Having an MOV converter to help you switch MOV video files to other formats can be useful to make sure they are compatible with various devices. Additionally it will enable you to convert them to formats that have better compression rates.

While there are many MOV converters out there, finding a good one for a Windows PC or Mac can be tricky. The list below that will supply you with a good place to start as it contains ten of the best options that you can use as an MOV file converter.


1.  DVDFab Video Converter

Available for both Windows PCs and Macs, DVDFab Video Converter is an MOV converter that is both fast and user-friendly. It will let you convert MOV to MP4, MKV, AVI, or practically any other format that you require, and has presets for most new devices and platforms.

With the 30-day free trial you’ll have full access to all the features that are available and will be able to adjust the video parameters, edit your videos in various ways, or even convert large numbers of videos in batches.

All in all DVDFab Video Converter is a comprehensive tool that can easily help you to convert your MOV video files and output high quality videos, while at the same time fulfilling most of your other video conversion or editing needs.


2.  Any Video Converter Free

As its name suggests, Any Video Converter Free is a free video converter for Windows and OS X, but unlike many other free options it has impressive capabilities. It can convert MOV videos and supports most other popular formats, and has the option to convert online videos for offline viewing as well.

On top of that, Any Video Converter Free has several basic editing tools and will let you customize the video parameters according to your needs. The only slight downside is the fact that it is bundled with other software, so you will have to pay attention during the installation.


3.  Freemake Video Converter

Another excellent option to convert MOV videos on Windows PCs is the Freemake Video Converter. It is user-friendly and supports a wide range of formats and presets, and is able to convert online videos as well.

While the features in Freemake Video Converter are impressive and include editing tools, some can only be activated after a three day period. In short if you want to take full advantage of what it has to offer, you won’t be able to do so immediately.


4.  FFmpeg

At its core FFmpeg is a free, cross-platform, powerful, and resource-friendly video converter that supports a wide range of formats ranging from obscure old formats to the more popular latest additions. It is designed to work on most platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux, and more.

Unfortunately FFmpeg is not the prettiest or most user-friendly software, and was originally designed for a command-line interface. While it does have a graphical user interface now, the learning curve may be steep.


5.  CloudConvert

True to its name CloudConvert is a web-based converter, and is able to handle MOV videos along with many other formats of video, audio, image, document or other types of files. It may not be as fast as software-based converters, but it is smooth and covers all the options you would want when converting.

Although CloudConvert supports videos that are up to 1 GB in size, it does have a limit of 25 free minutes of conversion per day. Because of that it may be best to look at other options if you want to process lots of videos.


6.  ImTOO MOV to MP4 Converter Free

If you want a reliable and user-friendly converter that will convert MOV to MP4 specifically – the ImTOO MOV to MP4 Converter Free will do just that. It is reliable and easy to operate, and will convert videos at a reasonable pace.

The main limitation of this MOV converter is the fact that it doesn’t support any other formats, and only works to convert MOV videos to MP4/H.264 video files. ImToo does have a more comprehensive video converter that can be used for other formats – at a price.


7.  OnlineVideoConverter.com

Another popular web-based converter is OnlineVideoConverter.com. It supports most popular audio and video formats, and can easily convert your MOV videos to the formats that you need.

As a converter, OnlineVideoConverter.com is easy-to-use and has tools to set the video or audio quality, or trim it. However apart from that it is light on features, and additionally there is a 3072 MB file size limitation that you should be aware of.


8.  VideoSolo Free Video Converter

Designed for both Windows PCs and Macs, the VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a capable converter that can convert MOV files to a wide range of formats or using presets for popular platforms. It is lightweight and intuitive, and its features will allow you to customize the video parameters, set up batch video conversion, or combine video and audio files.

In contrast to other converters, the VideoSolo Free Video Converter does not have any editing tools, which can be a drawback.


9.  Free Video Converter Factory

Compared to many free converters, Free Video Converter Factory has an impressive list of features and can convert videos to most formats as well as convert online videos from YouTube. It has a variety of editing tools as well, and you will be able to adjust the video parameters and utilize presets for most popular devices.

Despite its advantages, there is one major disadvantage you should be aware of – Free Video Converter Factory cannot convert 1080p Full HD video (or UHD/4k) resolutions. That limitation can be lifted, but you will need to purchase the premium version to do so.


10. Zamzar

Zamzar is a versatile web-based converter that can convert video, audio, image, documents and various other files between different formats. By uploading your MOV video, you will be able to switch it to most popular formats as required.

On the whole Zamzar is best used for converting small-sized MOV videos, as it has a file upload limit of 50 MB for free users. To increase that limit to up to 2 GB you will need to subscribe on a monthly basis.


Final Words

As you can see each of the MOV converters listed above is different and unique in its own way. If you’re looking for a MOV converter that is easy-to-use and can convert and output high quality videos at remarkable speed then you should definitely try DVDFab Video Converter, as it will deliver all that – and more.