As of June 2024, the official website, forum, and support for AnyStream have all been shut down, rendering the software inaccessible. It is currently uncertain what consequences may arise if AnyStream is unable to connect to the internet, but a recovery process may require some time.

If you wish to download videos from Netflix and other OTT websites, it would be advisable to explore other Anystream alternative options.

anystream alternative

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TOP 5 AnyStream Alternatives [100% Work]

The abrupt shutdown of AnyStream servers has rendered users unable to utilize the software or access websites, including forums, resulting in widespread confusion and dismay. With the lack of official communication or explanation from the AnyStream team, the enigma surrounding the sudden offline status of the servers only deepens.

We shall focus on the distinctive features and differences of AnyStream and its Alternatives. You may delve into the detailed information below or proceed directly to the comparison table of Anystream and alternatives.

Alternative 1: StreamFab Video Downloader [Best Pick Overall] ✅

StreamFab is our top recommended alternative to Anystream, as it offers comprehensive website coverage (more than 40 OTT and over 1000 online sites). All the websites available on Anystream are supported by StreamFab, which encompasses all the websites supported by AnyStream and even extends its support to websites not supported by AnyStream, such as Viki, Tubi, Crunchyroll, and others.

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Following the outage of Anystream websites, StreamFab continues to operate smoothly, supporting the regular download of 1080p native quality videos from platforms such as Amazon.
anystream alternative
  • Support 1000+ sites, much more than Anystream
  • Save videos in up to 1080P/4K/8K quality losslessly
  • Output premium EAC3/AC3 5.1 audios
  • Remove ads from downloading procedures
  • Schedule mode to download videos automatically
  • Built-in browser for a better download experience

Latest news in June: AnyStream suddenly shut down its website and software. Resolving this issue may require a significant amount of time, perhaps lasting for several weeks or even months. Therefore, alternatives like StreamFab are highly necessary; they can fulfill your downloading needs when AnyStream is not functioning.  

If you wish to discover more about StreamFab vs Anystream, please check: StreamFab vs AnyStream
Install StreamFab on your device, and launch it. Select the streaming service you want to download video from, for example, Netflix.

anystream alternatives: streamfab 

Log into your Netflix account, find the video you want to watch offline, and play it. StreamFab will identify the video automatically and ask you to customize the output options. 

 anystream alternatives: streamfab

You can download the video immediately or add them to the Queue for later downloading.

 anystream alternatives: streamfab

In addition to its stability and high-quality downloads, StreamFab also offers features such as batch downloading and automatic downloading, enhancing your offline experience.

Moreover, StreamFab has received a high score of 4.5/5.0 on Trustpilot, with users expressing great appreciation for the platform. This is why we have chosen StreamFab as the top alternative to Anystream in this list.

Alternative 2: PlayOn [Lower Quality but with Lower Price]

For those who do not have high demands for output quality and are looking for budget-friendly options, PlayOn can also serve as an alternative to AnyStream.

PlayOn serves as a recorder, rather than a true downloader. While it may suffice if you simply wish to preserve a few minutes of video or clips, it may prove to be too time-consuming if you intend to save entire movies or series. >>Detailed PlayOn Review

anystream alternative

  • Cheaper price than Anystream
  • Save videos from 20+ streaming services to watch offline in MP4 format
  • Skip ads when recording videos
  • Low output quality, with buffering and blur issues 
  • Takes a while to get recording videos
  • Excessive CPU occupancy, resulting in devide shutdown
  • Take up large storage spaces

Alternative 3: StreamGaGa [For Month Plan]

Besides AnyStream, we also recommend StreamGaGa Downloader. Primarily, due to its user-friendly interface, anyone from beginners to advanced users can easily utilize it. The software's fast download function significantly reduces waiting time and enhances efficiency.

If need to download videos for a time-period use, Anystream will be too expensive. StreamGaGa is a better solution than Anystream for you. With its convenient monthly plan, you can access the video downloader whenever you need it without committing to a long-term subscription.

anystream alternative

  • Compatible with both Win and Mac
  • Offer monthly plan subscription
  • Download videos in 720P/1080P
  • Save videos in MP4/MKV format
  • Expensive for Lifetime use

Alternative 4: CleverGet [For Seldom Use]

CleverGet Video Downloader serves as an alternative to Anystream. CleverGet supports a wider range of websites compared to AnyStream, however, CleverGet utilizes a re-encoding mode (a method of screen recording that does not require time-consuming waiting), despite its website advertising as a downloader, CleverGet fundamentally does not extract video source files, therefore in terms of quality, it is not as good as Anystream.

If you desire to download high-quality videos directly from more streaming websites, in comparison to CleverGet, StreamFab would be a superior choice to Anystream. >>Detailed CleverGet Review

anystream alternative

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Remove ads during the downloading 
  • Get videos in 720P/1080P resolution
  • Save videos in MP4/MKV format
  • Not suitable for all video streaming sites
  • Cannot download new episodes immediately
  • Keep increasing the price year by year

Alternative 5: Audials Movie [Simple Supplement]

For the final Anystream option, we have opted for Audials Movie. This is a choice worth considering, although it may not be our top recommendation. Audials Movie also functions as a recorder similar to PlayOn.

We have chosen Audials Movie as the last resort for our Anystream alternative due to the frequent Audials not working problems following DRM updates. The fundamental technology of Audials fails to keep up with the evolving processes of streaming services. Nevertheless, with the current malfunction of AnyStream, resorting to screen recording seems to be a viable alternative.  >>Detailed Audials Movie Review

anystream alternative

  • Relatively cheaper price than Anystream
  • Record videos from streaming services
  • Save videos with subtitles
  • Support 8 ott services
  • No mac version
  • Bad output quality, very obvious for motion scene
  • Takes long time to get video recorded
  • Cannot add new tasks once the recording started

Compare Sheeet of Anystream and Alternatives

In the end, the optimal alternative to AnyStream will depend on your requirements and preferences. There are many factors to consider, such as the websites you wish to download from, the file formats you need, and user-friendliness. By comparing these alternatives, you may discover the most suitable method for downloading videos.

The comparative chart provided below is founded upon the individual assessment and critique conducted by our editorial staff. Each of the specifications can be authenticated as accurate. Kindly safeguard our intellectual endeavors and refrain from duplicating the material without prior authorization.
  Anystream 🏅StreamFab PlayOn StreamGaGa CleverGet Audials Movie
Support 14 OTT 40+ OTT & 1000+ online sites 20+ OTT 40+ OTT 5 OTT 8 OTT & 2 Live channel
Quality 1080P/4K 1080P/4K Bad 1080P 720P/1080P Bad
Speed Fast 10X turbo fast Very slow Fast Fast Very slow
Unique features Customize file name Schedule mode for auto-downloading Cloud version Auto-download Recording Video editing function


The sudden inability of AnyStream to connect has left users feeling perplexed and scrambling to find alternative solutions. This unexpected event highlights the importance of having various downloaders at hand to avoid such situations.

The Anystream server is currently offline and unavailable. If you wish to download videos, we recommend trying StreamFab All-in-One, as it offers exceptional quality and reliable server connections.