to do is to load the Blu-ray ISO file or folder into Passkey, and then click the Fix Blu-ray tab from the contextual menu to fix the problematic ISO file or folder. Once the fixing process gets finished, then users should no longer have any problem playing back the movies.