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Lucas is a tech writer at DVDFab, who will guide you through the wonderful world of multimedia software, especially Windows and Mac. He covers DVDs, Blu-rays, UHDs, video downloaders, video converters, and AI tools. He graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Business Analytics. When he's not at his desk, he tries to raise his skill at camping and cycling. Her favorite movie is Interstellar.

Latest Posts

  • How To Download Tiktok Audio On Smartphones And PC

    TikTok has been among the most widely used video-sharing platforms during the past few years. Apart from adding a video, It also allows you to add music or audio of your choice. Even there are audios provided by TikTok that are not easy to find on any other platform. Here we have discussed some of the tools for TikTok audio download mp3 answering questions like how to download TikTok audio.

  • Understand Dvd Player for Laptop Before You Regret

    Unlike DVD players, which can play a DVD on a television, computer systems and laptops require specialized software to play a DVD properly. The DVD player software market for Windows 10 and Mac users is flooded with options, which is both ends for users.Conclusively, customers are likely to be intimidated by the variety of options available. Fortunately, we're here to guide you through all of your options so you can make an informed decision about the DVD player software for the laptop you'll need in the future.

  • Video Compressor for Discord-Find Your Best Fit

    Discord is a voice, video, and text-based VoIP platform that allows users to communicate in various ways. Users can share media and files in private chats or "server" communities.With over 300 million registered users, it is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms globally. Despite its large user base, the company restricts the size of files that can be shared on the platform to 8MB. The size limit for any file, including audio and video files, is 8MB.A minute or two of ordinary HD video, on the other hand, can take up to 200MB of storage. Videos sending limit is up to 50MB even if you buy Discord's prepaid plan, 'Discord Nitro,' which includes special perks not available to regular users. As a result, using Discord as a video compressor is unbeatable.It is quick and straightforward to use a video compressor. Many online websites provide similar services, so keep that in mind. Long-term use of a random video compressor will result in data loss, poor video quality, and wasted time.

  • Best Free No Watermark Video Editor Applications

    There is numerous free online video editor no watermark programs available on the market. Many of them leave watermarks on your video. This article particularly includes the top no watermark video editor.

  • How to Edit TikTok Videos On PC | The Best TikTok Video Editor

    TikTok’s popularity is soaring globally due to its dynamic short-form video content. While in-app features make it easy to generate content, there are also certain restrictions. This article guides you on how to leverage TikTok’s built-in editing tools and provides an overview of using outside professional editors such as DVDFab for an enhanced video creation experience.

  • Everything You Need to Know About DRM FREE Content| Free DRM Removal

    The drm restriction would limit you to use the content within a certain time, on a single device, without even sharing it. Hence, we discussed some reliable resources to extract drm free games, drm free music, and drm free ebooks because they are legal to access by removing the copyright. We have also mentioned the videos drm removal software, StreamFab All-In-One. Ensure not to use it for illegal purposes to save yourself the trouble with law and regulation practices.

  • How to Record Your Computer Screen on Windows & Mac?

    We have entered the digital age where media in all forms is used for educational, entertainment, and informational purposes. Most people record their screens to upload tutorials and fun videos on the internet for people to watch and learn. If you need to know how to record your computer screen on Windows 10/11 or Mac, you can try out the Windows/Mac built-in tool or our top 7 screen recorders.

  • How to Reduce Video File Size-A Complete Guide

    A video compressor can be used to compress video files. Video size compressors of any kind can be used to remove repetitive images, unnecessary shots, and sounds that make videos larger and more difficult to store.Saving hundreds of important files on a hard drive can be tedious and time-consuming for video editors. A one-minute HD video can take up a lot of storage space on occasion. File size has always been an issue, whether you're uploading videos to social media or saving them to a USB drive. Only a reliable solution for compressing all of your videos can ensure the safety of your videos. This article provided an in-depth look at five of the best video compressors, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. They are trustworthy online video editing resources for both personal and professional use.