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John, a tech blogger with a focus on streaming reviews and product coverage, has a background in information technology and a strong interest in figuring out the features and cons of the software. When he’s not reviewing products, he’ll be searching online for makeup ideas or photography tips. We all call him "Crystal of DVDFab".

Latest Posts

  • Hulu Subtitles Issues, Resolved!

    Got a Hulu app but didn't know how to turn on Hulu subtitles? Or have no clue why 'Hulu subtitles not working?' Stay tuned to resolve your queries.

  • The Best Way To Get Paramount Plus/Xfinity Flex And X1

    Customers of Xfinity are already familiar with the challenges involved in gaining access to cutting-edge media streaming services such as Disney Plus and Discovery Plus. this is not the case with Paramount Plus

  • The Ultimate Guide To Experience Hulu Download Offline Viewing

    Hulu streaming platform has been gaining more and more popularity each day. Since users can download videos from Hulu only to their smartphone, it appears to see those videos on a small screen. On the other hand, there are many methods to download those videos on your computer without using the Hulu download feature. This article talks about how you can enhance your Hulu download offline viewing experience. Read below to know if you can you download Hulu shows to watch offline?

  • 6 Best Online Video Compressors

    No matter under study or life circumstances, video has become an indispensable tool for us to record the memorial detail or to understand the important information. Besides, video plays a vital role in acquiring knowledge and disseminating news. However, large files of video will take up a lot of valuable rooms of electronic equipment. A free online video compressor could assist us to save the disk space to better transmit and store data. While how to find a convenient free online video compressor? How to use it? This passage will explain these issues clearly.

  • What are 16:9 Resolutions & 4:3 Resolutions?

    With the advance in technology, we have made great strides in the aspect of the screen display. From the beginning 4:3 resolution to the popular 16:9 resolution, what’s the difference between these two types of ratio resolutions? Which is more capable to provide a better watching experience? What are the 16:9 resolutions? If you are curious about these issues, this post will give you a comprehensive explanation.

  • Top 6 Best MKV Player for Windows and Mac

    Considering the popularity of MKV files, there is a growing number of MKV players. In this passage, we will introduce six popular MKV players from different aspects involving features, cons and price. If you are looking for the best MKV players, this passage will provide a detailed comparison.

  • Review of Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate and Its Best Alternative

    Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, as a powerful and efficient converter product, has gained a lot of popularity. This passage will give a detailed and comprehensive introduction to its functions as well as other outstanding video converters.

  • Best AVI to MOV Converter You Can Have

    Videos in today’s era are available in different formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and many more. However, most video creators prefer the AVI format, even though it is not used and supported widely. This format is normally not supported by most media players and mobile devices, as well. Hence, users feel the need to convert videos from AVI to MOV or MP4. And in order to do this, you will definitely need an AVI to MOV converter. If you are one of such users looking to convert AVI to MOV, then this article will definitely help you. Read below to know more about the best MOV converters and how to convert MOV to AVI.