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  • Easy-to-use Alternatives to Any Video Converters You Can Try

    The popularity of 4K videos has increased as 4K displays have grown increasingly ubiquitous. A 4K video converter can reduce the file size by converting videos to 720p or 1080p. Free 4k video converters can be found in the following list.

  • DVDFab-Best Alternative to Handbrake Downlaod

    There is a rising need for video converters these days due to the large variety of video players and formats. Handbrake is a popular video converter that is free and open-source, but it has a massive flaw. And that’s where DVDFab comes to the rescue as an excellent alternative to Handbrake Download.

  • Best Media Player for Sony Blu-ray player

    Blu-ray discs have been getting a lot of popularity due to the fact that it can store movies and TV shows in lossless quality. Due to the increased usage of Blu-ray discs, there has been a rise in the need for Blu-ray players. In this article we have talked about PlayerFab Blu-ray Player and VLC Media player, which are two of the best Sony Blu-ray players that you can get on the market. While PlayerFab gives you a lot of features no other player can give, VLC is the best media player you can get for completely free.We have compared these two media players to help you make a solid decision.

  • How To Reduce Video File Size Easily

    Everyone can benefit from reducing the size of their video files unless they require the best possible quality. While large video files can slow down uploading and host, smaller ones allow you to quickly create and edit videos. Video can be compressed in two ways that don't degrade the image quality. Check the article to know more.

  • Free DVD Player Download For Windows 10

    Despite all the advancements in electronics, optical discs or DVDs hold a significant position. These DVDs can be used to share data in the form of documents or media files. In the case of media files, you may need to download DVD players. Although Windows provides media players, they can only support a limited number of video formats. Here we have written down a list of the best free DVD player download for Windows 10.

  • Best Image Quality Enhancer Software

    Video quality enhancers are highly efficient programs when it cones to increase the resolution of a video or images you want. With these following listed applications, you can easily modify the clips' brightness, saturation, and contrast. This program makes cropping, rotating, editing, and zooming clips easier. The following is a carefully selected list of the best-performing image quality enhancer, including its most popular features and commercial (paid) software are represented.

  • How To Convert MOV to MP4 in Mac

    MOV has been a popular video format that has been used by many cameras and videos. Plus, it was supported by a lot of devices. And MP4 is a video quality that you can run on any mobile device. So, you may have some MOV videos which you want to convert to MP4. So, today we will tell you about the different tools that you can use to convert MOV to MP4 mac.

  • Best MP4 Players on MacOS

    Now, let us make a comparison of the three tools that we mentioned here. PlayerFab uses an active internet connection to get a movie or series directly from a streaming source. In addition to that, there are tons of other options like playback speed, support for navigation menu, and many more. Elmedia keeps some of their basic features locked behind the paywall, but the user interface is perfect for mac users, and their OpenSubtitles search engine is awesome. But, some of the basic features are locked behind a paywall. VLC is the MP4 player, which is truly free, plus it is open source. It has some excellent features and lets you synchronize the audio and subtitles according to the video. But, it does not have some of the advanced features that the other MP4 players have.

    Lucas 02/24/2022