Resizing photos is an essential requirement for digital platforms of social media, graphic design, photography, digital marketing, etc. So, using the PNG Resize tool provides your desired image customization and reduces your time-consuming manual effort to capture any perfect frame with repetitive shots. So, this article will give a list of the top 10 PNG Resizers with their highlighted aspects.

Top 10 Best Popular Sites to Resize PNG Photo

Before opting for any random tool to resize PNG images, you must go through the list to make the right choice.


ILoveIMG is a trendy image editor to resize online PNG photos with its simple and easy interface. While resizing images, this tool also crops, edit, convert, compress, etc., to any image. In addition, it offers an ads-free service with a bulk image processing option.


  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It provides lossless compression to the smallest file size.
  • Uploaded data will be automatically deleted within 2 hours.
  • This fastest service supports PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, & RAW file formats.


  • This is a partially free tool.
  • Adding watermark, preset & many other features are available in premium options.

Official Site:

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free tool to resize online PNG images in a few seconds. It presents perfection to social graphics like banners, flyers, logos, etc.


  • 1000+ design assets & templates are available there.
  • It offers 2000+ attractive Adobe fonts with 2GB storage.
  • It supports both the web & mobile platforms.
  • It provides photo editing, cropping, filtering, effects, text-adding options to images, & blurring background features.


  • The image resizing option is available in the premium option.
  • Maximum photo editing features are available in premium options with 100GB storage & 160 million+ Adobe Stock Photos.

Official Site:


To know how to resize PNG images, ONLINEPNGTOOLS is one of the best options. This website offers multiple photo editing tools to give a complete makeover to any PNG image with an instant previewing option.


  • This freemium tool can be used for both personal & commercial purposes.
  • It offers unlimited uses per day in its ads-free service.
  • It allows you to combine its multiple tools according to your requirements.
  • You can enjoy instant downloads while sharing an account with multiple members.


  • The free version is not for commercial use.
  • In the free version, you can use only one tool at a time with five uses/per day.

Official Website:


Aspose is one of the best free online websites to know how to resize a PNG photo. With the high-quality resampling algorithm, you can choose the output quality of your image with the availability of multiple output file formats.


  • This free tool supports cross-platform deployment.
  • You can use a simple drag & drop option to upload images.
  • Enjoy batch processing with up to 10 files at a time.
  • There are percentage & dimension selection options to resize PNG images.


  • There are no image editing options except resizing.
  • Simultaneous resizing is possible only with a maximum of 10 files.

Official Website:



To understand the easy process of how to resize PNG images, nothing would be better than the Convert PNG resizer. While using a simple drag & drop option, you can resize PNG images to the best quality. It supports PNG, JPG & PDF file formats.


  • This free online PNG resize image editing tool comes with manual settings.
  • You can enjoy the height & width selection options in the image's pixels.
  • You can drag the resize handler to resize PNG images.
  • Explore the preset resolution selection option with the upset ratio locking feature.


  • There is no image editing or customization option.
  • Being an online platform, it is vulnerable in security aspects.

Official Website:



To resize online PNG images, the smart features and functions of Pixelied are a one-stop destination. With this automatic PNG Resize image editing tool, you can convert the image to a small size to reduce the storage space on your device.


  • While resizing PNG images, you can add filters, special effects, and captions.
  • You can upscale or downscale images while adjusting dimensions in just four steps.
  • You can also save output images in JPG /SVG/PDF format.
  • Enjoy video editing of cropping, flipping, bordering, rotating, zooming, etc.


  • The free version of this app is available with very limited features and options.
  • Unlimited BG removal credits, folders, brand presets, and many other exclusive options are offered only in paid versions.

Official Website:


Fotor is the ultimate platform to resize PNG images with your specification and customization. This tool gets you resized images in JPG or PNG format.


  • Explore pixel value customization option with percentage selection features of image aspect ratio.
  • You can lock the original aspect ratio to resize PNG images.
  • Increase or reduce image size without losing its original quality.
  • Enjoy customizable editing options of changing the background color, adding image effects, stickers, etc.


  • It supports only two output formats.
  • Everything is available in premium, from 200+ photo effects and collage layouts to 100,000 templates & designs.

Official Website:


RAW.PICS.IO is another option to resize online PNG images. All the uploaded data will be deleted after completing your image resizing process to provide safety to your system and data. In addition, it provides an ads-free service without any registration.


  • This free online tool works as an image editor & converter.
  • Resize the image by selecting the height or width of the image.
  • It supports all common web browsers.
  • It supports the fastest image-shrinking service in batches.


  • There is no image customization option.
  • It offers very limited formats.

Official Website:


Wit Shopify PNG Resizer you can resize any image on an online platform. This 100% free tool provides a simple drag & drop option for resizing PNG images.


  • This free online app is best for resizing images and best suited for social media, online stores, newsletters, etc.
  • It supports all web browsers, platforms & devices.
  • Enjoy the batch resizing option with a maximum of 6 images.
  • Image size selection options of Compact/Medium/Large are there.


  • There is no photo editing option.
  • It supports only the PNG format.

Official Website:


Onlineconvertfree is a very user-friendly PNG resizer with a simple three steps resizing option. You can resize an unlimited number of files every day with this tool.


  • It offers JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and many other formats.
  • Enjoy ads-free service with file sizes 512MB to 1024MB to 2048MB.
  • It supports image editing by cropping, merging, flipping, rotating, etc.
  • Explore 30- 60 simultaneous conversions.


  • The free version is not ads-free.
  • An unlimited simultaneous conversion option is available only in the unlimited premium plan.

Official Website:

You can see that these online PNG resizers have come up with certain limitations to resize images. So, if you want to enhance and enlarge an image without any limitation, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is the ultimate one with fascinating flexible features.

How to Enhance Resized Images with DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

After resizing any image, if you are not satisfied with its output quality, you can try the automatic image-enhancing technology of AI-based DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI. From eliminating digital noise to removing blurring, you can enhance images while increasing their resolution.


  • Sharpen the picture to get DSLR clarity.
  • Add cartoon style to make the image appealing & trendy.
  • Get the image 40x bigger than its original size.
  • Enhance any 2D/3D image.
  • Add color to the old black & white image.

Step to Enhance Image

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Step 1: Downlaod and Launch the DVDFab Photo Enhancer App

Start launching the software on your PC, & select your required module. You should wait a while to download your selected AI model.

Step 2: Select an image to enhance

Opt for the "+" option, and drag & drop the image for enhancement in the software's main interface.

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Step 3: Go for preview to change settings

While previewing the output result, you can make changes through the settings if it is needed.

Face Generator Upscaler

Step 4: Save the final image

After your final customization, go for the "Start to Process" option to save the final images.

Face Genatator

After your last changes, select the "Save" option to save your enhanced image.


What file format is best for resizing?

Vector Image Files: EPI, AI & PDF

What are the two main categories of the digital image file?

All the digital image files will be either Vector or Raster.

What are the main purposes of image resizing?

  • To fit an image in a small storage space to the device.
  • To reduce uploading time with the small size of the image.
  • Customize image size that fits into any specific platform.
  • To get SEO benefits.

Wrap Up

PNG resizer is essential to provide personalized perfection to your digital world. However, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is just a click away from enhancing the appearance of your resized image with a professional approach.