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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram


   Posted by Rebecca

2020-01-13 22:45:27


Summary: Instagram offers some editing features but they may not always satisfy you. So here we will list top 10 best video editing apps for Instagram with some advanced features you can use.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now so it’s likely you’re already well aware of its limited video editing capabilities and are looking for some good alternatives. If that’s the case, you’ve definitely come to the right place because today we’re going to take a look at the absolute best video editing apps for Instagram. Although the platform already offers some editing features, they’re honestly not all that great. A successful Instagram page needs good videos and that’s why a lot of people use third-party apps to edit their videos before uploading them. If you’re looking to grow your follower count we recommend doing the same.


Part 1: Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram



Horizon is one of the most well-known free video editing apps for Instagram that you can find on both Android and iOS. The app offers a couple of additional features on iOS but its most important benefits, including 2K horizontal recording and great slow motion support, are available on Android as well.



Quik is without a doubt one of the best video editing apps for Instagram right now. The app is designed to work alongside videos captured using a GoPro camera, however, it works just fine with any other type of video too. Quick offers a way to automatically create great-looking videos by stitching together multiple shorter clips and adding music or text on top. You also gain access to a bunch of other helpful tools like cutting, trimming, styles, transitions, and more.



Funimate is a very simple app that makes the entire editing process as easy and fun as possible. The app comes with 15 different filters and video effects, as well as the ability to create custom videos using clips and photos already available on your phone.


Apple Clips

It should come as no surprise that one of the best video editing apps for Instagram available on iOS was created by the folks over at Apple themselves. What’s interesting about this app is that it takes full advantage of Apple’s facial and voice recognition technology by allowing users to integrate them into the editing process.


Lapse It

Just as its name indicates, this one is primarily intended for users who want to create time-lapse videos that can then be shared on Instagram. Although there are apps with better video editing tools out there, very few can compete with it on either Android or iOS when it comes to time-lapse videos.



Widely considered one of the best video editing apps for Instagram on iTunes and the Google Play Store, Magisto takes the concept of video automation to a whole new level. Simply choose your favorite music style along with a song and let Magisto put together a great-looking video, which can then be manually edited if necessary.



Taking the perfect selfie to post on Instagram can be a lot harder than it seems but that’s exactly where Facetune comes in. This app smooths out your face and takes care of little imperfections in a way similar to the Android camera’s “beauty” mode, but with much better and natural-looking results.



VSCO is one of the newest editors on our list but that hasn’t stopped it from already achieving massive popularity on both Android and iOS. The app is technically free, however, the best presets and editing tools are reserved for those who subscribe to the VSCO X membership, which will set you back around $20 per year.



Pictures and videos of food make up probably at least a third of all content on Instagram so an app dedicated solely to this trend was bound to come along sooner or later. Foodie is mostly focused on image editing but can also handle video editing quite well and comes with various filters designed to make food look as tasty as possible.



Another one of the best video editing apps for Instagram goes by the name of Boomerang. This free app is available on both Android and iOS and specializes in creating and editing short videos and GIFs. It’s very simple to use and a solid choice if you want to stick to short videos.



Part 2: The Best Software to Edit Videos for Instagram on Computer

Although mobile video editing apps for Instagram are becoming increasingly more popular, a lot of people still prefer using more robust editing software that can only be found on a computer. Regardless of whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, DVDFab Video Converter is the best choice for editing videos quickly and easily. In addition to being a very impressive video converter that can support all the most popular formats, the software also includes a number of very useful editing tools that are easily accessible via the Video Edit menu.

The menu in question puts at your disposal very precise trimming and cropping tools that can be used to edit not just short videos but full-length movies as well. Speaking of movies, DVDFab Video Converter also includes tools that let you add or edit subtitles and can even remove stubborn hard subs thanks to the cropping tool, which also gives you a way to change the aspect ratio of the video to fit any type of screen. In addition, the software also provides users with an easy way to add watermarks, rotate videos, and change color proprieties like brightness, contrast, and saturation. Once the video has been edited, users can make further modifications from the Advanced Settings menu and then easily upload it to social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.



Now that you know which are the best video editing apps for Instagram all that remains is to pick up your phone or a digital camera and start recording videos for your followers that you can then edit using one (or more) of these apps. And if you find that editing on mobile doesn’t provide the best experience for you, make sure to edit your videos on a Mac or PC instead using DVDFab Video Converter.

This post introduces you the video editing apps for Instagram, but if you also want to edit videos for uploading to YouTube, please check how to edit YouTube videos.

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