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DVDFab Qt copies entire 3D Blu-ray to BD 25 size in genuine 3D format.

On July 6, 2012, Beijing China - Fengtao Software Inc., the leading multimedia software company majors in DVD, Blu-ray copy and video converter, launched a major upgraded version, build of its all-in-one shareware suite for Windows platform, mainly added another new solution to backup 3D Blu-ray movies. Here is the news in detail.


DVDFab Qt delivered on July 6

Fengtao Software, on July 6, published this updated build of all-in-one software package for multimedia solutions, for Window platform. In response to customers’ new feature demands and some insiders’ predictions, DVDFab made its resolution to find out a more economical way to backup 3D Blu-ray movies and eventually came out with this new achievement, to copy the entire 3D Blu-ray disc to blank BD 25 disc, without losing the original 3D format, which is also the world’s first software publisher coming this far. By doing this way, it greatly cut down customers’ consumption on expensive blank BD 50 media. But, to make sure this new function takes effect, DVDFab burning engine is the only accepted burning engine for the time being, which can be set at Write option, Common Settings panel.


Aside from this most significant new feature, there are some other minor fixes. In Blu-ray Copy section, developers successfully eliminated a 102 error when coping some special Blu-ray discs, a freeze problem when copying Blu-ray disc to BD50 with “Remove HD audio” enabled, another freeze problem when copying Blu-ray disc to BD9/BD5 with “Convert DTS audio to AC3” enabled, and a 1010 error when copying Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray SBS 3D in certain cases. In Blu-ray Ripper sector, a freeze problem when converting Blu-ray to M2TS file was found and cured. In Blu-ray Creator segment, they removed another freeze problem which appeared at the very beginning of conversion. The new official release is available at


A general summary of DVDFab solutions to back 3D Blu-ray movie

Up to now, DVDFab has six ways of backing up 3D Blu-ray movies in Blu-ray Copy. Here is a simple sum up.

1. Clone mode: produces a perfect 1:1 ratio duplicate of the original disc;

2. Full Disc mode: copies and burns the entire 3D Blu-ray disc to BD 50 and BD 25 disc;

3. Full Disc mode: copies the entire 3D Blu-ray disc as regular 2D Blu-ray;

4. Full Disc mode: converts the entire 3D Blu-ray disc to SBS 3D Blu-ray;

5. Main Movie mode: copies the main movie title as regular 2D Blu-ray;

6. Main Movie mode: converts the main movie title to SBS 3D Blu-ray; 

For a better illustrated explanation on DVDFab 3D solutions, please go to

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