PornTube has an interesting selection of porn videos that you can’t find on other sites. Interestingly, even though the types and categories of videos they have are similar to those on other websites, it’s hard to find these videos elsewhere. When you’re searching for a certain category on Google, PornTube might pop up. And since it’s not such a common website, it’s difficult to know whether to trust it. Therefore, you should use this free PornTube guide to help you sort everything out.

Whether you trust a porn site or not, it’s also important that you use it safely. That’s why a lot of people like to download videos from these websites. Luckily, PornTube provides a download button you can easily click to get the video. That said, we’ll investigate whether this is safe and whether you should use this website or not.

Is PornTube Safe?

Like most porn websites, is filled with ads. All around your videos, you’ll get invites to join some kind of live chat. These are almost always scams, and you don’t want to click on them.

Moreover, if you click on a video it’s not uncommon to get a pop-up ad that makes you skip it before you even reach your video. Once again, clicking these links could be dangerous. But this isn’t always the case.

As far as malware goes, according to our research, there is no evidence that PornTube will cause you any problems with your computer. Although, you might want to get out of the website as fast as possible because of the annoying ads. One convenient method is to save porn on your device to skip ads.

How Can You Watch PornTube for Free?

Luckily, PornTube is completely free to use. There are no paid videos on this platform, so you’ll have access to everything. Furthermore, they let you download the videos for free.

You’ll notice that while browsing the website, it’s common to see videos sponsored by paid sites like Brazzers. There’s little doubt, that these videos are like an advertisement for these paid streaming services.

How Can I Download Videos from PornTube?

Oftentimes, when you’re watching porn videos there can be a lot of buffering. You might be able to watch the videos at a lower quality, but that would make the experience worse. How to download xvideos? A good alternative to waiting for videos to load is to download videos ahead of time and watch them later. After all, many people choose to watch porn at the same times of day, which causes bandwidth issues.

PornTube gives you a convenient option to download videos directly from their website. All you need to do is to go to and search for the video you desire. Once you find a good one, click on it and check the bottom right corner of the video. That’s where the option to download will show up.

Best Alternative: StreamFab

StreamFab allows you to download more than just PornTube videos. Using this software, you can also download videos from over 1,000 different websites, including popular porn sites like Pornhub and Redtube.

Your first step is to get a free video downloader, this will give you a 30-day free trial. After you install StreamFab on your device, open the app and begin to explore. The first thing you will see is the welcome screen.

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Porntube:Best Alternative: StreamFab

Take a look on the left-hand side to see your options. Since we’re using the PornTube downloader, click the option that says “Adult Services”. This is where you can access

Porntube:Best Alternative: StreamFab

On the left side of that screen, you’ll see the PornTube option. Click on it and will start to load.

All you need to do now is browse the website to find a suitable porn video. Browse as you would normally and click the pop-up to approve the download.

Porntube:Best Alternative: StreamFab

The download options will look similar to the pop-up above, with a link to the video you chose. You can use this option to download the videos in whichever quality you want, including 4k HD if it’s available. You can also adjust the settings to the video format that is best for your device. If you want, you can even download subtitles.

Once you click download, you can save the video to whichever folder you want. That makes it simple for you to keep the video on your computer discretely.

Now, you have access to PornTube videos at any time on your computer! No need to worry about whether the videos will get deleted, even if you bookmark them because now you have them saved forever. It’s also quite astonishing how quickly videos download. For the popular site OnlyFans, it is the same. StreamFab can help easily solve your problems such as "how to save onlyfans content".

Unlike on PornTube, StreamFab lets you batch several videos to download at once. If you find multiple videos that you like, you can download all of them to watch later. It’s not easy to watch so many videos in quick succession!

Try out the StreamFab PornTube downloader today and get permanent access to as many videos as you want.


Keeptube is another best porn video downloader that lets you keep porn videos on your device. To use Keeptube, you can either use the online version or download their software.

If you choose to use the online version, all you need to do is paste a link from the PornTube website. With that said, there isn’t any point in doing this. PornTube makes it easy for you to download videos with a click of a button, so why would you take the extra step of copying the URL and pasting it?


TubeOffline is a general video downloader like StreamFab. However, it works by making you copy-paste videos onto its website for offline viewing. You can also use TubeOffline to download OnlyFans videos. Since it’s one of the oldest video downloaders available, it’s unsurprising to find that the user experience is a bit clunky.

You can try out TubeOffline’s various download formats, but the easiest way to use the website is to try out the porn options they offer at the beginning. That said, it’s not a particularly easy website to use. They redirect you to a different website, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid have happen with the PornTube downloads.

The Best PornTube Alternatives

If you aren’t thrilled with what PornTube has to offer, don’t worry, there are plenty of other porn websites out there. Here are three of our favorite ones:


Always known as the classic porn website, Pornhub is a great PornTube alternative. Indeed, few websites match the sheer variety of porn movies that this website has to offer. Not to mention, you can use the StreamFab Pornhub downloader to save Pornhub videos on your device forever, including Pornhub premium videos.


Eporner doesn’t have quite the variety of a website like Pornhub, but they certainly have quality. Browse Eporner using StreamFab and download batches of videos instantly. Moreover, Eporner has some high-quality 4k porn videos for you to choose from.


As one of the best free porn streaming sites, XVideos could be considered PornTube’s rival. They certainly have a wide selection of amateur videos. Best of all, each video is free and easy to download directly from the website. The only disadvantage it has compared to PornTube is that its UI is a bit outdated.

Why Do People Watch PornTube?

A lot of people like PornTube because it provides ample video selection for specific categories. It’s not uncommon to find videos in categories that are lacking on more mainstream porn sites like Pornhub.

Of course, another factor that drives people to choose PornTube is that it has quite a few options for free streaming and nothing on the website is paid. Furthermore, you can download each of those videos with a click of a button, rather than needing to find video download software instead.

What are the best categories on PornTube?

Here is a brief overview of some of the best PornTube categories.

Lesbian PornTube

PornTube has plenty of options for lesbian porn. You can find them by clicking the Categories dropdown on their website. From there, you’ll find thousands of lesbian porn videos to your liking.

Ebony PornTube

Looking for black Porntube videos? Sometimes, finding ebony videos can be a challenge. However, the Ebony PornTube category is quite popular. Choose PornTube to find thousands of premium quality Ebony videos, completely free.

Hentai PornTube

While PornTube doesn’t quite have the selection of other popular Hentai sites, you can certainly check this website to find Hentai. After all, sometimes cartoons can provide more stimulation than anything from reality. The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts

PornTube is a great website for downloading pornhub to mp4. That said, most users are going to want to watch videos from more than one website.

While there are plenty of options that let you download videos from individual websites, StreamFab is the best because it lets you download videos from almost any major website you can think of, including porn websites. That makes it convenient for you to browse porn within the StreamFab app and download the videos that you like.