If you are looking for a QuickTime video converter that can easily convert QuickTime file into other formats, then the DVDFab video converter is the best option. It can read the videos in the format used on most modern-day devices and that is the MPEG-4 format. It has the capacity to read videos in MOV, M4V, and QT formats and convert it into the suitable formats that are supported by mobile and portable devices. The DVDFab video converter is the best quicktime video converter that converts the MOV files to a format that suits Apple TV, PSP, and iPods.


Why Many People Prefer DVDFab Video Converter?

The DVDFab Video Converter is a very handy and easy to use software for transfer of videos in MOV format to the format of your choice. It is a very reliable software that offers very quick transfer of .mov file extension files without any quality loss. This is a state-of-the-art DVD video converter software that can transfer video files to suit mobile devices like iPod, PSP, and iOS as well as to suit certain consoles. The video converter allows you to make changes to the video you are formatting. You are allowed to convert the video into a 3D video or add the subtitles and the audio information. This quality video converter tool offers a host of features that make video converting a child’s game. You do not have to be experienced in using the video converters to use the DVDFab video converter.

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The Salient Features of DVDFab Video Converter

The following are some of the great features offered by the DVDFab video converter software.


Conversion to All Popular Video Formats

This video converter software has the ability to read the MOV files or QuickTime files which have multiple tracks on offer to store various kinds of media. After it has read the contents of the video, it can be converted to any mainstream audio or video formats of your choice to suit the various video players and handheld devices. This video conversion software can convert QuickTime video to mp4 or other suitable formats very quickly without loss of video and sound quality. Some of the conversions that this video converter does are MOV to MPEG, MOV to WMV, MOV to FLV, etc.


Ease of Use and Quick Video Conversion

The DVDFab video converter comes with a very easy to use and user-friendly interface. It offers very easy options of use so that even novice users can quickly work on video conversion. The best part is that this DVD video converting software can carry out batch conversion to offer quick and fast conversion. There will no video quality loss when the conversion is taking place in batch mode. It also supports multi-core, multi-threading, Intel Quick Sync, etc., to carry out MOV video file conversion to suitable format very quickly and efficiently. The time taken for video conversion is also very less.


Video Files Can Be Converted to Audio Files

This video conversion tool offers the users the option to convert their video file into an audio file. It supports a wide range of audio formats like MP3, MP4, DTS, WAV, M4A, WMA, and AC3. So, this quicktime video converter gives you the full control to adjust the audio parameters by choosing the wide range of audio options on offer. 


Fully Customizable Options

The DVDFab video converter allows you to have control of the video output. You have the liberty to convert the videos in MOV format in your camcorder or captured cards to the audio and video output you like. If you are looking to insert subtitles to the video, you can do it. There are plenty of advanced video editing features on offer in this DVD video converter to help you customize the video and audio output the way you want. The inbuilt video editor offered in this software can help you easily and quickly personalize the videos.


Quality Video Output

The DVDFab video converter is the best quicktime video converter you can use to convert poor quality video files into superior quality video output without any hassles. All you have to do is to load the video to the software, choose the video format and the output settings and the video will soon be converted to the best quality video file in minutes.  


The Other Features of DVDFab Video Converter

The software can convert quicktime video to mp4 and other video formats as well as into HD videos without any fuss. The DVDFab video converter software offers the users to watch the live preview of the video when the conversion is happening. There are plenty of video output settings option on offer like bit rate, aspect ratio, frame resolution, frame rate, etc., to create a personalized video output of high quality. This software supports all the latest operating systems.

From the above features, it is very clear that DVDFab video converter is the best quicktime video converter you can lay your hands on.