Part 1: Why Do Videos Get Shaky

When you grab your smartphone or camera to capture a memorable moment, the last thing you want is a shaky video that leaves your audience feeling queasy. But why do videos get shaky in the first place?

The main culprit behind shaky videos is camera shake, a term used to describe the unintentional movement of the camera during recording. This movement can occur due to various factors, including handheld shooting, lack of stabilization technology, bad environmental conditions, inadequate equipment, etc.

how to fix shaky video

Part 2: How to Fix Shaky Videos on PC & Mobiel

If you’ve ever captured a video, you know the frustration of ending up with shaky footage. Thankfully, there are numerous techniques and tools available to help you fix shaky videos and achieve smooth, professional-looking results

1. [Win] How to fix shaky videos in UniFab

When it comes to fixing shaky videos, UniFab Video Converter Pro stands out as a reliable and user-friendly option. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a casual vlogger, Unifab Video Converter pro offers a range of features to meet your specific needs.

How to Fix Shaky Videos

UniFab Video Converter Pro

With its advanced stabilization algorithms, Unifab effectively reduces unwanted camera movements and vibrations, resulting in stable and captivating footage.

  • Fix shaky (deshake) videos without losing quality.
  • Convert and compress any video while retaining the original quality.
  • Over 1000+ formats are supported to be converted and edited.
  • Flexible customization to edit your video codec, resolution, audio track, etc.
  • Embedded with Toolkit and Video Editor to create your videos as needed.
Step 1

Launch up UniFab Video Converter Pro and Choose the 'Toolkit'. 

How to Fix Shaky Videos

Step 2

Choose the 'Deshake' module, and then add the video you want to stabilize.

How to Fix Shaky Videos

Step 3


Choose the shakiness, accuracy, stepsize, mincontrast, etc. 

How to Fix Shaky Videos

Step 4

After customization, click 'Start' and the video will be stabilized soon.

2. [Mac] How to fix shaky videos in Premiere

When it comes to video editing on a Mac, Premiere Pro is one of the most popular software options available. If you’re struggling with shaky footage and want to know how to fix it, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to stabilize your videos using Premiere Pro.

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Step 1

Import your shaky videos

First, launch Premiere Pro and import the shaky video you want to stabilize. Click on “File” and then select “Import” to browse for your video file. Once selected, drag and drop it into the timeline.

Step 2

Apply the Warp Stablizer effect

With your footage in the timeline, navigate to the “Effects” panel on the right side of the interface. In the search bar, type “Warp Stabilizer” and then drag the effect onto your video clip in the timeline. Premiere Pro will start analyzing the footage to stabilize it automatically.

How to fix shaky videos in Premiere

Step 3

Adjust and customize the settings

Click on the effect in the timeline to reveal the settings in the “Effect Controls” panel. Here, you can tweak the “Smoothness” parameter to control how much stabilization is applied. Higher values will result in smoother footage but may also introduce slight distortion.

Step 4

Analyze and render

Premiere Pro will need to analyze and render the stabilized footage.To start the analysis, click on the “Play” button next to the effect in the timeline. A progress bar will indicate the status of the analysis.

Step 5

Preview and export

Click on “File” and then select “Export” to choose your desired export settings and file format. Finally, click on “Export” to save your stabilized video.

3. [iPhone] How to fix shaky videos

One effective way to fix shaky videos on your iPhone is by using video editing apps equipped with stabilization features. iMovie is a popular solution to fix shaky videos on Pad, but unluckily, this feature is unavailable on iOS version.

Apps like Emulsio offer built-in stabilization tools that can analyze your footage and automatically correct any shakiness. Simply import your video, apply the stabilization effect, and export a smooth and stable version of your recording.

how to fix shaky video on iphone

4. [Andriod] App to fix shaky videos

In today’s digital age, everyone is capturing videos with their smartphones. However, shaky footage can ruin even the most memorable moments. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, there are now numerous apps available for Android devices that can help fix shaky videos. Here we take Google Photos as an example.

how to fix shaky video on Android

Step 1

Position and Initiate the Shaky Video in Google Photos

Initiate Google Photos, select Library situated at the bottom-right corner of the display, and then activate the shaky video that you aim to fix.


Step 2

Start to Fix the Shaky Video

After the video becomes accessible in the application and begins to play, select the Edit option from the bottom. In the subsequent window, verify that the Video section is chosen. Then, tap the Stabilize icon situated in the lower-left quadrant of the window and allow Google Photos a moment to stabilize the video.

how to fix shaky video on Android

Step 3

Preserve the Fixed Video

On completion of the video fixing process, opt for Save copy. This option, found at the bottom-right corner, allows you to retain the stabilized video as a new copy without affecting the original file.


Remember, before using any app to stabilize videos, it’s important to minimize camera shake during filming by using proper equipment and techniques. However, if shaky footage is unavoidable, this guide is your go-to solution for turning your shaky videos into polished masterpieces. Happy filming!