QuickTime is an advanced and extensive multimedia format developed by Apple Inc. It is the default media format for all Apple media products.

Looking for a way to convert a QuickTime video to mp4 losslessly? We got you covered in this tutorial.

As already explained, QuickTime is not a popular video format and as such not easily supported by some video converters. Here in this article, you'll learn the best ways to convert a QuickTime video to MP4 without losing the video quality.

Converting a QuickTime video will allow you to play the video on several media players without restrictions. QuickTime videos can't play on PSP and some mobile devices; this is why you might want to convert your video to an MP4 playable media format.

How to Easily Convert QuickTime to mp4?

When you use the right software for this, it won't stress you a bit. DVDFab Video Converter is the best Windows/MacOS PC software you can rely on to perform this task. With it, you can seamlessly convert Quicktime videos to mp4 in just a few minutes.

DVDFab Video Converter is a professional and extensive video converter that lets you convert any video from one format to the other. It offers high-speed video conversion rate and maintains the initial video quality. The software packs a lot of useful video tools to help tweak your video and make them appealing to anyone who views them.

Also, it allows you to do a quick or full video editing before converting to the format of your choice. You can crop out irrelevant video frames, add customizable watermarks, and also play around with in-depth video settings like FPS, encoding, output resolution, bitrates and aspect ratio. All these functions are available in the DVDFab Video Converter software.

Steps to convert QuickTime movies to MP4

Method One: Using a Premium Video Converter - DVDFab Video Converter

Firstly, you’d have to download and install the software on your MacOS X or Windows PC. Then proceed with the steps below to convert your Quicktime video to MP4.


First Step: Add your video

Launch the software, click on the converter menu and further click on the + icon to load your video. You can also drag and drop the videos to the interface.


Second Step: Select the video output format (Mp4)

When you have added your video(s) successfully, proceed to select the output format you want the video to be converted to. To do this, click on the first button (MP3) on the header menu: by default, it is set to MP3, so you have to click on it and choose your desired output format.

If you wish to convert the video to play on a specific device type, click on the "Device" submenu option and select the name of the device - DVDFab Video Converter has support for several types of smart phone and devices.

There are other functions and advanced formats included in this software, but we are only focusing on how to convert QuickTime to MP4 using this software. So, just click onFormat, then select General, and further select MP4.


Third Step: Edit and Customize your Video

After performing the first and second steps, now you can edit and customize your video(s) before converting them. Customizing your video includes: adding a custom name to appear as the video title after conversion and choosing the audio tracks and subtitles (external subtitles are supported).

To edit the video, click on the Editor icon (It appears last on the right side of the video options row). This editor option gives you access to trim, crop, add watermark, adjust hue, contrast, brightness, etc, and other editing functions.

Also, you can access the advanced settings option by clicking on the settings icon beside the editor icon.

This advanced settings option is where you'd be able to change the settings of your video, e.g: changing the codec, resolution, FPS, video quality, bitrate, pixels, mode, etc. Please do not change anything here if you are not sure of what you are doing. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your video.

By default, DVDFab Video Converter advanced settings are set to normal, so you don't possibly need to change them.

Fourth Step: Choose the output folder where the video will be saved on your computer

At the bottom of the software window, you'd see a file path address bar. Click on the folder icon beside the address bar to select your choice folder where the converted video should be saved. By default, DVDFab Video Converter saves the converted videos to C://users/your pc/documents/dvdfab10....

Once you've selected the output folder, hit the Start Button to start the video conversion process.

More Steps?

Nothing more! Your video(s) will be converted immediately and saved to the folder you chose for it. DVDFab Video Converter is fast in doing tasks as it’s one of the best software for converting Quicktime to MP4.


Method Two: Convert QuickTime to MP4 Online

Another method for converting QuickTime movies to MP4 is by using an online video converter. FreeFileConnect is the foremost online converter that lets you achieve this.


First Step: Open the website

Launch your web browser and type in this address - https://www.freefileconvert.com/mov-mp4.


Second Step: Upload your QuickTime video file

Depending on the method through which you want to import/add the QuickTime video, click on the respective tab of your choice.

You can choose to add video files from your PC local storage, or add a video url, or add a video hosted in your cloud storage.


Third Step: Select the output format (MP4)

Once your video is successfully uploaded, proceed to choose your desired output format which should be MP4. FreeFileConnects supports other video formats too.

Fourth Step: Convert the videos

When you’re done with the steps written in the first, second, and third steps, click on the convert button and your video will be converted within the next few minutes. One good feature of this online video conversion tool is “its super-fast” conversion rate.


Fifth Step: Saving your Video

Now that your QuickTime video has been successfully converted, how do you get it? This is an online tool and it does not save the converted videos directly to your PC – here is how to get your converted files.

After conversion, on the next screen that will appear, you’ll be prompted to add your email address. This email address is where the converted video link will be sent, then, you can follow the link to download and save your video to any storage drive of your choice.


Method Three: Using MovtoMp4 online


First Step: Visit the website

Type this address or copy and paste it into your web browser address bar - https://movtomp4.online/


Second Step: Upload your QuickTime Video

Click on the Choose File button to add a QuickTime video saved on your PC. Use the additional video upload options below the Choose File button to add videos that are saved on cloud storage services.


Third Step: Just wait

Once you’ve added the videos, this online tool automatically triggers the conversions process and once it’s done with the conversion, you’d be prompted to download the converted file.

Unlike other online converters, Mov to MP4 online does not request for your email.


Method Four: Using Free Video Converters – (Like AVC)

Actually, this freeware video converter lets you convert QuickTime to MP4 free. It has an intuitive interface and comes with a lot of useful video tools. AVC is very simple, straight, and easy to use.

let's see how to convert QuitTime movies to MP4 with it.


First Step: Launch the software and add your videos

Launch the software and click on the add videos button


Second Step: Choose your output format (MP4)

Select the output format of your choice.


Third Step: Convert

Now, click on the convert button to convert the uploaded Quicktime videos. Just that and nothing more!

Method Five: Using Freemake Video Converter

Follow these steps below to convert a Quicktime movie to mp4 using Freemake Video Converter.


First Step: Launch the software and add your videos

Launch the software and click on the "+Video" option located at the top left corner to add your QuickTime video. You can also add videos through other means like pasting the video URL.


Second Step:  Set your preferences

Select MP4 on the list of available output formats listed at the bottom of the software window. You can also reset the preferences to your choice own by clicking the on the respective tiny buttons at the right end of the video file.


Third Step: Convert

Once you are done setting your preferences, hit the convert button to trigger the conversion. Your videos will be converted successfully within the next few minutes.



These are the best possible ways to convert your Quicktime Video to MP4 without many hassles. You can use any of these methods and still get a great video output, but we strongly recommend the Video conversion from DVDFab.