Video editing might sound like something that only professionals do but there are basic free video editing software that makes it possible for individuals to make edits and create presentations or learn to add effects to videos if they wish to. Here we list top best free video editing software that you can consider for Mac or Windows as well as for mobile devices, both for Android as well as iOS operating systems.


Part 1: Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac


1.    Blender

This open source program, video editingtool,is known for its different features and being a tool for free video editing that makes several video editing functions easy and simple to do.Itis designed to provide 3D animation effects primarily. This free video editing software is available for Windows and Mac but also for Linux. With this tool, it is possible to splice videos and make cuts as well as complex tasks such as video masking.

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2.    Shotcut

Most modern users of even basic good video editing software wish to have software that has support for 4K HD among other formats. That is what is found with this free video editing software for Windows and Mac. Although it is a free and open source program, there are several functions included in it. There are tutorial videos included to help users figure out its numerous functions in video editing. Timeline editing is another native feature that is an advantage with this top free video editing software.

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3.    Lightworks

This is yet another free tool available forvideo editing that can be used for editing video and can work on Mac, Windows as well as Linux. There is a pro version that comes with a monthly fee but one can opt for the free version which is adequate for performing basic tasks. These comprise exporting 720p videos for YouTube, multi-cam support, video trimming that can be carried out at high precision levels in this free video editing program.

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4.    VSDC Free Video Editor

If you are a Windows user you could find it useful to download VSDC, as free video editing software for windows. This particular software for video editing is designed to work with Windows OS of different versions. The features are comprehensive; especially aspects like special effects and color correction. If you need a basicfree editing video software and do not need technical support, you can use this video editing software for windows; otherwise, there is a nominal cost involved.

free video editing software for windows


5.    Avidemux

This particular video editing software which is for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms is a versatile tool. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for beginners in such tasks. Basic tasks can be performed with this software such as filtering, encoding, and cutting. Hence, this basic free video editing online is ideal for those looking for a simple video editing solution where they can learn on the go.

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6.    Machete Video Editor Lite

This is another basic good free video editing software version of professional software that Windows users can download and use it to output video withoutwatermark. There are simple and quick editing tools which make such tasks faster. There is a limitation in the free version, that audio component of a video cannot be edited. Also, you can only format or edit WMV and AVI files with this free tool. If one wishes to overcome these limitations, they can pay for the full version and unlock more editing functions. It is ideal for video splicing.

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7.    DaVinci Resolve

This is yet another highly rated professional free good video editing software. It is available for use on Mac, Windows and Linux OS. This freevideo editing softwareincludes all basic editing options such as audio mastering, advanced trimming features, multi-cam editing, and a color correction which are usually all that you need for editing functions on videos at a basic level.

free video editing software for mac


8.    HitFilm Express

HitFilm Expresshas a long list of functions to offer that includevideo editing online free,cutting tools, video, and audio filtration techniques, masking and layering functions, support for 3D videos, composition and cutting tools and so forth. In order to download this software, all one needs to do is share an update on a social media channel. This software can be used by both Windows and Mac users.

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9.    Openshot

This particular software has open source versions that make it compatible for OS like free video editing Mac, Windows, and Linux. The importantfeatures in video editing softwareinclude adding audio tracks or layering; clips additions also include video transitions. snapping, trimming, rotation, resizing; it can help in image overlays and adding watermarks; 3D effects and animated titles, as well as an addition of subtitles, can be done with this easy free video editing software. Advanced timeline functions can also be added to this tool.

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10.    Zs4 Video Editor

This particular software can be used as best free video editing software for MacOS only. It is basic software that can be used for editing Image files as well as WAV and AVI formats; there are 120 video effects that a user can use as well as an unlimited number of audio tracks to play around with.

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Part 2: Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Android and iOS


1.   Splice

This particular software is a free video editing app and comes available for Apple mobile devices. It can be downloaded on iPhones and iPads. It is a product of the popular brand GoPro and it is designed with a simple interface. Videos can be cut and edited with a few taps using this app. Transition effects and sounds can also be added from a built-in library that comes with the app.

free video editing software for ios


2.    Adobe Premiere Clip

This software, available as free video editing apps for iPhone and Android platforms, is a video editing app that is popular, being part of the offerings of Adobe. It can be bought as part of the Premier Pro package but the standalone app can also be downloaded for free in the basic version. There are two modes here, Automatic and Freeform which allow a user to choose retention of editing control as well as to trim clips or pick transitions accordingly. The app syncs well with other staple applications like Lightroom. The basic tasks are performed simply, such as editing, adding music and transition or auto-correcting colors; there is also support found through Adobe Creative Cloud.

