Rarely are videos recorded which don’t require some type of editing. Cropping, trimming, watermarking, adding subtitles, changing brightness, contrast, saturation level, etc., and sometimes you may also want to edit a movie or a video for a certain purpose. There are just too many ways in which a video can be modified to look presentable as an end product. In this article, we will be looking at different MP4 editors which can make your task to edit your MP4 videos simple and quick.


DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter not only converts videos but is also equipped with a full-fledged MP4 video editor. Let’s look at what all this MP4 video editor for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 can do. Before you can start with editing any video, you first need to load the MP4 file in the DVDFab Video Converter application. You can upload multiple files too in the application. Install the application from the link above, launch the application and in the main screen drag and drop the MP4 file for editing.

Open the Video Editing window using the icon highlighted in the image above. In the Video editing window, you can see different tabs to do different tasks. Let’s see the individual tasks you can do using this video editor.

1.    Info: In the first window, you can see and modify the Aspect Ratio of the video. You can rotate the video if you want in case it has been shot in the wrong orientation.

2.    Trim: You can trim your MP4 video from either side. Change the starting point or the ending point of the video if you have some unnecessary portion, which we all usually do have in a video. You can also Trim parts of the video in between by taking the end slider to just the end part of the video you don’t want, click on the Add Trim button (Scissor icon) and then deselect or deleting the part of the video you don’t want. You can also use the same Add Trim functionality to divide the video into two parts, just make sure the “Merge trimmed clips” checkbox is not selected.

3.    Crop: You can crop your MP4 video just like you can crop an image. Ideally, you should maintain the Aspect Ratio even when cropping the video but it is not compulsory. There are a few predefined ratios by which you can crop the video using the MP4 editor or you can choose a custom ratio to crop the video. If you want to go for custom Aspect Ratio then you can use the Distance to Edge option to crop the Top, Bottom, Left or Right portion of the MP4 video.

4.    Watermark: While editing your video using an MP4 video editor, you might also want to watermark your creation to keep it safe from unauthorised use. Use the Watermark feature of DVDFab Video Editor to add your custom watermark to the whole video. You can use your logo or some text and add that to the video with some transparency so that your video quality is not compromised while your video is safeguarded by the watermark.

5.    Subtitle: If you want to add some subtitles to the output of your video from the MP4 video editor, select the subtitle file (.srt) in the Path section and click OK.

6.    Video: The last feature of this MP4 video editor is the ability to change the Brightness, Contrast or the Saturation level of the video. Just use the slider to change any of these things and even the output looks fine in the Video Preview stop right there.

Advanced Options: In addition to doing changes in the video visuals itself, you might want to do changes in the video technical attributes too like making the video run fast, reduce resolution, change Audio codec, change video Encoding Method and more. This all can be done using the Advanced Settings window of DVDFab Video Converter.

These were all these features that the MP4 video editor of DVDFab Video Converter has. These are practically the only features you would generally require from the video editor in your regular use. Once you have done all the changes you can close the editor and press the Start button to finally get the output MP4 file with all the changes you did in the MP4 editor. If you have uploaded multiple files then all the output files will be generated in the same instance with all the changes that you have done individually in each file.


MP4 editor online - VideoToolBox

Most free MP4 video editors don’t offer much functionalities expect Trimming and Cutting videos. However, there are a few MP4 editors online that do offer a host of functionalities but only when you make an account with them. And of course, you have to tolerate the ads that these websites host for their revenue. One such free MP4 editor online is VideoToolBox. You need to make an account to use its features. Making an account on VideoToolBox offers you not only free MP4 editing tools but offers you free limited storage space too for a limited period so that once you have uploaded some video, you can take your own sweet time to do the editing. The output videos too are available for quite some days. You can cut, crop, add watermark, subtitles, audio stream and much more!



Avidemux is an open source project available for all major platforms - Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux. Written in C++, this free MP4 video editor it can do both video conversion and video editing. You can use it to cut or crop videos. You can use its multiple filters to do interlacing, resizing, color correction and to add subtitles to the video. It supports non-linear video editing. It is not only an MP4 video editor but supports other major formats as well - AVI, ASF, DVD, MPEG and MKV. You can even automate you MP4 video editing using the support for scripting present with Avidemux. And of course, as the name goes, it supports muxing and demuxing of videos too.


VSDC Free MP4 video editor

VSDC video editor finds a special spot in our list due to it compatibility with Windows versions as old as Windows 2000. It does not require any special hardware configuration to run and is therefore perfect for anyone you needs an MP4 video editor for Windows, be it for outdated Windows versions like Windows 2000/2003/XP or for highly used versions like Windows 7 and Windows 10. It can do non-linear video editing on video and audio files. It offers professional quality video production capabilities for a number of formats including high resolution and ultra-high resolution videos. In addition to being a video editor for MP4 videos, it can also do screen recording, video conversion, burn discs and record voice.



Few people are actually aware that Blender has video editing capabilities. Rather it is more famous for use in 3D projects. It is again an open source project and completely free. There are people who swear by its capabilities of video editing with the only catch being that it takes some time to learn it compared to the paid tools. Especially if you are a Linux user, Blender is the go-to tool for a free MP4 video editor.


Wrap up

MP4 editors online offer few functionalities and can be quite tiresome to use if you do MP4 video editing regularly. Free MP4 editors on the other hand are excellent when your editing requirements are not too much and are sufficient for more users. In case you want more than that then you can take a look at few paid MP4 editors that you can first try out on trial period like MP4 editor in DVDFab Video Converter.