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  • Top 10 VOB File Players of 2023

    In this article, we discussed the VOB file format and the top 10 media players that can play this format. VOB is a multimedia container format that is not recognizable by many media players. If you have got any file in VOB format, you might need a player for VOB file that can easily recognize and play this format on Windows 10.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Cropping an MP4 Video

    To remove black bars or other unwanted elements from your video, use a video crop mp4 software. When you want to focus on the most important aspects of the footage and create multiple versions of a video in a variety of different orientations, Motion Crop is a great option. While Windows doesn't come with video cropping options pre-installed, and Mac OS and mobile platforms have limitations, all of the free video mp4 cropping software listed below provides pre-set template sizes for various social media platforms and websites.

    Lucas 03/08/2023
  • Ways to Convert HEVC to MP4

    As HEVC is a way of compressing videos, converting the videos to MP4 is an option. It supports mobile phone devices, laptops, and other computerized devices that are used to stream videos.

  • How to Use the Best Free Windows 10 DVD Burning Software

    Burning DVDs facilitates the transfer of information and files and storage of files and data backup between computers by writing files into blank or rewritable DVDs.

  • What are The Best DVD and Blu Ray Players in 2023?

    Selecting the best DVD and Blu-ray player is a crucial task because it must be compatible with the DVD and Blu-ray collection you have. The latest discs have 4K HDR quality that many old Blu-ray and DVD players might not support, so it is important to upgrade your player to enjoy the high video and audio quality. PlayerFab DVD player is an all-in-one player that supports all file formats, comes with an in-built audio and video editor, and supports video streaming of popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi, etc.

  • How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10| Copy DVDs for Free

    Even though it is a digital era where many people prefer to Netflix and chill, some of us are still old-school and love catching up on dvd collections. However, since DVDs are becoming obsolete and with poor lifespan, their risk of damage is getting high, so making a copy of your favourite DVDs makes sense. With the technology evolution and replacement of traditional players with the online platforms is getting real, copying the dvd to another dvd, USB, or ISO file is no more a dream. You only need an original dvd, a blank dvd, a PC, a platform like DVDFab, and boom! This article will introduce you to the easy and best ways to copy your dvd to any medium you like and aims to address the recent concern of newbies of how to copy a video dvd in Windows 10. After discussing the platforms and process in detail, this article will wrap up the conversation with some frequently asked questions. However, if you think any of your concerns about this matter are still unresolved, drop them down without any hesitation.

  • 5K Media Player| Download the Best 5K Media Player for Windows 10

    Even though every desktop or laptop has built-in media players, it still tests patience when playing different file formats. A media player should allow users to play whatever content they like without bothering to download additional codecs or plugins. Also, 5K content is something new and advanced that brings the best display performance if playing in the compatible media player. Therefore, this article will debate the best 5k video player, why you need one, and how to install it in your systems. In addition, the queries about the reliable 5k media player for windows 10 are insane. Thus, we will take a deep dive and discuss the process of 5k player download in your systems hassle-free. At last, the article will close the discussion by addressing some 5k player reviews and questions you may have in mind.

  • The Best Free Movie Players To Watch Movies

    There is too much variety of movie players available on the market that it becomes difficult to choose from. So, do not think of yourself as only one if you are struggling with finding the best player full movie free. Every player provides functions distinct from the other. Here we have separated the best media players to assist you in finding the best free movie player.