Most of the people love to watch movies and have some fun and laugh during our free time. It is the day and age when people do not depend on TVs and cinema halls for entertainment as they can get all kinds of entertainment on their computers and laptops and mobile devices. If you are looking to watch YouTube videos on your Mac computers without the internet connection or in offline mode, then you need to make use of a good free YouTube video downloader for Mac software. The video downloader for Mac programs are very easy to use and can help even a novice user to easily and quickly download their favorite YouTube videos on their Mac machines.

The following are some of the popular free YouTube downloader for Mac.

1.    ClipGrab for Mac

This free full version YouTube downloader for Mac is an easy to use and quick tool to download the videos on popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Sevenload, etc., and convert it into video formats suitable for Mac machines. 


·         Free, easy and fast YouTube video downloader that works independently and not browser supported.

·         It allows you to download the videos in HD quality and also offers the option of auto download.

·         It can convert the YouTube videos to popular formats like MP3, MP4, WMV, and OGG.

2.    YouTube Hunter

This is a free video downloader and converter that can find and download videos from all popular online channels like YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. It offers quick and fast download of all the YouTube videos you like on Mac and other OS quickly.


·         This free YouTube downloader for Mac software saves the original name of the video file that is there on the web pages of the downloaded videos.

·         It supports multiple downloads at one time and offers faster download speed than a real time playing.

·         The downloaded videos will be automatically converted to a format that you can easily view on your Mac devices.

·         There is also the option to convert the audio of the video files on YouTube into the mp3 files.

3.    Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac

This is a user-friendly online video converter that helps in quickly and efficiently converting your favorite YouTube videos to suit the Mac PCs. It is a free YouTube downloader for Mac that allows you to download any kind of YouTube video files on your Mac without any hesitation. It will automatically detect the videos on YouTube that are opened using the popular web browsers and hence you can download the YouTube videos you like with just a click.


·         Can download the YouTube videos, 3 times faster than other online YouTube video downloaders.

·         Supports the option to download the YouTube videos in batches.

·         Can turn the Mac to sleep mode or shut down mode once the download is complete.

·         Can convert the YouTube videos to any format of your choice to use on computers and other popular handheld devices.

·         Ability to extract the audio contents alone from the YouTube videos and save it as an MP3 file.

4.    Airy YouTube downloader for Mac

Looking to save your favorite YouTube videos on your Mac? Try out the Airy YouTube video downloader for Mac for free to play these videos at anytime and anywhere on your Mac devices. You do not have to have any internet connection to watch the downloaded YouTube videos.


·         This free YouTube downloader for Mac can extract the audio files from the YouTube videos and save the track in MP3 or other audio formats you prefer.

·         It can save the YouTube channels and playlists on your Mac easily.

·         The video converter offers you the option to see the quality of videos you would like to download and also choose the required format for the downloaded videos.

·         It can be easily integrated with all popular web browsers for quick YouTube video downloads.

5.    5KPlayer for Mac

This is a very popular software that can download the YouTube videos you watch on your Mac devices and convert it into suitable Mac video formats with ease. This tool is a free download YouTube converter to mp3 for Mac that works perfectly on Mac OS. It offers free and full-fledged online video downloading and conversion option.


·         Converts the YouTube video files into the MP3 file format and other audio formats.

·         It also serves as an HD video player that doubles up as a downloader and converter as well as the video player tool.

6. DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

If you do not own a Mac device and want to find out the best free YouTube video downloader for Windows, then there is nothing to beat the DVDFab YouTube video downloader and converter. The feature of free video downloads is offered along with the DVDFab video converter tool.


·         It can freely and quickly download the YouTube videos to MP4.

·         The tool offers you the option to choose the video resolution of the downloaded video.

·         This is a very fast YouTube video downloader that also offers batch online video download without any loss of video and audio quality.

·         After the download, it allows you to add the downloaded videos to Converter or Creator module. And then you can use the video converter tool or DVD/Blu-ray Creator tool to convert the videos to other video formats or DVD/Blu-ray format.

There is no doubt that the DVDFab free YouTube video downloader for Mac and Windows is the best tool to use to download YouTube videos and songs on your device freely and quickly.