You probably spend a lot of your day on Instagram. Post after post, video after video, it’s easy to forget which ones you wanted to come back to. Even if you save a video, you can only watch it inside the Instagram app.

What if you wanted to view videos offline, in a better format? You’ll need to know how to download any Instagram video so you can watch Instagram reels, IGTV, and regular video posts offline.

If you’re browsing videos in the Instagram app, you can save them to a collection. Otherwise, you can copy the link. But what would you do if the video gets deleted? If you download the videos and watch them offline, you’ll have permanent access. Let’s see how it works, with only one simple video downloader.

Is There a Video Downloader for Instagram?

Yes! To download an Instagram video, you’ll need to use a video downloader and copy-paste the link to the Instagram post containing the video. There are several Instagram video downloaders, let’s look at a few of the best ones.

What is the Best App to Download Videos from Instagram?

To download videos from Instagram, you’ll need an app that works on your desktop or your mobile device. It makes the most sense to download using these methods because they are the fastest. However, you could try testing other apps if these don’t work for you.

StreamFab – Best Instagram Video Downloader

Of all the Instagram downloading options, StreamFab is the quickest and most effective. This software can download videos of the highest quality without any watermark. Best of all, you can also download several types of videos simply by searching for the link.

To get the download, head over to the StreamFab link above and click download. Once the download finishes, you’ll need to pay to get access to all Instagram features. Otherwise, you will only be able to use the YouTube video downloading features for free.

download instagram video:StreamFab – Best Instagram Video Downloader

Now that your StreamFab download is ready, you can open the app. It’s quite easy to go to within the app using the browser feature. It’s right on the home page, so you can’t miss it.

download instagram video:StreamFab – Best Instagram Video Downloader

Once you see search Instagram and find a video, the StreamFab app will automatically detect it. Then it will give you the option to download in several different formats, you can even download in 8k UHD! Click “Download” to complete this process.

download instagram video:StreamFab – Best Instagram Video Downloader

If you’ve already copied a URL from Instagram, then the StreamFab software will automatically detect it!

Either way, you can find the Instagram video that you want to download. Once you have, the tool will automatically detect the video and give you the option to download like the following one.

download instagram video:StreamFab – Best Instagram Video Downloader

As you can see, you have many download options. Adjust the quality and format as you need. You can also add things like subtitles or download multiple videos at once. Just make sure that each link is separated line by line.

Click Download to continue this process. Now, you’ll receive the video in your downloads folder. Enjoy!

The great part about this process is that you can view the Instagram video without watermarks and share it with whoever you like. Your friends will be amazed that you’ll have a post saved for every occasion.

Not to mention, it didn’t take too many steps to complete the video download. Frankly, it makes little sense not to use this downloader. Given that it’s one of the easiest tools to use, you have nothing to lose.

Download StreamFab today and acquire videos from dozens of different sources. You can even subscribe to your favorite creators and download their videos on a schedule.

Save-Insta - Instagram Video Downloader for iPhone

Unfortunately, many users report not being able to download Instagram videos on iOS. What you need to know is that these videos are available for download, but you need an extra app like Save-Insta to use them.

To use Save-Insta, you first need to navigate to your Instagram app on iOS. Find the post with the video you want to download. Then, click the three dots on the top-right of the post. You will see an option open at the bottom, click “Copy Link”.

download instagram video:Save-Insta - Instagram Video Downloader for iPhone

Now, you can navigate to and copy-paste the link to the video into the video converter software. Depending on the type of video you copied, they give you options for Reels or for downloading your Story.

download instagram video:Save-Insta - Instagram Video Downloader for iPhone

Click “View” to get the video download onto your phone. Your browser will ask you to confirm your choice. Once you’ve confirmed, it will automatically download in the MP4 format.

Now, you need to click on the download icon on the upper right to view your Safari downloads, where this video is stored. Find the video you downloaded and click on the sharing options. Now, you can click “Save Video”. You can find the video directly on your iPhone camera roll, no need to look in a special file folder.

