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How to Convert MKV to MP3?


   Posted by Rebecca

2019-03-18 13:57:41


Summary: How to convert MKV to MP3? It is very easy to convert MKV to MP3 if you have a good MKV to MP3 converter in your hand. Here we will show you how to convert MKV to MP3 quickly with different video converters.

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MKV is a container format for audio and video files. MKV can contain almost an infinite number of audio and video files in just one single file. However, technically nobody puts an infinite number of media files while encoding a MKV file but still MKV movie files are larger in size than standard formats like MP4, AVI etc. This is the reason why larger MKV movie files remain incompatible with many devices like home theaters, and TVs.

Some of these deviceswon’t play the video but give out only sound while some of them produce the video on the screen but no sound. But if you don’t want to watch the video at all then it would be better to convert it to MP3 format. Because MP3 is universally supported by all multimedia devices and you just have to listen to the movie instead of watching it. So, in this tutorial I will teach you to convert MKV to MP3.


Part 1: Recommended Method to Convert MKV to MP3 - DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is the recommended MKV to MP3 converter here. This MKV to MP3 converter is an easy to use tool with quality options and features. So, let’s start converting your MKV to MP3 with DVDFab Video Converter.

·         Download and install the latest DVDFab 11 from the official website.

·         Open the program and click the ‘Converter’ tab. Click the ‘Add’ button or the big ‘Plus’ button in the middle of the program window. Load your MKV file in the program.

·         Now click the ‘Video Profile Selector’ button. Then click the ‘Format’ tab and then click ‘Audio’ in the left side. From here click and select ‘MP3’.

·         Now click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and change the MP3 settings like ‘Channels’ (Stereo, Mono, Dolby Surround/ProLogic, Dolby ProLogic 2), ‘Sample rate’, ‘Bit rate’. You can also increase the volume by up to 500% if your MKV movie has very low sound. This volume increase feature will boost the MP3 sound output.

·         You can also select the audio if your MKV movie has multiple audio languages. DVDFab Video Converter will convert your MKV movie to your selected audio language if the movie supports multiple audio streams, otherwise the default sound will be selected automatically.

·         Finally, click the ‘Start’ button to initiate the MKV to MP3 conversion. Wait for few minutes as the conversion will depend on file size and your computer’s processing power. Don’t worry if your PC equips high-end hardware because the hardware acceleration technologies like Intel Quick Sync or Nvidia CUDA will automatically come into play and boost the processing speed.

·         Locate the converted file and transfer it to your desired device and enjoy your MKV movie in MP3 format.


Part 2: Use VLC to Convert MKV to MP3

VLC media player is a free media player that supports a wide variety of audio and video formats. Besides playing audio and video files you can also use it as a video converter. In this part I’ll teach you to use VLC as an MKV to MP3 converter.

·         Download and install VLC media player from official VideoLan website.

·         Open VLC media player and click ‘Media>Convert/Save’.

·         A dialog box will open. Here click the ‘Add’ button and load your MKV file. Then click the ‘Convert/Save’ button.

·         Now the convert dialog box will open. Click the ‘Profile’ dropdown list and select ‘Audio-MP3’ from the list. Click the ‘Settings’ button next to it to change MP3 settings like bit-rate, channels, and apply filters.

·         Now click ‘Browse’ and select the destination folder. The ‘Save file’ dialog will open, here name the file as ‘file-name.mp3’ and set the ‘Save as type’ to ‘All’. Then click ‘Save’.

·         Finally click ‘Start’ in the VLC ‘Convert’ dialog box. Wait for few minutes and your MKV file will be converted to MP3. Check the destination folder and transfer the file to any device.


Part 3: Use an Online MKV to MP3 Converter (

If you have small MKV files that are easy to upload then you can use an online MKV to MP3 converter. This online tool is

·         Go to the website

·         Click ‘From Computer’ and load your MKV file.

·         Then select the MP3 format from the ‘to’ section. Then click ‘Convert’. Once the conversion is complete you will be offered download links. Download your MP3 file and enjoy.



So, this is how you can convert your favorite MKV to MP3. If your MKV files are quite large then it would be better to use the offline MKV to MP3 tools. For this purpose you can use DVDFab Video Converter which gives good options for customizing your MKV to MP3. You can also use VLC which is totally free. If your MKV files are small in size then you can use the online MKV to MP3 converter. The best thing about an online converter is that it can be used on your smartphones also. So it won’t be always necessary to use a desktop PC for online conversion of small MKV files to MP3.

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