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3.    Quik

This particular app has the great advantage of being available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is also offered by GoPro and offers basic editing functions. There are auto-editing and trimming features that can help to speed up the process of editing videos with this application. There are other aspects that are impressive in this app; for instance, how it can find moments worth highlighting in a video and suggest transition effects. The auto-editing features make it an app that is fast to use.

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4.    Horizon

Among applications that are available for video editing for both Android and as one of the best free video editing appsfor iPhone, this is one application that offers a simple interface. With this app ideas can be captured horizontally; there is a demo mode that demonstrates how the app should be used. It is a great app that helps capture videos horizontally and ensures that vertical content is not wasted. Those who have used it on Android devices find it not as advanced as the version made for Apple devices.

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5.    Boomerang

This particular app, created for apps like Instagram, can be found among free video editing programs for iOS as well as Android devices. With the help of this app, photos can be put together to make interesting content; 10 photos can be combined into a video with this app; integration with Instagram allows users to put up their videos directly from the app.

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6.    Magisto

This particular free video editing app for Android is an AI-based editing tool. It can take on different music, video and photo files which can be edited and shared through it. Magisto saves times with a smart editor it provides which is good for creating quick posts, especially for Instagram. Video edits you achieve with this software have professional effects.

free video editing app for android


7.  Anchor Video Maker

This is another application that is available for both mobile platforms as free video editing software without watermark. One of the highlights of this application is that it can help make audio content more engaging. It is easy to transcribe podcasts or audio files onto videos that are Instagram adaptable. It also makes it possible to share audio files.

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8.    Movie Maker Filmmaker

This particular video editor app is free and comes for Android platforms only.With this handy application, it is easy to crop and trim video content as well as define focal points. There is a vast collection of video effects that one can add through this app as well as the flexibility of designing custom filters.

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9.    Apple Clips

This particular basic free video editing software is ideal for iOS devices. Most of the editing needs are met with this software application. Especially if you are looking for post the video on Instagram. It can be used to stitch clips and put them together as well as edit timelines. There are some cool features incorporated as well such as adding a comic book effect; Live Titles feature allows videos to be recorded and captions added by speaking indirectly with the voice.

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10.    Power Director

This is another popular video editor that works well for Android phones and tablets. It is a free video editing software for beginners. There is a long list of features it offers such as quick edit tools and for adding different effects to videos. The interface also has a timeline editor feature which people can use if they are familiar with the same.

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Among the above tools mentioned for Mac and Windows, Blender, Shotcut, and Lightworks are recommended applications. For mobile devices, you will find Quik, Splice, and Horizon to be worthy tools to choose.


Part 3: DVDFab Video Converter - The Recommended Tool to Convert and Edit Videos

DVDFab Video Converter is known to incorporate several powerful features to provide a comprehensive solution for video conversion and editing. This application is easy to use but offers professional results. As a result, it is handy for both professionals as well as entry level individual users.If you not only want to editing videos but also need to convert the videos to a certain video/audio format, you can choose this powerful converter tool.

convert and edit videos freely

Main features

·       Conversion to different video and audio formats - Video formats as found in digital camcorders or on the internet can be read and converted into other video and audio formats. That makes these files playable on different multimedia applications which also include 3D devices. Metadata information is retained in the converted files such as TV shows where every episode title, episode number and the season can be saved; these are listed clearly for easy browsing as well as playback.

·       Creatively edit and customize – this is yet another useful feature of this professional video editing tool. Videos can be copied in entirety or as per parts needed along with editing of subtitles and output audio.

·       Easy to use interface – the converter program comes with an intuitive and simple UI; features such as multithreading, batch conversion, multi-core and support of Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA are easy to figure out.

·       Output of professional quality – output videos that are rendered by this software promise great quality standards due to the latest technical aspects included in it.

·       3D video conversions – 3D videos can be edited and converted for TVs and PCs with the help of this program as well.

Besides the salient features mentioned above, this particular program is also easy to get started with. One touch feature allows a video to be added for conversion and as per targeted profile. The progress details can be checked as the conversion happens and a task can be canceled at any time. The system requirements are standard and there is a wide range of input and output file formats supported by this videoconverter tool.