7 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows

2019-03-19 02:50:28

   Posted by Amanda


Summary: Do you want to create your own videos on Windows? Here are top 7 best free video editing software for Windows that you can use to edit videos in your way.

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Videos have been popular since long, but nowadays, videos are becoming more popular as people are searching less for text-based information. They search more for the videos, and this is giving video bloggers to create more video content. And, when there is video creation involved, video editing will be needed. For that, there is a need for a good software program.

Therefore, we are here with a list of 7 best free video editing software for Windows to give you a good list of the best tools.


Part 1: Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows


1.       HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is one of the finest video editing software for Windows for both basic and professional editing. It offers features such as:2D and 3D compositing, 400+ effects, vast number of transition effects, mask editing and rendering, animation tools, audio hard limiter, video trimming, audio mixer.

It has plethora of features and that is why we kept it on the list of best free video editing software for Windows.


·         Excellent transition and Effects available for video editing.

·         Supports a wide range of multimedia file formats.

·         Prosumer feature is available


·         To download it as free, you are bound to share its link on your social profile.

·         The exporting interface is a bit tough.


2.       VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is probably the best free video editing software for Windows. When you open this editor for the first time, it would be tough for you to use it because of the long list of features and menus. But, if you play with it for a while, you will find it easy to work with. It has a wizard that can make it easier to use to add lines, animations, and so on.

It has a premium version as well, but even its free version offers a lot that you might not need paid version most of the times.


·         It has features that you will hardly find in any free tool.

·         You can export videos to various file formats.

·         It has screen recorder features as well.


·         Not user-friendly for first-time users.


3.       Blender

Blender is a free video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is an open source program that means it is entirely free to use. It allows you to do basic things like cutting and slicing videos. Vide masking is a complex thing which can be done as well using this tool. Speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, etc. are few of the features of this tool.


·         Good for both basic and advance users.


·         It is best suited to 3D animations rather than regular videos.


4.       Openshot

Openshot is one ofthe best free video editing softwarefor Windows. It has easy to use features and controls that you can master quickly, and start editing videos like a pro. Some of the features include curve-based key frame animation, image, and audio support, unlimited tracks and layers, 3D animated effects, etc.

It is best for clip resizing, trimming, snapping, scaling, and rotation, plus motion picture credit scrolling, frame-stepping, audio mixing, time-mapping, and real-time previews.


·         It has a forum. So that you get a lot of support from community members when  you face issues with it.

·         Easy to use.

·         Open Source.


·         It has multiple layers to set up.


5.       Lightworks

Lightworks is another free best video editing software for Windows. It offers both free and premium plans, but for most users free version is sufficient. It does high precision video trimming. It has multicam support. It can export videos to 720Pfor YouTube. It supports a wide range of video formats. The free version doesn’t support 4K videos.


·         Powerful video editor with advanced features.


·         Freeversion doesn’t have support for 4K videos.

6.       Shotcut

Shotcutis an open source video editor for Windows. It supports a wide range of videos. It has almost all basic and some advanced features available for video editing. It supports 4K HD video which is great because many free software tools don’t support 4K. The best thing is you don’t need to import video to Shotcut editor which saves a lot of time especially if you are working with a large video file.


·         Timeline editing

·         4K video supported.


·         The quirky interface may be a turn off for many users.


7.       Avidemux

Avidemux is another free video editing software for Windows which interface is quite minimal.  You can cut, encode, and filter videos. It is a great tool for Windows users to start with video editing.


·         One of the simplest software.


·         Not much features like other software have.

These are the 7 best free video editing software for Windows that you can use to edit videos to make them more professional so that they can attract a wider range of audience.


Part 2: A More Advanced Tool to Convert and Edit Videos Freely

The above mentioned 7 best free video editing software for Windows are really nice and great for basic editing. And, few are great for advanced editing as well.

Another advance video editing tool we have next is DVDFab Video Converter. It is a software tool mainly for converting videos from one format to another but it has advanced video editing features as well which sets it apart from other video editing software tools.

With this tool, you can edit the videos to a greater extent. When you add a video, you will see this type of screen. There are two options “Advanced Settings”, and “Video Edit”. Both options offer you a lot of features to edit the video.

Advanced Settings:

Under Advanced Settings you can change the complete profile of the video such as codec, resolution, encoding method, video quality, frame rate, and other video options. Here you can see audio options as well.

So, with these features, a lot can be changed or edited in the video.

Video Edit:

In the Video Edit option, you can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also crop and trim the videos. Images can be added to make cover, and the best thing is if you have subtitles file with you, you can upload that here.

With these options, a lot can be edited in the videos. Apart from these features, this tool converts videos from one format to another as well in which it supports almost all modern day video formats.



Video editing is very popular work nowadays since many people are creating video content and publishing on their YouTube channel. We have shared 7 best free video editing software for Windows along with DVDFab Video Converter which you can use when you need them.

If you also have a Mac computer, you may also want to check top free video editing software for mac.

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