Talking about rap love songs may seem to be a bit of an oxymoron as rap songs are usually centered on materialism, riches, fame, and some hardcore swearing. The songs usually let everything out into the open, no matter how ugly, twisted, or political the feelings are. They blatantly offend and are even spurned by a lot of feminists for their misogynistic lyrics, slurs, and insults.

However, inner feelings do contain quite a lot of sentimentality. Not all rap songs contain insults to women or are completely devoid of deep emotions like love. When rappers can speak so eloquently about suicide, they can definitely turn their talent to love as well.

In order to prove this point, we’ve compiled a list of the top rap love songs 2018. With these on your list, you can enjoy a whole lot of emotion without compromising on the usual rapping beat:

1. “We Ride” by Gucci Mane ft. Monica

This track features the hit artist Monica and has rap lovers swooning all across the globe. It’s very rare to find anyone, let along major rap masters, rapping about anything like monogamy, but that’s essentially what this track is about. There’s no mention here of the rapper wanting to have multiple or casual partners, which could put many a listener off. In fact, the track talks about completely leaving the causal swinging lifestyle for a single girl who’s very special to the rapper.

The premise of this song may be what all love ballads are about, but the rapping gives it a nice twist. You’ll love hearing about how he’s even slow-dancing in a white tux – perhaps the opposite of everything that rappers usually stand for.

2. “Sweet Cheeks” by J Hus

Rapping out this number is one J Hus, who may not be very well known to lovers of rap music. He’s an up-and-coming artist in the United Kingdom, not the United States. If you're not from London but on the other end of the Atlantic Ocean, you should make an effort to tune in to J Hus. He’s known as the “so ugly, he’s sexy” guy, so you know he’s worth at least one look as well!

That unique British effect in a rap song is definitely not one to be missed. Throw in the fact that this number is probably one of the most romantic rap songs, and you know this is a must download.

3. “Down Bitch” by YG 

YG is known for his unstoppable swearing. He probably can’t rap without using some questionable words for women, but hopefully, his heart’s in the right place. Even though some of you may not enjoy the swear words so much, there’s no denying that this is definitely one of the top rap love songs we have in the current time.

While there is love and affection expressed in this song, it’s delivered in quite a rough and abrupt manner. We know there are quite a few folks out there who like their love songs served up in this manner, so no judging here! The “I put your life before my life” part should be enough to rank this song among the top rap love songs.

4. “Testify” by Future

Future’s fans know that he had a huge, gaping hole inside of him after the loss of Ciara. With this song, it seems like some special woman has come into his life and filled that hole right up! She’s doing a really good job of it too, so his fans should have no complaints.

With Testify a.k.a. HNDRXX, Future has taken everyone in his audience on a wonderfully emotional rollercoaster with hints of tragedy here and there. He’s apologizing to his kid’s mother yet being honest about his love for the new girl as well. With the lyric “commit to me and I’ll commit,” this track really makes a mark for itself as one of the best rap love songs to put on party playlists.

5. “Supawifey” by Tyga

As his fans would know, T-Raww came up with such rap love songs when he was romancing Kylie Jenner. While that relationship may be a thing of the past, this song is definitely one that can inspire many future couples. The music from this phase of Tyga’s life is something that’s to be appreciated, no matter what one may think of his usual outpourings.

Tyga is a rapper that can go from stark misogyny to a strange kind of affection in surprising ways. His sentimental lyrics may be a rare deal, but they definitely exist. Plus, the words uphold monogamy, which is again an uncommon experience when it comes to rap of any kind.

6. “Take Care” by Young Thug

Young Thug is an artist that has mystified many of his listeners. He’s constantly presenting himself as a rugged, coarse, and rough personality. His beats are rough and his lyrics even more so. At the same time, he throws out an extremely soft side in his rap love songs and surprises everyone when they least expect it.

The very title of this song sounds a bit soft, especially when you think about Young Thug’s usual feel. The rap love songs fanatics among us can’t really complain, though. This track is absolutely one to download and save for listening anytime you want.

7. “Caroline” by Aminé

There are several words in this rap track that aren’t traditionally associated with anything like love. However, rap is a genre that’s here to stir things up, and it does the same with this particular concept as well. In this song, Aminé manages to woo his lady with a true rapping beat that should be present in all rap love songs.

Along with the lyrics, the beat is one of the features that make this song a huge hit. Download this, and you’ll have your fingers snapping and feet tapping in no time! The beat, the complimentary lyrics, and the expert rapping itself make this track one to store away in your top rap lists for a long time to come.

8. “LOYALTY.” by Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna

Kung Fu Kenny has won a Grammy in 2017 from his most popular album named DAMN. His go-hard personality and talent also have a bit of a soft spot. With “LOYALTY.” and similar rap love songs, his fans get to view this spot more than anywhere else. Here, he’s gotten Rihanna to help him out, which can never be a bad decision.

In LOYALTY., Kendrick Lamar has shown us just how poetic he can be. He wafts on about loyalty, platonic relationships, and romantic relationships as well. It’s a track that many would appreciate in any case.

9. “Jump Out the Window” by Big Sean

In this rap track, Big Sean relives all the memories that he (and the listener) might have had of the one that got away. This is a banging melody with an amazingly upbeat tune. You can definitely dance to this jam and have it be a hit at your next party. However, the lyrics are worth listening to and studying at a deeper and closer level. Pay attention to what he’s saying, and you’ll enjoy the song even more.

The video for this song is also an amazing and worthy watch. Sean Don turns into a pixelated character and plays the superhero, so it’s a must-watch for all fans! You’ll get to relive your childhood memories in more ways than one both with the video and with the song itself. Get ready to choke up on the line “We the best thing that never happened.”

10. “All Girls Are the Same” by Juice WRLD

Sometimes, the best love rap songs don’t have to contain lyrics about an actual person. Since rap is an outpouring of what the rapper feels on a deep and personal level, it’s absolutely possible to have a song lamenting the ruin of love in the current era. Hip-hop and rap have traditionally been dominated by materialism, but it was only a matter of time until sad beats and oversharing came into the mix.

Rather than rapping about love, Juice WRLD takes up the mantle of decrying how he cannot feel love at all. This anguish speaks to all those who are disillusioned and fed up with the way love is viewed today. It a tragic truth that’s still related to love and it’s the universality of it that would really get to you.


With the rap love songs listed above, even someone who doesn’t like rap many want to give this genre a try. You can easily listen to all these songs and watch their videos (if they're released) on YouTube.

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