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Best AI Software on Different Social Areas 2020


   Posted by Nicole

2020-06-09 02:02:19


Summary: AI software has already played a great role in our life. But what is an AI software? And what are the best AI software in the different social areas today? Read this article if you are holding these questions. I believe you will find concerned answers.

The Most Complete DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video Solutions

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The advanced process of a machine to make decisions on the basis of logic involves the Artificial Intelligence technology. And AI, in turn, has pervaded in many parts of our lives, making a profound influence on us, and will continue to for the foreseeable future.



Section 1: What is an AI software?

To put it simply, AI is a computer program that mimics our human being’s behavior and learning patterns, such as how we see the world or how to respond in conversion, by learning various data patterns and insights. And it has three main features, including Machine Learning, Speech & Voice Recognition, and Virtual Assistant, etc. Furthermore, AI technology is considered to be one of the most promising and hottest areas in life.

Section 2: Best AI software on Our Social Life

AI software is packed with a number of capabilities that can address key areas like reasoning, problem-solving, knowledge representation, learning, and perception. AI has been an essential part of our life today due to the following reasons:

Add intelligence

Automate repetitive learning and discovery using data

Analyzes more and deeper data

Pull off incredible accuracy

Gets the most out of data


Because of all these outstanding capabilities, AI software has existed around us in the present day.

Part 1: AI Software in Our Entertainment Life

AI software starts to play a role in our entertainment life. There are many AI photo editing software and AI video editing tools designed and developed on the market. Those AI photo editor or AI video enhancers are created for performing automatic picture editing manipulations that usually take plenty of effort and time. They have narrow down the bridge between photo/video quality and human appreciation ability.

Best AI Photo Editing Software 2020

1. DVDFab Enlarger AI

This AI photo editor has solved the problem of low-quality photos and can greatly help users improve the performance of a picture, even if you are someone lacking the necessary skills. With one single click, users are able to get an enhanced picture. To be more specific, this AI software has the capability of upscale your image up to 300%. You can see everything on a photo much clearer with it. The whole process of increasing quality is quite easy and fast to be done. Therefore, this AI image enhancer narrows down the gap between image quality and people’s appreciation of taste.
Another thing that should be pointed out that the DVDFab Enlarger AI co-works with DVD Ripper, DVD Converter, and Blu-ray Ripper. And if you want to learn the information of how this AI video upscaler enhances video quality, you can click the link here.


2. Luminar 4

Luminar 4 offers all the possible tools that are very likely needed for your pictures edition and management. Another function that is provided is AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer with which you can preserve more natural elements, such as hair, texture and freckles, and more. AI helps this software boosts the clarity of a photo without making it too sharp, prevents texture and colors from being overburned. And similar to DVDFab Enlarger AI, Luminar 4 also makes the photo editing process fast and convenient.


Part 2: AI Software In Our Business Area

Apart from affecting our entertainment way, AI software simply makes people’s jobs easier. Gone are the days when employees have to deal with works that are repetitive, tedious, and difficult which is highly possible to slow down production and also increase the cost of operation. And AI software is able to make the work less demanding by updating its abilities.

To make it much easier for you to understand, we will give you an instance here. Online shopping has been a very important part in our daily life. And when you want to purchase some products or get some service, you visit its concerned website, where you can be helped through online conversion or chatting. This 24*7 service can be offered only because of AI Chatbot.

We have been in contact with AI Chatbot a lot in our lifetime. But do you know exactly what is an AI Chatbot? Well, an AI Chatbot software which is typically used in dialog systems for customer service or information gathering, is designed and applied as a conversational partner that can simulate a human behavior while talking to conduct an online chat conversion via text or text-to-speech.


Best AI ChatBot Software 2020

1. Watson Assistant


Watson Assistant, developed by one of the most powerful and famous platforms, IBM, is widely accepted to be one of the most advanced chatbots on the market. It helps the entrepreneur offer better customer service and reducing costs at the same time.


Features of this AI Chatbot:

Omni-channel. Help your end-customer in an all-round method, such as web, phone, messaging, text, and more.

Build quickly. With an intuitive building interface, Watson Assistant allows anyone to build and deploy an assistant quickly.

Smart AI. You are able to build the smartest assistant your business need


2. Bold360


Holding an aim to offer a service of delivering professional experience or solving problems faster, Bold360 brings both the best AI chatbot software and human support to life so that the customers and employees can get what they need fast and easy. Thus conversational AI Chatbot software can interpret complex language, remember the context of an entire conversion, and replay to customers with natural responses as well. It even supports users to buy desired goods through it.


Features of this AI Chatbot:

Expand the conversion. This AI software allows you to add some personalities to it and is available on most messaging channels.

Engage without friction. Developed with the Natural Language Processing technology, the AI Chatbot is completely ready to offer 24*7 routine queries.


Part 3: AI Software in Our Education System

It may be shocked to know that AI has also been applied to education. But that is 100% true. With the emerging technology of artificial intelligence, education tools have been altered day by day. Many changes happen to a teacher's job. In the first place, AI is involved in some educational tools that help develop skills and testing systems. And it is even expected that AI can also change the future education systems. So there is no doubt that it is AI that fills the needs gap between learning and teaching.


AI in Education Grading
It should be known to us all that grading homework is such a tedious work for teachers. They can only spare relatively small time to interact with their students or prepare for class as a significant amount of time is taken up by the grading activity. But AI has changed this. Even though it can not replace human grading so far, it is able to grade all kinds of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank testing, and more.


AI in Education Courses
Courses, as one of the major part of studying life, plays an important role. However, teachers sometimes fail to aware of the shortcomings of their courses or can not figure out how to improve the courses for students. Fortunately, AI can help teachers out. Coursera, an AI tool in education, can alert the teachers and also give students a customized message showing hints to the correct answer if an assignment is answered wrong by most of the students.

Section 3: Conclusion

In this article, we have covered all the basic knowledge of AI software and also some introduction of them that has been applied in some files, such as the AI Chatbot and AI photo editing. Though there are still many cases that AI software is not capable of solving, no matter what it is exceptionable that AI will lead our life towards a better way.


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