Wondering how to edit GoPro videos the right way? Then you are in the right place. While GoPro makes shooting videos extremely easy, there is a lot of useless content in those videos and you need to shorten and beautify the clip with useful content before you can share it. We will look at some useful software below that will perfectly answer your question- How to edit GoPro videos!


Part 1: Edit GoPro videos with the Best GoPro video converter and editor - DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter as the name goes is a video converter but also has video editing tools within it. Once you have loaded the video into this application, you can do whatever you want with the video - from the basic crop, split and trim to the advanced changes like modifying resolution, framerate, audio bit rate, changing quality, resolution and more. To share it on different platforms and devices you can also change the video format including but not limited to high-quality 4k and UHD video formats. Let’s see how to edit GoPro videos like a Pro with DVDFab Video Converter.

Step 1. Attach GoPro to your computer or transfer files

Connect GoPro with your computer so that the files are available locally or transfer the GoPro files you want to edit to a folder on your computer.

Step 2. Install DVDFab Video Converter

Download and install DVDFab Video Converter.

Step 3. Load GoPro video files to the application

how to edit gopro videos

After starting the application, use the big + sign in the middle of the application or the +Add button on the interface to load GoPro files to the application.

Step 4. Select the output video format

how to edit gopro videos

If you want to change the output video format, use the Converter section of the application. Click on the Converter button, click on Profile Switcher button and select the appropriate file format or a device.

Step 5. Do Video editing

how to edit gopro videos

Open the video editor using the icon at the extreme right on the video entry in the main screen of the application. A new window will open where you can see how to edit GoPro videos with the tools available there. The 3 buttons just below the video are for Text, Image and Subtitle addition. Text and Image can be inserted in the video to act as your watermark or for explaining something. You can add subtitles if you have created a subtitle file like .srt to go with your video.

In the section just below, the first tool lets you change the video brightness, contrast and saturation level, the second is to Crop the video and the third one is to Trim the clip.

Whatever changes you do in the video are previewed in the Output video at top right.

Step 6. Modify video properties

While you are done with editing the graphical changes, you may also want to do some advanced editing on your video like changing the resolution or the audio bit rate may be? To see how to edit GoPro video and audio attributes, open the Advanced Settings window of DVDFab Video Converter application. Use the button right beside the Video editor button to launch it. Here you can change whatever modifications you want to do to the audio video quality.

how to edit gopro videos

Step 7. Start the generation of output video file

Once you have done all the changes required, return to the main screen and modify the output folder directly by using the Save to section at the bottom of the application and then click on Start. The file generation might take some time depending on the length and quality of the video.

You can leave the task running in the background and do some other video editing or any other task on the application.


Part 2: How to edit GoPro videos with other GoPro video editing software?



how to edit gopro videos

Want to see how to edit GoPro videos on the desktop with other tools? You can use Avidemux for this. It is an open source software that is capable of non-linear video editing. You can use it to apply effects on your GoPro video, insert audio streams into the video and the biggest highlight is that for advanced users, you can program the options, configurations, selections, and preferences to be applied automatically when you load a GoPro video on the application.

How to edit GoPro videos with Avidemux

1. Install the software, launch it, click on “File” and then on “Open” to locate your file and load it on the application.

2. Do the modifications you need.

3. Choose the output directory path and start the generation of the processed video file.



how to edit gopro videos

This is a very advanced freeware to edit GoPro videos. It can do both simple video editing tasks as well as advanced one like video masking. You can modify the playback speed of your video clip, do layer adjustments, add transitions, keyframes, filters and more. It also includes Live preview, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope and histogram displays. On the audio side, you can do audio mixing, visualize the audio waveform, do syncing and scrubbing of the audio.

How to edit GoPro videos on Blender

1. Install the software for free from the official website.

2. Add the video to the interface and do the necessary modifications.

3. Select the output directory path and generate the end output file.


VSDC Free Video Editor

how to edit gopro videos

VSDC has an easy to use interface but still packs a lot of punch in terms of its capabilities to edit GoPro videos. You can work on multiple scenes and transitions at the same time. Add effects, filters and directly draw on the video with extreme ease. You can use it for different video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, etc both as input and for output. You can also use it for audio and image editing

How to edit GoPro videos on VSDC Free Video Editor

1. Launch the program and import the video files

2. Use the various video editing tools on your GoPro video

3. Hit the Start button to get the desired video output



how to edit gopro videos

Quik is a software owned by GoPro and hence can be confidently used as an utility to edit GoPro videos. You can set it to automatically import GoPro videos to the application when you plug in your GoPro to the computer. It can create perfectly audio synchronized videos based on the beats of the music. Since it is a tool from GoPro, you can use it to upgrade the firmware of your cameras like HERO, HERO+, HERO4, and HERO5 among others.

How to edit GoPro videos on Quik

1. On launching the program you will see a “Add Media” button, use it to import videos.

2. Use the “Create Mode” to open the videos in editing mode.

3. Start editing and once done, click on Finish to generate the output video.

We hope your query “How to edit GoPro videos” is satisfactorily answered. The above tools are all high-quality tools that can make your GoPro videos very presentable. Use the mobile apps when you just need basic level editing and desktop tools for further advanced level editing.

The above video editors we recommend are editors that can be used on Windows or Mac, but if you want to edit videos on Linux system, please check top linux video editing software.