Given that video editing has been an essential part in our life, finding the best video editing software for windows should be a core part of video editing to improve and rich your video content. And there are numerous free video editing software for windows out there that not only come with the most basic yet necessary tools but also boost powerful features and even some bells and whistles. Below we have complied a list of free video editors for windows for your reference. And by the way, all these video editors are the most versatile editing software we found.

Top Free Video Editing Software for Windows only

1. VSDC Free Video Editor

Price: Free version; $19.99 for Pro version

VSDC Video Editor offers both free and paid versions. Being as a free video editing software for windows, it still comes with a full video editing suite, including color correction, mask tool, audio editing, and chroma key functionality for green-screen effects. And if you upgrade to its paid version, you can enjoy more features, such as video stabilization, robust post-production effects, 3D diagram templates, direct social media publishing, etc. In a nutshell, VSDC is one of the best free video editing software for windows.

Features include:

Correct color for better video look;

Mask tools for hiding, blurring, or highlighting specific elements;

Post to social sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc;

A full suite of transitional effects

2. Video Editor

Price: free version, $54.9 for a year

It is very likely that you have hundreds of homemade videos or photos that are waiting for you edit. If so, Video Editor is one of the best video editing software for Windows which can help you produce professional and stunning video clips, no matter what skill levels you are in. This free video editing software windows is particularly designed to deal with media files including image, video, and audio files and also comes with many effects, such as transitions, special effects, customize music, adjust volume, etc.

Features include:

Edit videos by trimming, cutting, merging, splitting, etc;

Import media files from PC, camcorder, DV cameras, cell photos, etc;

A wide range of effects, such as make text animations, set stylish fonts, add clarity and style to your video, and more.

3. Microsoft Photos

Price: completely free

Microsoft Photos is designed to help people edit photos. Yet don’t be fooled by its name. It is also can be used to edit videos and movies under the help of some basic features, including filters, text, adding camera motion effects, music, and more. And the most advantage feature of this video editing software goes to simple-to-use functions and interface. Therefore, if you are a beginner and have no experience of video editing, then you can try Microsoft Photos.

4. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a good solution on taking the first step on video editing. This video editing software for Windows free can be mainly used for modifying and converting videos, extracting audio tracks from video clips, and embedding videos to websites as well. It is notable that this program can convert videos between more than 500 video formats. Besides, Freemake Video Converter is quite simple and fast to use.

Features include:

Convert movies with subtitles

Cut, merge, and rotate video clips

Free Video Editing Software for Mac only

Above has talked so much about free video editing software for Windows. And if you are searching for a video editing software used on Mac only, then here are some choices for you.

1. iMovie

iMovie is widely regarded as the best free YouTube video editor. It is very intuitive to use and features a drag-and-drop interface to be used for adding your media files from your drive to workstation. It is an easy way to build powerful videos to boost your YouTube videos. So Mac users can take advantage of this video editor to learn basic video editing skills.

Features include:

Split screen;

Library of pre-made transitions;

Cloud-storage functionality;

Built-in music, sound effects, and voiceover

2. Kdenlive

Kdenlive comes with many stunning and robust features, such as multi-track editing, keyframe effects, that can be used by professional video editors. That’s to say, this video editing software may be too powerful for the beginners to handle with.

Features include:

Robust video editing functions;

Produce professional videos

Best Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac, even Linux

1. OpenShot

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

OpenShot is widely accepted as a free open-source program. It is one of the best free video editing software for windows, Mac, and Linux that is designed with an intuitive interface which benefits the beginners a lot. Even though this is a free video editor for windows, it still packs a lot of features, both basic features and advanced ones. To be more specific, the basic features includes resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, and rotation and more; while the advanced features are unlimited layers, video transitions, and real-time previews, etc.

Features include:

Drag-and-drop interface to load video, audio, or image files with ease;

Adjust digital video parameters, such as brightness, gamma, hue, greyscale, etc;

Chroma key functions for green-screen effects;

Powerful key-frame animation capabilities for creating animated videos;

Unlimited layers for watermarks, background videos, and audio tracks

2. Lightworks

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free, $24.99/month for Pro version

Lightworks is one of the best free windows video editors on the market. It is designed with a simple and intuitive interface to make it easy pick up. As one of the best free video editing software for windows, Lightworks packs a lot of useful features for sure, like precision video trimming, multicam editing, numerous video formats supporting, and the ability to export 720p to YouTube, to name a few. Besides, it should be noted that this free video editor windows comes with many video tutorial to help you learn this program quickly.

Feature include:

Supports a wide range of video formats;

Edit video content while importing new ones;

Real-time ream project sharing;

Multicam editing;

Supports many video formats

3. Shotcut

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you are looking for the best free windows video editor, then Shotcut, a free and open-source platform, can be a great solution. Shotcut is originally designed for Linux, however, through developing, it is now also available on Windows and Mac system. This free video editing software for windows supports a wide range of video formats. In addition to supporting numerous video formats, this video editor has some other decent features, for example, 4K resolution support, timeline editing, and no need of importing video into the editor which can save a great of time.

Features include:

Countless video formats available;

Native timeline editing;

4K resolution supporting;

Many audio and video effects, such as interlacing, color correction, etc.

Final Words

Now that you have so many options of free video editing software for windows, you can start with trying them to see which one suits you best, considering each free video editor for windows has its own pros and cons. And it is time to take your video content to a higher level.