Do you like watching videos on iTunes? Have you ever thought convert iTunes videos to MP3 and enjoy them freely on various devices? In this article we will teach you to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes M4V videos to MP3 easily. Before following this tutorial make sure that you know something about M4V and Apple’s DRM protection.


Part 1: Some Knowledge about M4V and DRM

If you have ever purchasedvideoon iTunes store then you may already know about M4V format. M4V is a video format owned and developed by Apple INC. Apple uses M4V format to distribute digital content on iTunes store. So if you have ever purchased digital content from iTunes store then you can sync it across multiple Apple devices.

Apple protects its iTunes media through DRM. DRM is the short for ‘Digital Rights Management’ which is a way to protect the content from illegal distribution, copying, editing etc. In simple words DRM means encrypting the media which can only be opened on an Apple deviceor an authorized device with iTunes.

So, what would you do if you want to play that DRM protected content on any other device? You can’t directly play DRM protected content outside of Apple devices. You first have to remove the DRM before you can play them on non-Apple devices. After removing the DRM protection you can easily convert your M4V to MP3.


Part 2: How to Remove The DRM Protection on Apple(iTunes) M4V Files?

DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple is the required software for removing the Apple’s DRM which also automatically converts M4V files to MP4 format lossless. By the term lossless we mean that the converted video will be exactly the same in quality when compared to the source file. After the DRM removal you can enjoy that particular MP4 file on any multimedia device. Before doing anything you should download and install the latest DVDFab  11 for either Mac or Windows.

Note: To remove DRM encryptions, you should allow DVDFab to access the iTunes Library XML. To make it happen, go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Advanced, and then check the box before Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.

·         Open DVDFab  11 and click the ‘Utilities’ tab and then click ‘DRM Removal for Apple’. It will automatically download and install itself.

best drm removal for apple

·         Once it gets installed, a new windows opens. Here you will see two options ‘Audio’ and ‘Video’.

best conerter to convert m4v to mp3

·         There are two ways to load the DRM protected files. Firstly use the iTunes account login or secondly load the files from your computer’s hard drive if you have saved them earlier.

convert m4v to mp3 on win/mac

·         Once you add all the M4V files click the ‘Start’ button to initiate the process of removing the DRM encryption.

·         After the DRM gets removed you can transfer those MP4 files to non-Apple devices or can use DVDFab video converter to convert them to any other video format.

·         See the tutorial below to convert the above processed M4V to MP3.


Part 3: How to Convert M4V Files to MP3?

In the part 1 you learned to remove DRM from M4V files and also converted them to MP4. So, in this part 2 we will teach you to convert these MP4 files to MP3. This is an indirect approach to convert DRM protected M4V files to MP3 which is comprised of two parts. For this purpose we will be using DVDFab Video Converter which will convert M4V to MP3.

As the name suggests, it is a powerful video converter which can convert any video format. Apart from converting videos it also provides powerful customization options and a built-in video editor with functions like crop, multi-trim, rotate, adding subtitles etc. Now follow the tutorial below. Please note that this tutorial works for both Mac and Windows users. This is a nice software to convert M4V to MP3 Mac free.

·         Open the DVDFab 11 program and click the ‘Converter’ function tab.

·         Click the ‘Video Profile Selector’ button then click the ‘Format’ tab. From the left menu click ‘Audio’ and from here select ‘MP3’.

how to convert m4v files to mp3

·         Now click the ‘+Add’ in the main DVDFab 11 program and load the MP4 file(s) that was/were converted from DRM encrypted M4V format to MP4 in part 1.

best video converter to convert m4v files

·         After loading the MP4 file click the ‘Video Settings’ button to customize MP3 settings like changing the ‘Channels’, ‘Sample Rate’, ‘Bit Rate’, ‘Codec’, and increase the volume by up to 500 percent.

m4v to mp3 conversion

·         After customizing the settings click the ‘Start’ button to start converting M4V to MP3 indirectly.



So in this article you learned to remove the DRM encryption from iTunes media. In part 2 you also learned to convert your iTunes media to any other video or audio format (M4V to MP3). We used two software here DVDFab DRM removal for Apple and DVDFab video converter. Both these software are powerful and serve their purpose well.

So if you’re looking for safe and lossless DRM removal and M4V to MP3 conversion then think no more and always choose the best option which is DVDFab 11. It is your turn now, just download the software and use it yourself to check and validate our statements and the tutorials above. We hope that the software would solve all your DRM removal and conversion related queries easily.

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