Best Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

If you are one of the users thinking what good to watch on Amazon Prime, then below list might help you.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

This stop-motion animation is our number answer to what movies to watch on Amazon Prime. The movie is Wes Anderson’s take on a family movie: oddball, anarchic, but reliably charming. George Clooney is the smooth-tongued Mr. Fox, joined by a cast of Anderson regulars in a movie that closely adapts the classic Roald Dahl novel. This is no Disney film, but it is a charming movie no matter your age. It can be downloaded for offline watching within 48 hours, but if you want to save it for a longer time, you may ask the help of an amazon downloader.

what to watch on amazon prime:Fantastic Mr. Fox


After the huge success of Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino might have produced almost any movie he wished for. Hence, he did an about-turn from that hesitant and sweet romance and directly into abject horror. His remake of the ’70s Suspiria Giallo classic is nothing similar to the original movie. However, the new movie is a meditative and moody horror that utilizes a hypnotic soundtrack to lure the audience into an almost trance-akin state—prior to jolting viewers out with some striking violent moments.

what to watch on amazon prime:Suspiria

Borat Subsequent Movie film

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm might be your answer to what movie to watch on Amazon Prime. Amazon possibly invested a lot to get the rights to Borat 2, launched just before the US presidential election of 2020 as Borat gets back to the States to explore life during coronavirus. It is not quite up there with the original, but it is very close, and more interesting in its politics than before. Users can also watch the mini-series, Borat Supplemental Reportings, containing deleted scenes and outtakes from the movie.

what to watch on amazon prime:Borat Subsequent Movie film

No Time to Die

Amazon almost had all the Bond movies, but now it has settled back to just providing the recent one. Entitled to be controversial, and not only for its ending, this is a brash and big Bond film, but one that similarly does its best to get into just what makes the best movie.

what to watch on amazon prime:No Time to Die

Blade Runner

A movie that actually requires no introduction. Blade Runner defined an entire generation of science fiction, not least by motivating its excellent sequel Blade Runner 2049. This AI moody neo-noir is a slow burn, but unbearable to resist once you start watching it.

what to watch on amazon prime:Blade Runner


This action movie is a classic for many reasons. And not only for notoriously pairing Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, who in reality share just minutes of screen time. Rather, it is the utter tension running through Heat that makes it memorable, as Pacino’s cop and De Niro’s crook dance around each other in the run-up to the last act, vaguely balanced delicately with predictability as viewers try not to think about how this turns out to be.

what to watch on amazon prime:Heat

Point Break

This action classic has earned its reputation. Point Break features Keanu Reeves playing against type as a normal fed who has to pretend to be a surfer guy to get hold of a bank robber Patrick Swayze. The movie has a phenomenal skydiving and genuinely thoughtful finale, and possibly the best foot chase in the history of Hollywood.

what to watch on amazon prime:Point Break

Con Air

Con Air is one of the best movies by Nic Cage. The solid pitch—the number of convicts hijacking a plane—is difficult to beat, and the inclusion of Cusack and Johns Malkovich increases the experience—not to mention a career-changing creepy turn from Steve Buscemi. They do not make action films like this more.

what to watch on amazon prime:Con Air

Dawn of the Dead

Night of the Living Dead might have launched first, but Dawn of the Dead is certainly the best zombie movie. A darkly comedic attack on consumerism, the movie is as much horror as social commentary. If you like the film, users can even watch it all over again currently since Amazon Prime provides the movie’s extended version with additional footage.

what to watch on amazon prime:Dawn of the Dead

The Grand Budapest Hotel

It would be comprehensible to be concerned that Wes Anderson’s movies are a little confusing, but if you are a fan of his distinguishing style then The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of the most exceptional films yet. Expect the normal detailed design, phenomenal cast, and deceptively dark themes.

what to watch on amazon prime:The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Green Knight

The Green Knight might be based on an Arthurian legend, but do not expect a kicking adventure. Rather, the movie is an arthouse take on the story of a young knight sent out on a journey in the name of honor. Perfectly cast and spotlessly shot, this is one of the best movies that you can watch.

what to watch on amazon prime:The Green Knight

The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani features in this rom-com movie based on his own life, which sees a relationship in its early stages touched by serious illness. Viewers just have to look at the real-life marriage of Nanjiani to know the movie has a happy ending, but along the way, it is a smart comedy that is free from the standard Hollywood cliches and pleasingly honest.

what to watch on amazon prime:The Big Sick


2014’s remake of Godzilla is an astonishingly thoughtful take on the series, an approach started by action-oriented sequels Godzilla vs Kong and King of the Monsters. That is not to say this is not a blockbuster, and the jump scenes in the movies beat anything that has come since, but it is also impressively character-based, propelled by an all-star cast.

what to watch on amazon prime:Godzilla

The Wailing

If you like really thrills and scares from your horror, then The Wailing may not be up your street. After a series of murders happen in a small town, some suspicions point to the lately arrived Japanese stranger, while others turn to superstition to understand the violence. This Korean movie is full of ambiguity till the end, denying the viewers any simple answers or heartening resolution, but once it gets your attention it does not let you go.

In addition to those series and movies mentioned above, Amazon Prime is continuously releasing new and popular videos to satisfy our tastes. One of the most prominent examples in recent years must be 1883 on Amazon Prime.

what to watch on amazon prime:The Wailing

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How to download content on Amazon Prime Video?

Follow the below steps to know how to download videos on Amazon Prime Video.

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Step 3: Select it to open the Details page of the movie.

Step 4: If it is available for download, users must see the Download option, which looks like a downward arrow.

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Does Amazon offer movies for rent?

Yes, Amazon allows users to watch the movie for rent. Users can watch the rented movies as many times as they wish for 2 or 7 days, depending on the movie. This Prime video rental service is a fraction of Prime Video, but users do not require to be a member of the Amazon Prime service to take benefit from it. The way the rental service work is very much the same as other streaming services such as Netflix and others. After browsing for something to rent and then paying the fees for it, all the watching takes place either through an app or in the browser.


Having said that, you just had a look at what movies to watch on Amazon Prime. In addition to this, you also had a look at StreamFab Amazon Downloader, which is the best Amazon Prime video downloader that users can use to watch Amazon Prime videos offline anytime and anywhere after downloading them.