This option had a few extra steps. If you’re going to download a video from Instagram, it might make more sense to simply find it on your desktop using the StreamFab app instead of completing all these steps.

Video Downloader for Instagram - Instagram Video Downloader for Android

Downloading Instagram videos on Android is a similar process to iOS. All you need to do is find an Instagram converter like Video Downloader for Instagram.

download instagram video:Video Downloader for Instagram - Instagram Video Downloader for Android

Once again, the first step is to go to the Instagram app and click the three dots at the top. From there, click “Copy link” and head over to the Video Downloader to paste the link into the app.

Once you paste the link, the app will automatically download your video. Go to your photo gallery and you will find the video saved.

This process was simpler than iOS but still not quite as easy as saving a video on a desktop.

How can I Download a Video From Instagram?

There are several ways in which you can download a video from Instagram. Moreover, there are many different types of videos for you to download. After all, the process will change if you need a private Instagram video downloader. In most cases, the StreamFab software will address your problems.

Download Instagram Reels Video

Downloading an Instagram Reels video works the same way as downloading any other post. Simply click on the three dots on the bottom-right of the screen and click “Copy link”. Then you can bring the link to whichever Instagram video downloader you choose.

Download IGTV Video from Instagram

Just like Reels, IGTV videos are downloaded in the same way as posts. Once again, you must click the three dots in the bottom-right corner of your screen and click “Copy link”. Afterward, paste the link into your Instagram video downloader.

Since IGTV videos are usually a little longer, the download might take more time to process.

Download Instagram Video for WhatsApp Status

If you want to select an Instagram video to post as your WhatsApp status or your status on other apps like Messenger, you need to click the three dots beside the post. Then, click “Share to…” at the bottom. It will give you the options for all the various apps you can share it on.

Afterward, select WhatsApp and select the option that says “Add to WhatsApp status”.

Download Instagram Video from Link

Downloading Instagram videos from the link is easy. In fact, this is the most common way to download Instagram videos. All you need to do to get the link is to find the three dots beside any post or Reel and click “Copy link”.

How Can I Watch an Instagram Video Offline?

After reading our guide, you’re finally ready to watch Instagram videos no matter what platform you used to make the download. That said, how would you watch the videos properly? Especially if they’re low quality. Downloading them on your phone certainly won’t help. That’s why you need to download your Instagram videos on your desktop and watch them using PlayerFab all-in-one.

download instagram video:How Can I Watch an Instagram Video Offline?

Unlike your standard video player that is auto-saved to your desktop, PlayerFab will let you access almost any type of media. You can download videos from Instagram, Netflix, Disney Plus, and dozens of other channels. Moreover, you’ll get lifetime access to a video player that’s constantly getting updated. Better yet, we pile each of these features into a single easy-to-use product. If you bought them separately, you would need to pay extra, but with the all-in-one plan, you get a 90% discount.

download instagram video:How Can I Watch an Instagram Video Offline?

Moreover, you’ll be able to easily organize your videos into a neat library. Since Instagram videos come in the form of Reels, IGTV, and regular posts, you might want to separate them. You can do so using our video library features. Furthermore, you can subscribe to your favorite creators using StreamFab and download their videos every time they release them. That way, you’ll never lose a video or miss out when they get deleted.


There are several different types of Instagram videos but downloading each type is not at all complicated. All you need to do is use a good Instagram video downloader like StreamFab. Use StreamFab to search for any video you want and then watch as the software detects your video and lets you download it quickly! Adjust the settings to get a hold of captions and other useful settings.

Naturally, one of the main reasons that you’re looking to download Instagram videos is because you want to watch them offline. With our PlayerFab all-in-one video player, you’ll be able to watch videos using a consistent and organized high-quality video player. Moreover, you can organize your videos into categories and sort them by your favorite creators.

Get started with a free trial today, you won’t regret eliminating your worries about downloading and playing videos ever again.