In the grand productivity race, Chromebooks have zoomed to the top, becoming the go-to companions for conquering your tasks with precision and speed. But here's the exciting twist: they've also snatched the spotlight as the ultimate choice for budding video creators, all thanks to their nifty built-in screen recording magic.

Imagine this – no need to summon third-party software to capture your screen escapades, whether creating a tutorial or embarking on an epic gaming quest. Continue reading to discover how to screen record on Chromebook.

how to screen record on chromebook

How to Capture Your Chromebook Screen as a Video?

Are you planning to record your Chromebook activities? We have you covered with three built-in functionalities available for Chromebook users. Keep reading to learn about each method of how to screen record on chromebook:

Method 1: How to Record Your Chromebook Screen Using Shortcuts 

Recording your Chromebook screen is easy with shortcuts. You can capture the whole screen, just a part, or a single window. Here's how:

Press the "Ctrl + Shift + Show all windows" keys together. Look for the key that looks like a rectangle with lines on the right.
Click "New screen recording" in the panel at the bottom.
Choose to record the whole screen, a window, or a part.
Click "Record" to start. Hit "Stop" in the panel when you're done. Your recording will be in the Downloads folder.
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Note: If you can't find "Show all windows," use "Ctrl + Shift + F5" to initiate screen recording. 

Method 2: How to Screen Record on a Chromebook Using Screen Capture 

If you don't like using shortcuts, you can still record your Chromebook screen with a tool called Screen Capture. This tool is built into Chrome-89 and later versions of Chromebooks and lets you take pictures and videos of what's on your screen. Here's how you do it:

Look for the clock icon in the bottom-right corner and click on it. If you don't see it, click on an arrow to show more options.
When a menu appears, choose Screen Capture. This will give you a toolbar with different recording choices at the bottom of your screen.

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook Using Screen Capture 

Find the Video icon on the toolbar's left side and pick it. This lets you record a video of your screen.

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook Using Screen Capture 

Decide which part of your screen you want to record. You can capture everything, just one window or a specific area.
Click the gear icon to decide if you want to include sound, use the microphone, and pick video quality.

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook Using Screen Capture 

For full-screen recording, click anywhere on the screen to start. Move the box to where you want to record for part of the screen, then hit "Record." If you're recording a specific window, click on it to start.
When you're done recording, click "Stop." Your video will be saved in the Downloads folder.

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook Using Screen Capture 

Method 3: How to Record Screen on Chromebook with Audio?

If you're using Chrome OS 103 or newer, a nifty tool called Screencast can answer your query on how to screen record on chromebook with audio. It's meant mainly for students and teachers, but anyone can use it.

Besides recording your screen, you can add your voice, show your face through the webcam, draw on the screen, make written transcripts, and even translate things. But remember, it only works now if your Chromebook is set to English (US).

Let's see how to use Screencast to record your Chromebook screen:

Find the Screencast app in your Chromebook's apps and open it. Once it's open, click "New Screencast" in the top-left corner.

How to Record Screen on Chromebook with Audio?

Choose what part of your screen you want to record. You can pick the whole screen, a window, or piece.

How to Record Screen on Chromebook with Audio? 

It'll record sound and video from your microphone and webcam by default. But if you don't want that, you can turn them off in the "settings" at the bottom.

How to Record Screen on Chromebook with Audio?

Press the red "record" button to start recording. While recording, you can even draw on the screen or move the webcam view around.

How to Record Screen on Chromebook with Audio?

When you're finished, hit the red "stop" button on the bottom bar of Chrome OS. Your recording will be saved in the Screencast app under "My screencasts." You can also look at the written version and make changes if needed.

How to Find Your Chromebook Screen Recordings?

When you make screen recordings on your Chromebook, they're saved by default in "Downloads". To find them, open the "Files" app from your launcher and choose "Downloads" on the sidebar. 

If you like, you can change where your recordings go by making some settings changes. The recordings you make will be saved as ".webm" files. It's advisable to change them to ".mp4" for greater flexibility. 

And if you're using the Screencast app, your recordings won't be on your Chromebook. They'll be up in the cloud, like a magical storage space. You can find and share them in the Screencast app by sharing the link. 

Limitations Of Screen Recording On Chromebook

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How can I know if my Chromebook has a screen recorder? 

Just look at your Chromebook's version. You're good to go if it's 89 or a newer one. To check, go to Settings, About Chrome OS, and Additional Details.

What's the distinction between screen record and screen capture? 

Screen capture is like photographing your screen that doesn't move. But with screen record, you make a video. Plus, you can also add sound to the video. You can record just a part, the whole screen, or just one window.


Armed with the knowledge of how to screen record on Chromebook and insights for effective screen recording, you can now create captivating and enlightening videos primed for sharing with a global audience.