iPhone camera gives you a handy device with which you can quickly edit your videos. The answer to how to edit videos on iPhone is hidden in the Photos app of your iPhone. While the app is not a complete solution to the question of how to edit videos on iPhone but it lets you trim small clips from existing videos so that you can share it on other apps.

Part 1: How to edit videos on iPhone (iPhone 7/8/X)

1. Before you start editing a video, you obviously need a video itself. Create a video from your camera app if you already don’t have a video in your iPhone gallery.

2. Open the Photos app and select the Video you want to edit. If you can’t find the Video on iPhone X, click on the Albums option at the bottom of the screen, scroll down to find Media Types and then select Videos.

3. Once you have selected the video, let’s see how to edit the video on iPhone. Click on the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. A timeline of your video will appear at the bottom showing the frames of the video. Use the white bars at both the ends of the time bar and drag them to trim the parts you need. The parts outside the bars (which will now be yellow) are the ones that will be removed and the part inside the bar will be kept.

how to edit videos on iphone

5. If you are satisfied with your selection, click on Done otherwise hit Cancel to start again.

6. If you are using iOS versions lower than iOS 12 (iPhone 7/8), you will get an option to Trim Original, in addition, to Save as New Clip which will modify the original video itself. With iPhone X, you will just get the button Save as New Clip which you can use to save the clip separately without affecting the original video.

7. The saved video will now be visible in your Photos app.

The Photos app has been designed for a very basic function - Video trimming - to help you create clips that can be shared easily. You can’t modify the video attributes like frame rate, resolution or do editing like adding text overlays, changing brightness or contrast, adding transitions, effects in the video and so on. If you want to do such editings, you need to make use of other apps that are available on iTunes which we are going to explore below.

Part 2: Use third-parties to edit videos on iPhone


Wondering how to edit videos on iPhone using iMovie? Part of Apple’s own suite of products, iMovie has video editing capabilities too in addition to the default function of playing videos. While there are many better applications that you can use on your Mac for editing videos, on iPhone, iMovie provides a sufficient number of tools to accomplish common video editing tasks.

how to edit videos on iphone

Import the video into iMovie interface. After that, you can add text overlays on clips, slice the video, create split screens, add basic transitions, use filters, add titles and themes to beautify the video. You can create beautiful attractive videos by just pinching and zooming on your iPhone screen.

Filmmaker Pro

This tool is free to try and after that comes with a subscription-based service. However, if you need more tools than what iMovie wants it might be worth to spend a little money buying professional quality tools.

how to edit videos on iphone

If you are wondering how you can edit videos on iTunes with a professional touch, this app is the answer. You can modify the gradient of the footage to give that extra blast in the video or make it vintage by making it black and white.

Filmmaker Pro allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation level of the video in your iPhone itself. It also has the ability to add transitions, titles and graphics in the video.

A unique feature which you will rarely find in any other video editing app on iTunes is the ability to replace a green background with another background. This feature is widely used in movies to give a fake background, just imagine having the ability to do this at your fingertips.


This app is like it has been designed just to create quick videos for social media. Capture a video, throw in some effects, add some funny stickers, add in some graphics and text and your video is ready.

how to edit videos on iphone

You can use this app to record a new video as well as to import a video to edit it. It allows you to dictate captions on the video as well which come with a very minimal time lag. If you own an iPhone X or a iPhone from the same series, you can use the selfie camera as well and with a good filter, you may very well act like a Disney character or the Darth Vader.


If you want to know how to edit videos on iPhone, then this app is another great option. It can help you creation slow-motion videos, tilt-shift the frame to highlight a person or object or play your video in reverse.

how to edit videos on iphone

And as you would expect, the generic features are also present like adding filters, titles, overlays, trimming the video, changing brightness and more. On the audio front, you can add sounds effects, music or even do voice-overs.


While iMovie and Clips are more for the fun side use, LumaFusion answers to the call of how to edit videos on iPhone professionally. Yes, this app is targeted for the photojournalists and amateur movie makers you use their iPhone as their new age camera.

how to edit videos on iphone

It allows you to edit multiple tracks at once while offering you a preview. As is a frequent requirement in professional videos, the app has a powerful titler to improve the impact value of your video. And as usual, you can also do other changes like adding filters, effects and transitions.

Part 3: How to convert videos to iPhone supported format?

Smartphones have their limits and there is some editing that just can’t be done on handheld devices. Even if you want to edit a video that has not been recorded by the iPhone camera, chances are that the app available for video editing on iPhone won’t support the video format you will get from other sources. The solution to this problem is to use a desktop based software like DVDFab Video Converter to convert your video to iPhone supported format.

DVDFab Video Converter is a complete audio-video processing workstation. You can not only convert but also edit your videos directly from the DVDFab Video Editor application. Let’s see how to do that:

Step 1. Download and install  DVDFab Video Converter on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Load the video files you want to convert on the main screen of the DVDFab application by using drag and drop functionality and by clicking on the + button and locating the files.

convert and edit videos for iphone

Step 3. Click on the Converter icon in the top menu if it is not already selected. After that, click on the Profile Switcher button (top left side, beside the +Add button) and option the formats and device types available. Click on Device and from the left sidebar select Apple. From the list of Apple devices shown on the main screen, select the iPhone version you are using.

convert and edit videos for iphone

Skip to step 6 if you don’t want to do any editing.

Step 4. If you would like to do your video editing here itself rather than your iPhone, you can use the inbuilt video editor. It allows you to add Text or Image overlays, subtitles, Trim or Crop the video and adjust its brightness, contrast and saturation. Open the Video Editor by using the last icon in front of the video in shape of a pen.

convert and edit videos for iphone

Step 5. You can also change the video and audio properties using this tool. Just open the Advanced Settings window using the Spanner icon appearing on the left of the Video Editor icon. Here you can change the Resolution, video quality, Codec, Encoding method and more.

convert and edit videos for iphone

Step 6. Once you are ready with all the changes, you can change the output file directory by using the “Save to” option at the bottom end of the application. Click on the Start button to start the conversion of the video to your iPhone compatible format.

Note: If you choose the Mobile Device as the directory, a window will pop out to lead you to transfer the converted file to your iPhone after the conversion is finished.

With the high-quality cameras that Apple is shipping iPhones with, it is quite obvious why the need for good quality video editor applications for iPhone arises. A lot of work related to video editing is nowadays being done in the field and the applications listed above can help you to a very high extent.