Lady Gaga – we know her, we love her, we can’t live without her. Well, maybe we could but we’d rather not. We’d rather have her around forever so we can always listen to her great music. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga hasn’t released a whole lot of new music in 2018 so, for now, we’ll have to go back and listen to her older tracks. As we do that, we’re also making a list of the top 15 latest Lady Gaga songs that we think you’d enjoy so come and join us as we talk a little bit about them.

Part 1: Top 15 Lady Gaga Latest Songs

Your Song

Lady Gaga’s latest song has a name that many of you might be familiar with. That’s because this is actually a cover of Elton John’s original Your Song, which came out back in 1970.


The Cure

One of Lady Gaga’s latest songs took a long time and a lot of talent to compose. We’re talking of course about The Cure, on which Gaga worked with four different writers.

Find Yourself

This one comes courtesy of Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real so it’s technically not one of Lady Gaga’s latest songs. However, she does provide the backup vocals for this track so we figured we’d include it anyway.



The first entry on our list from Lady Gaga’s latest album, Joanne, but certainly not the last.

Million Reasons

You don’t need a million reasons to listen to this great song. The fact that this is an emotional tune with country vibes and a well-made music video is reason enough.


If you’re looking for one of Lady Gaga’s latest songs that doubles as an emotional rollercoaster you’ve just found it. As you’ve probably guessed, this song has a special significance on the album Joanne.

Perfect Illusion

Despite being released in September, Perfect Illusion is the very definition of a summer hit. Two years since its release and the song is still playing at beach parties everywhere.


Grigio Girls

Some of the latest Lady Gaga songs are cheerful and upbeat, others are sad and heart-wrenching. This falls into the latter category.

John Wayne

John Wayne uses a lot of country elements, much like most of the Joanne album. However, you’ll find this particular song, and especially the music video, to be a bit more over-the-top than some of her other tracks.


La Vie en rose

We’re moving away a bit from Lady Gaga’s latest songs from Joanne to give a quick shout out to this great cover. The original La Vie en rose is popular French song by Edith Piaf that originally released back in the 40s.

Angel Down

Not necessarily a religious song but pretty close. Angel Down talks about faith and how difficult it can be to keep believing in this day and age.


Diamond Heart

Out of all the latest Lady Gaga songs on this list, Diamond Heart is definitely the heaviest, almost bordering on rock thanks to drums provided by Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys.

Come to Mama

Mama Gaga does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


Hey Girl feat. Florence Welch

Lady Gaga usually prefers to do all the vocals herself so this collaboration with Florence Welch was quite unexpected, but definitively not unwelcomed.

Dancin’ in Circles

If you didn’t know who was singing this song and when it was released, you’d probably swear Dancin’ in Circles came out in the mid-90s. As it happens, though, this is actually one of Lady Gaga’s latest songs from just a couple of years ago.


Part 2: How to Download the Latest Songs of Lady Gaga from YouTube

As it’s often the case nowadays with most artists, it’s possible to find the latest Lady Gaga songs on YouTube and listen to them anytime you want. Even better, you can even download them by using a piece of software called DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Or maybe you’d prefer to download an entire playlist. Well, don’t worry because with this tool you can do that as well.

Here’s how it works:

1. Your first order of business is to download DVDFab 10 and then click on the YouTube to MP3 tool found under the Utilities tab.


2. Next, go to YouTube and find the latest Lady Gaga song you enjoy the most, or any song for that matter.


3. Copy the URL of the song and then paste it inside YouTube to MP3 to begin the conversion process.


4. Once the song has been downloaded go to the destination folder and feel free to transfer it to a mobile device to listen on the go.



Lady Gaga’s latest songs are just as good as most of her older hits like Bad Romance or Poker Face. Some might even say they’re a bit better because the artist now has a more mature style and more experience. Let’s hope this trend continues with her next album and that a new album is coming in the near future. Lady Gaga seems to be more focused on acting at the moment but we’re sure new music is still on her mind. But whether or not a new album is in the works, we can at least have the latest Lady Gaga songs to listen to while we wait and we can even download them thanks to DVDFab YouTube to MP3.