Over the past few years, technology has experienced a profound transformation, driven mainly by the widespread adoption of generative AI tools. What initially sparked excitement and anticipation has resulted in a crowded market flooded with AI services. To simplify this complex domain, we've compiled a comprehensive list of free AI tools for enhancing writing abilities, generating captivating visual content, and more. Join us as we uncover the best free AI tools, promising to redefine productivity and innovation across various aspects of life. 

 Overview of Our Top 3 Free AI Tools

Tool Name

UniFab All-In-One



Best For

Video & audio editing & enhancement

Image & audio editing

Content generation

Quality Enhancement



Not supported


Extremely safe to use

Guaranteeing 100% privacy

Files uploaded are saved on the server



Online Utility

Online Utility

Factors to Consider When Selecting Free AI Tools

Consider these concise guidelines for selecting the best free AI tools as per your requirements:

  • Ease of Use: Prioritize user-friendly tools regardless of your expertise level. Seek out intuitive interfaces and easily accessible features. 
  • Accuracy and Quality: Precision is paramount in AI tools. Ensure that the tool performs as advertised and delivers high-quality outcomes. Since these tools are free, you can test them firsthand to evaluate their performance without financial commitment.
  • Functionality: AI tools encompass a broad spectrum of capabilities, from photo and video editing to art generation, writing assistance, voice modulation, research, and more. Determine your specific needs to choose the most suitable tool. Alternatively, explore comprehensive AI tools with multiple functions to discover what best suits your requirements.

Best 15 Free AI Tools to Explore

 1. UniFab Video Enhancer

Ideal For: Processing, editing & enhancing audio & video

Price: 30 days free trial version allowing just 3 videos under each module. Subscribe to the lifetime plan of  $299.99 to bypass these restrictions.

Supported System: Windows

UniFab, with its comprehensive suite of AI-powered video enhancement and transformation tools, is the first on our list of the best free ai tools.

product image

From upscaling videos to HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards for lifelike color representation to enlarging video resolution up to stunning 4K clarity, UniFab's innovative technology enhances visuals across all genres.

Dive into an upgraded cinematic experience with immersive DTS 7.1 surround sound upmixing and seamless motion continuity with boosted frame rates up to 120FPS. UniFab also excels in removing noise from low-light videos and high ISO settings and deinterlacing outdated video signals using advanced AI algorithms. 

UniFab Video Enhancer


  • It supports video enhancement to 4K quality.
  • You can convert, compress, and customize videos without any quality loss.
  • Can upmix audio with AI to DTS 7.1 surround sound. 


  • Technical support is not available under the free plan.

2. MyEdit


Ideal For: Generating, restoring, enhancing, editing, and converting images and audio files.

Price: Free with limited functions, premium monthly image & sound subscription at $4 each, monthly image + enhancer plan at $7.

Supported System: Web browser

As one of the leading free ai tools, MyEdit simplifies media editing with its user-friendly interface and advanced AI-powered features. Users can create avatars, sketches, cartoons, and more using its innovative generative functions. In addition, MyEdit offers convenient one-click image editing options like background removal, deblurring, denoising, upscaling, and enhancement. For audio needs, MyEdit provides tools such as automatic wind removal, speech enhancement, and an Audio to Text Converter supporting multiple languages for video captioning. 


  • A user-friendly interface caters to users of varying skill levels.
  • AI integration renders faster results.
  • You can create realistic profile pictures with the AI Headshot feature in seconds. 


  • Image conversion is supported only in JPG & PNG formats. 

3. ChatGPT


Ideal For: AI-assisted writing

Price: You can start for free or upgrade to Plus, which costs $20/month for more features.

Supported System: Android, iOS & Web browser

ChatGPT, a highly advanced free AI tool for content creation recognized for its natural conversation capabilities and writing assistance, comes in the third position. The best free ai writing tool leverages OpenAI technology to understand and generate human-like text, continually improving its responses through interaction. As one the best free ai tools for research paper writing, ChatGPT serves various purposes, including idea generation and storytelling, and provides conversational answers with extensive knowledge.


  • It has dynamic conversation capability.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • It improves itself continuously with each user interaction for better output. 


  • Often renders generic responses to user queries. 

4. PhotoDirector


Ideal For: Photo edits & enhancements, making collages & animating images

Price: Free with limited functions, monthly premium subscription starting at $2.99.

Supported System: Android & iOS

PhotoDirector occupies fourth place as one of the best free ai tools for photo editing. It seamlessly integrates traditional editing features with advanced AI technology. Renowned for transforming ordinary photos into stunning visuals, PhotoDirector excels in sky replacement, artistic effects, and creative enhancements. It offers object erasers, background changers, and AI effects like bokeh and dispersion. 


  • AI Sketch can generate realistic sketches from pictures in different formats.
  • Face Retouch helps brighten teeth, smoothen skin, and conceal blemishes for the perfect profile pictures.
  • Can enhance images with a single click. 


  • You cannot manually lock parts that are safe from editing during photo enhancement. 

