Presently, we can say hip-hop is now officially the dominating music. It is such a robust genre at present that it is not a child’s play to cope up with the creative results of our amazing rappers. These rappers can no doubt grab everybody’s attention as soon as the song is uploaded to SoundCloud. Well, we don’t blame you for this. In fact, we are here to help you. Catch your favorite new rap songs 2018 in below list.

1.     Apeshit—Beyoncé/Jay-Z

In Apeshit, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have analyzed the culture of institutions that simply do not understand the importance of black artists. The video showcases black dancers as well as the Carters before the Louvre’s white artwork in Paris. They call Grammys inviting the black artists for the ceremony however they do not give rewards to such musicians with real trophies.


2.     Rose In Harlem—Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor’s Rose In Harlem is one of the top new rap songs comparatively from Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Kanye himself as well as Nas As far as albums produced in West in 2018 are considered. Rose in Harlem highlights the biography of her making-it-out of her neighborhood. Taylor in this song depicts her past which is clearly understood by the line: "Been through more than a lil' bit / But I ain't callin' no names out / No, no free promotions."

3.     Boys—Lizzo

The song Boys is comes under the best new rap songs list by almost everyone. Similar to the song by Charli XCX in 2017, this song elaborates the sexual liberty celebration but from a great female viewpoint. The song very firmly flips the other male musicians that objectify the female body.

4.     Stay Woke—Meek Mill feat. Miguel

Meek Mill, on April 25, was set free from prison, as he was convicted for 2–4 years for violating parole. He clearly knew how first-hand America’s justice system works against black young men. Stay Woke is the first new song after he was released, where he very carefully and precisely depicts the bad dream of mass imprisonment. He also admits his mistakes due to which he got in legal problem, along with highlighting how the system is intended to prison him with the line: "In a world where black is wrong and white right, it's like a combat / We go to war for our freedom, they say we equal."

5.     Redemption—Jay Rock

In Redemption, Jay Rock asks the question—"If you had a second chance in life what would you do?" The song is among the newest rap songs from his superb new album. The song summarizes themes of faith, rebirth, as well as redemption from the neighborhoods of South LA.

6.     The Story Of Adidon—Pusha T

Pusha T's The Story Of Adidon is having the most violent track. The song entirely takes apart good-guy character of Drake, highlighting his so-called ghost writers’ and said child with an ex-porn star. Possibly, there has never been such a calculated, bombast sound, and hurtful track as compared to the one by Pusha. This song is among the hot new rap songs, and also the popular game-changing song.

7.     This Is America—Childish Gambino

WithThis Is America, Childish Gambino has once again grabbed the success and has brought the ball in his court. The song is among new top rap songs and a brilliant one. The song’s accompanying video is a fantastic analysis of violence and race in the country. Well, the song is one more important Glover’s catalogue piece.

8.     Kids See Ghosts—Kid Cudi & Kanye West

Kids See Ghosts is among the new popular rap songs. It also a combined album from Kanye West and Kid Cudi where every piece plays its role to make a inspirational hole. West and Cudi together make give something entirely distinct from their every solo result. In this song, both West and Cudi pull each other out from their compositional and melodic comfort zones.

9.     Purity—A$ap Rocky Feat. Frank Ocean

One of his good new rap songs since Blonde, Frank Ocean is seen in Testing the closing track by A$AP Rocky bringing the album to a thoughtful conclusion. Taking some indications from Purity,Ocean's masterwork, the song is having a touch of bubbling, gentle guitar. The producing team Dean Blunt, Finatic N Zac, as well as Rocky get mixed up in the formula of Ocean, an example of I Gotta Find a Peace of Mind by Lauryn Hill. The song no doubt gives mind clarity that is free from Xans, brands, along with love. Ocean always has his own world’s love-at-first-sight, helpless, romantic point of view that is best elaborated in the song from his line: "One blink and I'm precummin'/That could turn every no one into someone."

10.    Violent Crime—Kanye West

Hate him or love him, there is no artist that has grabbed the limelight of top new rap songs 2017 and 2018 as Kanye West did. There are many thing which he has done are beyond the pale. However, Violent Crime is one of the soul-searching songs, wherein West scrutinizes the inborn evil in men. Lastly, West discovers a bit of hope at the end of a dark album.

11.    Peligrosa—J Balvin

Peligrosa brought great success to J. Balvin. His songs have been taking pace since the vocals dropped by Beyoncé on a Mi Gente remix last summer, and when Blue Ivy was the song’s fan. Now, Balivn is all set to grab the attention of new rap songs 2018 lists. The time is just perfect—his reggaetón style has already grabbed some attention in the famous hip-hop music field. Though his genre and influence is seen all over America’s mainstream music, his sound will force everybody to forget the Despacito and love Peligrosa.

12.    Womp Womp—Valee Feat. Jeremih

The most recent signee to the G.O.O.D. Music by West, Valee go halves with his Chicagoan’s mentality of I’ll do it myself! The New York Times recently described him, “He does carpentry, construction and electrical work, and builds koi ponds, too. He customizes fast cars—full-size and remote control—and cooks. He’s tattooed others, as well as his own arms and legs.” And this attitude is also clearly seen in his music. His music is curious, playful, as well as multifaceted. Womp Womp is a natural combination with Jeremih and a graceful hip-hop exploration.

13.    I Do—Cardi B

Cardi B concludes her amazing debut album by call of action regarding men with the line: “If they can't make you richer, they can't make you come.” I Do song collaborates the female empowerment theme in the album, wherein she raps, “I think us bad bitches is a gift from god.”

14.    Nice For What—Drake

Ex-Factor from Lauryn Hill stands as the best spinning sample, and Drake has done a wonderful work of doubling and showcasing his good-guy concept. He raps on the women confidence—both IRL and online. He depicts the story of a female in Nice For What of she is taking care of herself by going to clubs, paying her own bills, enjoying her life without any partner.

15.    Logout—Saba

The line in Logout says everything: “If you press log out, you get forgotten/What's a post, but a reminder just how boring our lives ar-ar-ar-are/Look at how much fun I'm havin'/Ain't no beauty in the absence, of broadcastin' to your followers.” No further explanation needed!


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