Though a love song list ideally contains the songs about romance, heartbreak, breakup, and after breakup songs, here we have curated a list where there is love only in every song. Why talk about heartbreaks on a lovely day?

I love to listen to love songs whenever I am traveling, resting, relaxing after a stressful day, or just any other time of the day. I feel that melodious, romantic songs calm your mind and give you a refreshed feeling, well it does for me. You can also try with our list of the top 15 latest love songs.

Part 1: Top 15 latest love songs

1.     Help Us to Love - Tori Kelly

‘Help Us To Love’ is one of the latest love cut songs to download and enjoy if you are into love songs. It’s from the album Hiding Place featuring The HamilTones. Well, this song doesn’t feature the love for a person but the love for all. The singer sings, “God help us to love/ This world is weeping, hurting, broken and begging for change/ God, your love is the cure.”

2.     Girls Like You - Maroon 5

‘Girls Like You’ is probably the best song in the whole list. I just love this song. This song is from the album, ‘Red Pill Blues.’ The song was nominated for several awards including MTV Video Music Award for the Best Song of the Summer. The lyrics and music of the song are simply beautiful, and you feel like getting along with the song.

3.     Parallel Line - Keith Urban

latest love song

‘Parallel Line’ is the latest love song music in country genre from the album, Graffiti U. The singers sing about his girl that she said she loved him when he was not expecting and holding himself back from saying anything to her. Now, when she has said it, he offers him his heart, “Just please don’t misplace it/ Maybe it’s time we put our hearts in a parallel line.”

4.     This Girl - Hunter Hayes

latest love song

Another beautiful love song, ‘This Girl’ by Hunter Hayes is a beautiful confession of a heart about a girl that it is falling more and more. The singer sings that this girl is one of a kind and he is lucky to have her beside him. This song can be a perfect proposal song as the lyrics and the music in it is just magical.

5.     The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

Now,this is a song for the girl to dedicate to their guy. ‘The Middle’ is the latest love songs for him, and the lyrics say it all, “So pull me closer/ Why don't you pull me close?/ Why don't you come on over?/ I can't just let you go/ Oh baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle?/ I'm losing my mind just a little.” The song is from the album 538 Hitzone 85 and is nominated for several awards including ‘Radio Disney Music Award for Best Dance Track.’

6.     You Make It Easy - Jason Aldean

latest love song

‘You Make It Easy’ is the latest love song from the Album, ‘Rearview Town.’ In the song, the singer calls his girl his inspiration/ his better half/ his saving grace/ his sunshine in the dark. He also gives her credit for his success and making him love her so easy.

7.     Just South Of Heaven - Blake Shelton

One of the latest country love songs 2014, this song is from the album Bringing Back the Sunshine. In the love song, the singer calls his girl an angel out of love.

8.     Paniyon Sa - Tulsi Kumar, Atif Aslam

‘Paniyon Sa’ is the latest Bollywood love song from the movie, ‘Satyameva Jayate.’ In the movie, this romantic song revolves around the cute loving moments of the couple.

9.     Pa l- Arijeet Singh & Shreya Ghoshal

‘Pal’ is the latest Hindi love song from the movie Jalebi. The song is quite romantic, and the music and lyrics are beautiful.

10.    LunamgTugtugin - Inigo Pascual

‘Lunamg Tugtugin’ is the latest Filipino love song by Inigo Pascual. The singer released the song on his 21st birthday.

11.     Summer - Beyonce & Jay Z

12.     Kiss Somebody - Morgan Evans

13.     Greatest Love Story - LANCO

14.     Mad Love - Sean Paul, David Guetta

15.     Wild Love - James Bay

Now, you have a big list of love songs that you can download and enjoy.

Part 2: How to Download Latest Love Songs?

Downloading videos from YouTube is easier so you can go ahead, search for the songs, and download but what if you want to download their audio format such as MP3?

There are no good sites that offer free MP3 songs. Most of the good ones ask for payment to download MP3 songs.

So, what would be the solution?

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 module of DVDFab 11 is the best solution to it since this tool extracts the audio of any YouTube video and downloads to your computer.

Notable features of DVDFab YouTube to MP3

·        When video URL is pasted, it downloads audio in MP3 format on your computer.

·        It downloads whole playlist when you paste YouTube playlist link.

·        It retains all the metadata of the song when it downloads MP3 from videos because it downloads metadata as well.

·        VIP Speed Download feature is enabled to download songs faster. It is helpful when you are downloading a playlist.

How to Download Love Songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3?

1.      Download DVDFab 11 and install on your PC/Laptop.

2.     Once installed, launch DVDFab 11 on your PC. Now, go to Utilities and click YouTube to MP3.

download love songs from youtube

It will take a bit time if you are opening this module on your computer for the first time. If you have already used it, then it will instantly open.

3.      A new window “YouTube to MP3” will be opened automatically.

download love songs from youtube

4.      Now, we have to feed the URL of the song in the tool. For this, go to YouTube, search for your favourite love song from the list above. And, copy the link of the video.

5.      Go back to the tool, and click “Paste URL”, and you will see that download is already started.

download love songs from youtube

6.      After the download completes, you can find the downloaded MP3 song in the “Finished” tab.

download love songs from youtube

All done. Your MP3 song is downloaded.


Most of us love to listen to love songs, and when it comes travelling or roaming around, we need audio version of songs to listen. With the DVDFab YouTube MP3 converter tool, it is easier to download MP3 of any video songs that are available on YouTube as we have shown in this article.