5. Conker


Ideal For: AI assessment tools for educators to create quizzes. 

Price: Free with limited functionality & premium plan starting at $3.99 monthly.

Supported System: Web browser

Conker, a free ai tool for teachers, simplifies quiz creation into a seamless process. This tool optimizes teaching time by automating quiz creation, allowing educators to focus more on instruction and less on mechanics. It meets educational targets by aligning quizzes with curriculum standards and providing a comprehensive quiz bank. Such a holistic set of features has helped it bag the fifth place on our list. 


  • Conker integrates smoothly into various workflows to create and deploy quizzes effortlessly. 
  • Diverse question types keep students interested and engaged.
  • Conker is customizable, allowing educators to tailor quizzes to individual student needs.


  • AI-generated questions often fail to deliver the required level of complexity. 

6. Customers.ai

Ideal For: Creating a sales funnel

Price: A 7-day free trial with all features and a monthly pack starting at $199.

Supported System: Web browser

Drive conversions and customer engagement with this free ai tool for lead generation placed in the sixth spot. It enables users to capture first-party data, sync visitors into remarketing audiences, and track the customer journey, ultimately converting anonymous website visitors into customers seamlessly and legally. With the Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel, businesses can leverage compliant visitor intelligence to increase contact conversions by 10X. 


  • Sync remarketing ad audiences effortlessly using Meta Ads Visitor Audience Sync.
  • Recover 37 times more abandoned cart revenue and grow email lists fivefold faster. 
  • Leverage demographic and interest-based consumer directories to find ideal customers directly. 


  • It will work only when customers are in the sales funnel. 

7. Vistasocial

Ideal For: Connecting multiple social media channels

Price: Free starter plan with limited features & standard plan starting at $39 monthly.

Supported System: Android, iOS & Web browser

Unlock the full potential of your social marketing efforts with free ai tools for social media like VistaSocial. Its AI-powered content features enable users to tailor their posts across multiple channels to match audience preferences and experience. You can even repurpose content effortlessly, transforming long-form posts into concise Instagram captions or Twitter threads. 


  • Schedule social media posts powered by ChatGPT.
  • You can stay informed about social media interactions by browsing all reviews, comments, messages, and mentions under one roof.
  • Generate automated and customizable reports to gauge your social media standing.


  • You need to subscribe to a paid plan to utilize its AI functionality.

8. Ailawyer

Ideal For: Lawyers who need help with paperwork and research and consumers who wish to circumvent expensive legal consultations for doubt clearance. 

Price: Try it for free & then shift to a premium plan starting at $5.99 per week.

Supported System: Android, iOS & Web browser

In the 8th place, we have AI Lawyer, your indispensable legal companion that harnesses advanced artificial intelligence to simplify legal matters efficiently. As one of the best free ai tools for lawyers, AI Lawyer excels in analyzing legal documents, offering tailored advice, and staying abreast of pertinent laws and regulations. AI Lawyer streamlines your legal processes, empowering you to navigate complexities and make well-informed decisions confidently. You can engage with AI Lawyer to conduct legal research effortlessly. Through interactive conversations, you can benefit from real-time insights and straightforward answers to intricate questions. 


  • The AI document handling feature expedites tasks like summarizing agreements, converting images to text, and translating documents swiftly and accurately.
  • Its internet-powered capabilities allow it to conduct rapid web research, condensing hours of analysis into seconds. 
  • You can customize and educate AI Lawyer to align with your unique preferences.


  • It might need more contextual understanding to interpret legal data. 



Ideal For: Video & audio editing and screen recording 

Price: Free with limited features and a premium monthly plan starting at $3.48.

Supported System: Web browser

Veed.io is an intuitive online video editing platform tailored for social media creators and marketers seeking efficient video production. As one of the best ai tools for video editing free, it offers a suite of editing tools to streamline the process, including auto-subtitling, custom branding, transitions, and more. VEED.IO simplifies professional video production with its cloud-based software, facilitating seamless collaboration without slow transfers or storage limitations. 


  • Teams can collaborate on real-time projects, share videos via URLs, gather feedback, and build a centralized video library. 
  • The user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for various teams regardless of their filmmaking expertise.
  • You can create engaging videos by choosing templates and animations from its rich library. 


  • You need to log in to save progress.

10. Adobe Express

Adobe Express

Ideal For: Non-designers who wish to generate Pro-level graphics

Price: Free with limited features and a premium monthly plan starting at $4.78.

Supported System: Android, iOS & Web browser

Adobe Express is a free ai tool for graphic design that empowers users to create a wide range of visual content using professionally designed templates. Leveraging AI tools like Generative Fill, Text to Image, and Text to Template (beta), all powered by Adobe Firefly, our 10th contender transforms your ideas into polished designs. With thousands of pre-made templates for various formats, including Instagram stories, Facebook posts, posters, logos, flyers, and more, users can quickly kickstart their creative projects or design from scratch. 


  • It offers endless customization possibilities for your social media content.
  • New users can benefit from professional-grade marketing materials.
  • It provides a variety of fonts to choose from. 


  • The interface is confusing for first-time users. 

11. Coefficient


Ideal For: Importing & analyzing live data from spreadsheets

Price: Free with limited features and a premium monthly plan starting at $49.

Supported System: Web browser

Coefficient is a free ai tool for data analysis that seamlessly integrates ChatGPT with Google Sheets, enabling automatic data synchronization without needing an API key. With Coefficient, users can benefit from robust data filtering capabilities and create live pivot tables directly from cloud systems. The tool facilitates the creation of live dashboards and visualizations that stay up-to-date automatically, allowing teams to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports directly from Slack or email. 


  • Chart builder helps create charts using simple prompts.
  • It can trigger alerts based on cell value changes.
  • Users are sent digests highlighting data updates.


  • Data import might feel rigid at times. 

12. LogoliveryAI


Ideal For: Logo generation

Price: 3-day free trial for ten generations followed by Basic plan starting at $9.99/month.

Supported System: Web browser

LogoliveryAI offers a user-friendly solution for generating logos quickly and efficiently in SVG format through a chatbot interface. Whether you're a startup founder, local business owner, or influencer, this free AI tool for marketing simplifies the logo creation process. Users can input prompts into the chatbot of this best free AI tool for digital marketing and receive four unique logo concepts within seconds.


  • All logos created using LogoliveryAI are royalty-free for commercial use, empowering users to utilize their designs freely. 
  • The chat-based interface provides a seamless experience for logo generation.
  • Users can easily browse, download, and refine their logos. 


  • You must add your credit card details even to use the free trial. 

13. Otter.ai

Ideal For: Transcribing & summarizing meetings with AI 

Price: Free for individual use & Business trial version for a minimum of 2 users is billed at $30 monthly.

Supported System:  Web browser, Android & iOS

Otter.ai, a revolutionary free ai tool, was chosen for its ability to streamline meeting productivity by eliminating the need for manual note-taking. With Otter.ai, you can say goodbye to traditional meeting notes and embrace automated transcripts, summaries, and action item assignments. OtterPilot integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to automatically capture meeting details, allowing all participants to engage fully without distraction. 


  • Otter.ai can effortlessly condense a 1-hour meeting into a 30-second summary, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned with key takeaways. 
  • Action items are captured and assigned automatically, keeping teams focused on the next steps. 
  • Otter.ai fosters collaboration through Otter AI Chat, enabling real-time discussions and content generation across meetings. 


  • Doesn't offer an option for human transcription.

14. Synthesia

Ideal For: High-quality & realistic video generation through AI

Price: 1 free video followed by starter pack billed $22 monthly

Supported System: Web browser

Synthesia revolutionizes video production through AI-powered text-to-video conversion, making content creation effortless. Featuring extensive customization and a diverse library of over 150 lifelike avatars, Synthesia enables the creation of studio-quality videos in 120+ languages, perfect for engaging a global audience. Choose from numerous natural-sounding voices to narrate your videos. Collaborate in real-time with your team to streamline the video creation process, ensuring efficient and impactful results. 


  • You can engage viewers with diverse AI avatars and create your digital twin. 
  • Instantly generates high-quality voiceovers and closed captions with a single click.
  • Can seamlessly embed videos into authoring tools to streamline the video creation process. 


  • AI models cannot match humans' emotional curves. 

15. Murf.ai


Ideal For: Delivering professional-sounding voiceovers on a budget.

Price: Free with limited features & premium plan starting at $23/month.

Supported System: Web browser

Last but not least comes Murf.ai, a leading free ai tool selected for its high-quality, natural-sounding voice generation quality. This platform stands out for its ease of use and diverse voice options, allowing users to customize language, gender, age, pitch, speed, pauses, and emphasis to suit their needs. Murf.ai is praised for its quick and cost-effective voiceover solutions, complemented by an intuitive interface. 


  • Integration with Google Slides and Canva enhances its appeal and usability. 
  • An intuitive interface caters to users of all experience levels. 
  • Can create AI voices for presentations, videos, and podcasts. 


  • The download quality is limited in the free version.


Artificial intelligence has undeniably become deeply integrated into our daily lives, particularly evident in the significant strides made with AI tools in 2024. The free ai tools are poised to deliver enhanced accuracy, speed, and scalability, empowering businesses to address intricate challenges more efficiently. As machine learning algorithms advance, these tools will likely excel in processing and analyzing increasingly vast and complex datasets, further transforming the landscape of AI-driven solutions.


Are AI tools user-friendly for beginners?

Yes, many AI tools have intuitive interfaces designed for beginners. While some specialized tools may have a learning curve, most offer tutorials and customer support to help users get started.

How secure are AI tools with personal data?

Security varies among AI tools, but reputable ones implement strong measures like data encryption and privacy compliance. Always review the privacy policy when handling sensitive information.

Can AI tools replace human creativity?

AI tools are meant to enhance human skills, not replace them entirely. They excel at repetitive tasks and data processing but still require human oversight for emotional intelligence and subjective judgment tasks.